World of Warships – FINALS

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Here is the FINALS from SHITSTORM SATURDAY tournament.
It was a crazy as hell match with a lot of ups and downs.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. never been this early!…cool

  2. awesome game guys!!

  3. Whoever thought it’s a nice idea to create competetive matches in a game ruled by RNG is mentally challenged.

    • Whoever thinks that people that thought it was a nice idea to create competitive matches in a game that is ruled by RNG are mentally challenged doesnt get that these arent some giant tournaments, where you can win big prizes, but friendly matches that are there to have fun and to entertain.

  4. I really didnt expect the Helena to kill the Fiji with that single volley lol

  5. What a nailbiter! So tense! Really awesome game.

  6. Awesome match GG thanks for the share

  7. You are my favourite Croatian… and I’m a huge Liverpool fan!

  8. Flambass Roma is the tankiest front bb at t8 hands down and easily Beats even lots of t9

    • Sadly true

    • Sadly? Why?

    • because t9 should be more tanky instead of t8… see them they die like papers

    • +Kazeshini Hasagi i dont exactly know what you are trying to say, cause that isnt the best english i have seen so far, but i think you are trying to say that a t8 BB should be tankier than a t9 BB, and that its not okay that the roma is tankier than t9 BBs. I disagree that the Roma is tankier than any t9 BB to begin with, because the t9 BBs all have good armour and a much bigger health pool than the Roma, which allows them to absorb much more punishment than a Roma ever could. And even if the Roma _was_ tankier than a t9 BB, so what? The Roma has shit guns, so the t9 BB could pump out more damage, even if it wouldnt survive as long as the Roma

    • ye thats what im tryin to say..sorry 😀

  9. Again, the mistake is same, people underestimates too much and goes ahead of actual plan, which ends up to a throw. its so common in random battle teams.

  10. I would appreciate it if you guys would use vanilla WoWs for such stuffz. Good tho, +1

  11. I love these 3 V 3 games. Low to mid tier.

  12. I want to see more of this!

  13. Always wondered how they can choose positioning of those commentator ships 😀

    Typo edit

  14. that the Fiji survived the last volley of NC is a ridiculous thing in tislef tho 😛

  15. You do a good job casting Flambass. Any chance we could see you commenting on a Jingles destroyer replay?

  16. Isn’t it about time World of warships had an observer mode where you could see both teams – simply make it so every member of both teams needs to approve you taking that roll and should be fine… why didn’t fiji smoke? Aki could have stealth torped as an opener to that last engagement, good battle though! (Easy to see these things as an outside observer too!)

  17. Just got the First comment on your first video. 21 citadel hits with Gremy at an “exotic” resolution like 10pp. How’s the Gremy doing these days?

  18. Why the the ships collide in the beginning?

  19. Tankiest T8 BB from the front is easily the Roma, Bismarck, and Tirpitz. All have huge plates that can bounce Yamato shells.

  20. Meh… three on three is a bit boring. Don’t like this format at all. Each ship is too important so less risks are taken. Very defensive game play.

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