World of Warships – Fire Journey

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Solid ranked battle in the Akizuki, enjoyed my Sunday stream through Ranked Battles. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

VIII Japanese Destroyer Akizuki – Discord Server


  1. tell me your opinion!! i’ve had my time but dear lord some people refuse to work together. i assume my team will support but the NC that people play all snipe from max range and it doesn’t help enough.

    • wino0000006 You miss Harekaze though. XD

      Asashio is bad in Rank sure, but that doesn’t stop people using her in Rank alot, at least in my Rank Adventure. 😉

    • I’d love to run into an Asashio in my Akizuki. Yum yum tasty~ 😀

    • crzymn246 Do it my friend. It is our solemn duty to show every Adashio that how much horrible their choice are. XD

    • I’ve had fair luck in Ashiso. Think I’ve done better with Harekaze and Lo Yang. Not really keeping score. Just playing all my tier eights.

    • lol i wont blame a NC though…that thing is soooooo fking easy to cit at close-mid range

  2. imterested in a tier list

  3. Yess Notser, PLEASE make a video dedicated to the VASTE range of Tier 10 Destroyers and Cruisers. I myself am terrible at Battleships gave that up. I’m much better in DD / CA and I think many other folks resonate with this opinion, and would be happy if you can give your insight/opinion on tier 10 ships for Rank10 and above. Cheers thanks in advance!

  4. I’m all for more reviews of ranked ships ^-^

  5. If you bring the Ash to ranked, expect to be reported for playing poorly……….And you will deserve it. That ship is nothing but a burden on the team in a ranked match. I don’t care that you got this “cool new ship” to try out and show off. Do that in randoms, and have fun, but not in ranked where people need ships that can be competitive.

    • HJW018 well he did bring it to ranked and carried the team so your observations are blown out of the water.

    • Interesting – seen Ash and Kageros mainly thus far. Lost the games when the Ash was on my team!

    • dont throw money in bad ideas like the asashio

    • Brian Cox – And Notser has had that boat for months now, and is not your ordinary player. Don’t confuse a CC who is an experienced player bringing a boat they have had for months to ranked and the ordinary player who just bought the boat a few hours before. Don’t be that disingenuous, just to have a argument with someone. It’s not cute, not funny, and it really makes you look a certain way that’s not flattering.

    • I have done well in it. Problem is their might be only two ships to torp.

  6. Notser: Don’t think of the Akizuki as a slow DD, but as a fast light cruiser. 😀

    It sure beats the heck out of the actual IJN lower tier cruisers.

  7. Love your style. Carry on

  8. my oppinnion of ranked..well simple as it is…at it’s current format it is by far the worst posible battlemode in the whole’s just random but in smaller “teams”…for ranked to be a working model and fun and compedetive is to mix team battles into it so all the ranked teams are actual teams of divisions.

    • No… that’s clan wars or supremacy league, not ranked. Ranked is an individual achievement not a team or division.

  9. Jose Pablo Bermudez

    Do the video

  10. I want you opinion on both the t8 and t10. This season i really want to make it to rank one. Have been short every time!

  11. I think your thoughts on the best tier 8 ships for ranked would be extremely useful for many players Notser. I’ve enjoyed the Loyang mostly but like you I’m a dd main

    • vipersocks I like playing DDs in Ranked also mostly because most people fail at it terribly (me too sometimes). I am a BB/DD main. Loyang rocks! Especially Loyang and Akizuki on one team…

  12. I made it through Rank 23 to Rank 10 with an Asashio in one day. The problem is Rank 10-1. I can’t get more than 2 consecutive wins. Play becomes almost stagnant BB wise and players get nasty all of a sudden. People ain’t doing their jobs, just like random matches. The teams are so weak at high tier… Notser, I could use advice. What ships are best at t10 in Ranked with poor support.

    • If Notser doesn’t chime in,

      I’ve had very good luck at T10 with my YeuYang. I can contest cap’s easiest in it as it is slightly more versatile than the Gearing, but the Gearing is still a strong choice.

      I’m primarily a BB player, but in ranked I find that your DD’s influence the game the most. So I switch to that ship type so I can help support in my opinion what is the primary role.

      If you have played Clan Battles at all, and your players in ranked are cooperative you can implement your CB experience into those maps because they are literally carry over maps from the CB season.

    • I can offer you some advice in this regard- one common misconception here is that DDs are ideal for ranked- they’re not. A DD can carry and carry well. Just not EACH time. I recommend a class with high impact, yet high potential to deal enough damage to become first on XP SHOULD your team be horrible beyond saving. BBs and Cruisers are all good ships for this role- they can keep the DDs alive just by BEING there at the crucial moment. I recommend cruisers especially. Try to go for a ship that can really easily help the team, but can also really easily decide “nah, fuck it, this game’s lost, I gotta just deal the most damage.”

    • In terms of my FAVORITE ships,
      1.) Minotaur (DD slaughter- taking radar is highly viable)
      2.) Moskva (Battleship/cruiser multiroled gunship. Versatile- I like her)
      3.) Conqueror (remember- you’re trying to WIN or FARM THE MOST DAMAGE. This ship is great for both roles)
      4.) Des Moines (MASSIVE team player. Can help a lot AND farm a lot. Early game this ship is horrendously hard to push into, and late game this ship becomes a beast.)
      5.) Khaba- it’s a cruiser that has better DPM and mobility- still mostly a farmer- wouldn’t recommend unless you have lost all faith in the teams you get)

    • I’ll talk about both Tier 8 and Tier 10 Ranked Play, Tier 8 first then Tier 10. It will have lots of discussion on strategy

  13. Akizuki is my go to for DDS last season, and this one has been mixed but thst tge common potato fest that the first few weeks are of ranked

  14. Yes i would love it if you made content on tier 8 ranked. I had no luck when I was playing it in my Cruisers and destroyers so I went to the tirpitz was on rank 23 made it down to 16 in my tirpitz after an hour of playing.

  15. Definitely interested in your tier VIII picks. I’m somewhat limited, but have enjoyed my 155mm Mogami with IFHE.

  16. 8:30 – “I was really happy with the ranked experience.” … Dude! You have got to lay off the Happy Oregano mate :-p

  17. Nicely played man! I really enjoyed that one. The 33kts kinda got you at the end but overall, sweet game.

  18. What’s up with that map B is inside A?

  19. Why are cruisers so useless in ranked? There’s maybe one CA per game and the rest are BBs and DDs.

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