World of Warships: First Convoy Matches – Massachusetts

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Two matches of the new Convoy game mode in the Massachusetts. Both are on the attacking side. It’s a pretty cool game mode so far! You’ve got to intercept the red team’s convoy of Liberty ships.

0:00 Intro
0:59 Captain Skills & Upgrades
1:08 Massachusetts Convoy Mode Match 1
7:34 End Screen Match 1
7:54 Massachusetts Convoy Mode Match 2
13:28 End Screen Match 2
14:05 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 US battleship Massachusetts.


  1. Good way the start my evening watch a great video. Thanks Aerroon

  2. How did you like the pause at the start? Did it throw you off?

  3. Some maps are harder to defend the transports. The thing with defending is you have to aggressively attack and if you have a Cleveland and the have a CV he sits back and baby sits. Name of the game keep them from even spotting the transports.

  4. Congress and Kii seem to be really good in this mode, you should definetly try them 😉

  5. Imagine the attacking side throwing…

    oh wait, it already happened to me like 2 times already

  6. I really like how you’re showing commander skills now

  7. “If I look away and pretend nothing’s happening, everything will be okay, right?” Sounds like WG’s overall strategy for the last year or so …

  8. this mode is great with a Tirpitz =)

  9. Its amazing just how many can fuckup in this mode thats so simple I played 7 matches and most players stay behind the convoy allowing the ships to get destroyed while BB’s hide behind islands

    • no sht, i lose just because one BB decide to do crossfire like far away from the convoy to get some useless cross fire
      Yes we lose
      Yes he lives

  10. the main issue with convoy is that the defenders don’t really hav ea way to just stop the attackers from sniping the convoy ships other than gluing themselves to the ships

  11. i find in this game mode the attackers have a higher chance of winning, and the only way for defenders to win is to play hyper aggressive push and not stay near the transports

  12. Actually this gamemode may be the only use for the kansaw – the aa protects convoys and the guns are good against broadsiding convoy defenders (because they have to sail near broadside to stay with them) and attackers (who show broadside to position). 12 he shells are amazing against convoys as well. Also the torpedo belt is sufficient to human shield the convoys

  13. How bout a game mode were the defending team are all DDs and have to defend merchant ships from enemy subs which is the attaxking team. God that will be hard af

  14. That ooland save though!

  15. It’s a fun game mode and easy to farm XP and credits in. It’s so easy when your on the attacking team compared to defending. I don’t think I’ve lost a single game where my team was attacking cause the Liberty ships are so fragile. Also, BBs are really powerful in this mode and the queue for them is really long. TLDR: fun but lots of room for improvement

  16. I wish random was played more like this. Random socks now.. I’m getting tired of the game play style

  17. ive actually thoroughly enjoyed playing in this mode. had a decent spread between defence and offense. As others have said, the only defence is good offense. on the map you were playing for example you have to make a b-line for exactly the same position you were heading and intercept the enemy ships before they can target the transports. Managed to defend successfully a couple of times. Absolutely LOVE the fact that it encourages close quarters and no long range spam. its actually really good fun. Probably needs a bit of tweaking, but overall a really good change of pace.

  18. WG in their infinite wisdom nerfed the liberty ship’s health. It was higher before.

  19. Marcus Jones Stinks

    Lenin dominates this mode. I haven’t lost yet since it’s survivability and awesome punching power up close makes other ships fall short

  20. This game mode is so much fun. It’s fast-paced, short duration, intense action. I don’t even care when we lose because I had fun doing it.

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