World of Warships- Firepower Containers: Scam, Or Worth It? & NFTs Coming Soon?

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Hey guys! Today we have the new Tier X Techline German Battleship, the Preussen to review! Let me tell you that it was an incredible slog getting through the matches I had tonight in this ship. Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Followed your advice on previous containers and now i dont go near them.

  2. Please don’t buy into this lootbox crap… it only makes it worse. You can get any ship on the list in the armory, except for the Forrest Sherman… just wait two weeks for it instead of paying

  3. Man ..seriously this is the most expensive free to play game ever 😅

  4. I wanna see how they are gonna try to sell that bs here. Companies trying to argue NFTs are a good thing is hilarious

  5. SLM, all you need to know about NFTs is the following.
    1) for real NFTs all sales/auctions are anonymous, meaning you can bid on and buy your own nft, or artificially increase the value in an auction
    2) because they’re anonymous, you can use them to dodge taxes when liquidating crypto currency.
    3) almost all large value nft sales were certainly crypto-currency money laundering/tax dodges, where the owner of the nft bid for and bought his own nft laundering his crypto-cash in a way to avoid tax authorities.
    4) speculator “moon bros” saw the insane $$ these nfts were going for and not realizing it was just moneylaundering mistakenly believed there was value to this stupid shit, then started to bid against the crypto-bros who were trying to launder money, making the crypto bros ever richer when the moon-bros proved their stupidity and won.
    5) now moon-bros are stuck holding the bag of worthless nfts, and not believing there was no market for this junk, have been spending the past 2 years trying to make NFTs the next get rich quick scheme so they can liquidate their worthless nfts to someone stupider
    6) corporations not understanding the only money in the NFT market was sucker money or laundering money have jumped feet first into it thinking that maybe just maybe they can print money out of nothing, of course the fact it even works proves P.T.Barnum’s old maxium, there is a sucker born every minute. game NFTs suffer from the fact the corporations aren’t making a marketplace crypto-bros can launder money so the big splashy $$ never shows up, ubisoft for example controlled the market/auction place which means the auctions weren’t annonymous which means no crypto$$ will ever use their nfts to launder money. thats why ubisoft’s nft failed. not because of gamers, but because ubisoft doesn’t know why anyone makes money on nfts and failed to set theirs up properly.

    the end of this nonsense is, this was a money laundering scam that became a get rich quick scam that preys upon the stupid and gullible. the only people who make money out of nfts are the people who scammed someone else or who made the nft in the first place. there is no other way to make money, but there are a lot of suckers who believe they can.

    • This is the best sum up of NFTs I ever read Sir.

    • Thank you. I feel like a boomer cause I honestly don’t get NFTs but they seem ridiculous from what I knew of them. This confirms it. I’ve also heard NFTs at least in picture form on the net described at letting everyone in the neighborhood having “relations” with your wife but holding up the marriage certificate like it means something at that point. 😆 🤣

    • @TruckingShooter my brother works in law enforcement, and actually has mined his own crypto-currency for like the past 10 years (he has built his own crypto mining farm in his backyard), starting with bitcoin, eventually moving on to Ethereum and the like. He’s really plugged into the coin market, so he knew about the tax-dodge value to NFTs before anyone else heard about an “NFT”. I’ve talked with him a few times and he explained it simply by pointing out that NFTs have replaced “Art” as the premier tax dodge for the rich (trump killed the Art speculation tax dodge in 2017, which has incidentally brutalized the value of art completely as most art was being used to dodge taxes apparently as art auctions the rich and powerful would use cutouts to bid on thier own art to artificially inflate it’s value, and only the stupid and gullible would bid against them as everyone knew the racket sound familiar?. That tax change created the NFT market almost overnight as the “alternate’ tax dodge to the old no longer working Art market)

      now the art market can’t be used as a tax shelter/money laundering scheme, the nft market has taken it’s place.

      Toss in the moon-bro speculators and you have an artificial market place held up by 100% speculation with 0 actual value. Do you think that stupid ugly monkey JPG really was worth millions? it was to the crypto-bro who wanted to launder his crypto, but it had no value after that except to the even dumber moon-bro who saw the sale number and thought “I can get rich on this!” and jumped feet first into it without taking a moment to look into why someone might buy a jpg of a stupid monkey face.

      So now they’re holding that bag, they can’t find a buyer for their stupid jpg, so they HAVE to make a market for NFTs, hence all the hype now. Moon-bros need a bigger sucker to come around to unload that ugly monkey picture so that they can cash out without losing their shirt.

      of course corporations saw the money and thought “I can print money from nothing!” and they joined the NFT hype, some of them managing to do just that, when they properly setup an anonymously market and initial price point low, so that crypt-bros could use their NFT to launder more crypto cash. which then brought the speculators. the corpo nfts that failed, failed to setup the anonymously auctions or sold their nfts at high prices discouraging the crypto bros from getting involved (the crypto-bros/money laundering side requires them to buy the nft for almost nothing then sell it to themselves for crazy millions anonymously, if the nft is being sold for too high, or the market isn’t anonymous or has ways to prevent biding on your own nft, the crypto bros don’t come, and the NFT never “takes off” as the moon-bros don’t see big crazy deals for your nfts and don’t come in to speculate. that was the fate of ubisoft’s nft.

    • Wow! Well done! Great explanation! ~-~⁰(◠v◠)⁰v~-~

  6. I’m glad you got your ship I’m working on mine.

  7. Stop with NFT’s, really, just go buy, I don’t know, a car! That’s useful and real.

  8. Preussen in a main battery build has less accuracy than kurfürst, could use at least a buff of 5-10 % rng can be weird sometimes . In the derby mode i think north group has always better island placement. also already saw a sherman in co op xD

    • I saw a few Sherman’s the morning of the new patch before work. I think a lot of people whaled for it right away.

    • It was probably me. I got the Sherman yesterday on a firepower conteiner after spending 2400 dubs. The thing is: I don’t really like playing DDs and CCs. Only BBs and CVs so I just play it once in co-op and left it in permanent storage. Probably sell it later on. XD

    • @Dav Hot yeah still i think the price is a bit high even for wg standards

    • @Dav Hot you should never sell premium ships tho, keeping them as port queens prevents you from getting them again in containers and the like, takes that specific item out of the prize pool and this increases your odds of getting something you actually want. Perfect example would be these lunar new year containers, I had all but 2 of the ships in that list already in my port so I could guarantee that if I popped a ship it was gonna be one of those two. You can use this to your advantage on many crate types, the more premium ships you own the higher the chances for you to get something more valuable, it’s for that reason I tend to buy a few of the cheapest ships I can when I gamble on crates, if i know they can pop from those crates I’ll preemptively remove them from the pool to increase my odds.

  9. I don’t want to pay money for a free Tier X ship. Accually I stopped paying money for wargaming since they let Pan Asia Cruiser in and never nerf Soviet tech line. Now I’m a free to play player.

  10. If the ship drops had been container-exclusive T10 ships, the firepower containers would have been borderline fairly priced. But in their current state they are nothing more than the usual WG cash grab.

  11. The ships I want I’ve got, WG are just scummy lowlives and can’t help trying to scam it’s customer base,I don’t think anyone expects Wargaming to do anything else anymore. As for Fungus Tokens *#*# Em.

  12. Loot boxes:
    People that have money to spend: cool
    People that don’t have money to spend: this shit is a scam

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      It’s all about if you feel like taking the risk. The FXP, coal, and special signals you get out of them are pretty nice, but of course everyone wants a TX premium

  13. Of course Wargaming would want to get in on NFTs, despite the absolute backlash they are getting leading to those most of those other developers abandoning plans for them.

    • … but can be issue with that , I can see issues when Russian company will try to sell NFT that include US Navy ships , I can see US state departament intervine .

  14. Abyss Miniature Studios

    Technically game already has Nfts in forms of premium ships and unique camofauges

  15. I had the same experience as you in the Derby. I was in my Shima at the beginning of the map and wound up the only one in our blimp circle. I as in over 4/5 of the route firing torps but staying dark. We won, but since I had no torp hits I got a zero combat contribution message, almost o XP and that achievement. Should get more for keeping the blimp moving faster.

  16. I got 36 fire power container … 3 destroyer not the sherman 😔….and 1 aircraft carrier …after spending that number of money …i wil say one thing …save your money …not worth it

  17. The derby is fantastic. Took my GK out and had some really nice 5 kill 400 secondary hits type games

  18. Every time I see a premium DD, I just sit there thinking “nah, I won’t play DD well, and I won’t saddle whoever playing on my team with *_another_* incompetent DD”.

  19. WG is in panic mode…first Tanks has a similar event draining gold and credits with a gambling mechanic, then Warships sells a chance at easily obtainable items at a high price…looks like they are worried about the Russia/Ukraine tensions escalating next door to Minsk and are generating a bunch of revenue before the stuff hits the fan.

  20. Watched a long time…love ur stuff. However, a “Blimp” is basically a balloon, no structure. These are Dirigibles …. rigid airships. No biggy…just some info

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