World of Warships: First Impression – New Submarine Test [WIP]

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I had fun trying out submarines again. It’s new stuff to learn and get better at. Does this test solve all the problems? No. Only time will tell how this will go in the long term.

How to get the TST client:

0:00 Game
17:32 End Screen
18:28 Captain Skills
19:38 Port
20:43 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 6 German submarine U-69.


  1. The sound seems much louder than usual. Anyone else notice that?

    • @Aerroon Gotcha bro ! Gonna try one day in the future ! One lovely Day !!!

    • @Markus Maximus The homing mechanics have changed. Single ping will get them homing now – getting a second ping *on the same spot as first ping* will trigger the çitadel/ignore torp protection’ bonus

    • @Glenn Hurrell ok :-). Good to know ! Thanks brethren !

    • @Aerroon Uboats used diesel on the surface,real Uboats,that is how they charged batteries, which they in turn used under water. Diesel electric submarines. It is the same some nations use today,just way way more advanced. Diesel electric is more quiet than Nuclear,they are more stealthy,they are very deadly toward other subs. Germans feature the most advanced diesel electric tech today,Sweden feature some very advanced ones too. US rented a whole swedish subband it’s crew from the swedish government,for two years straight. They had a lot of diffeculties finding and destroying them,so they rented their help for two years in the attempt to solve the problem finding them. Diesel electrics are deadly hunter killers. The swedish sub manged several times to sneak in and cripple/destroy American carries in realistic training. They even got close enough to take selfies,pretty much. Fascinating concidering the advanced tracking tech of today. Well i got side tracked,my apologies. Have a great day.

    • @Aerroon you can cross fire your seals,like you do on a destroyer. Lunch 2 on the left side of your target and 2 on the right. The arch you decide,all depending on the distance to the target before you ping them. Try it out,it is very effective.

  2. “n i c e”
    -Aerroon, regarding the funny number (2020)

  3. 5:20 they used diesel engines on the surface, electric underwater, and used the electric generator on the surface, thats why you can recharge on the surface

  4. Hey I was that U69 in the end! Very nice game man! I gotta say the best distance to secure a sub vs sub kill is 2km at least, not a lot of time to dodge , as shown here lol

    • Yeah, but I think the homing in doesn’t work at that kind of range. If you then end up at different depths it’ll become really hard.

    • @Aerroon it doesn’t work in the sense that the torps don’t have a lot of room to maneuver , to turn /adjust depth properly

  5. Personally I do not want subs in our game.

  6. ill say this about subs. Atleast now we can see ships sinking underwater

  7. Yea they are really close to release imo. Probably just 1 other sub test away. I agree with the emptiness of battles. That’s the main concern. Probably should be solved with 14v14 with a minimum of 1 submarine and a max at 3. Other things I would recommend is the return of the oxygen meter to make subs surface more often and perhaps make deck guns operational on subs as secundary armament, as well as making ASW capabilities on destroyers like the Friesland and UK destroyers (hedgehog) fully operational. Now it’s just a cosmetic, kind of a waste imo.

  8. I’m really not a fan of this whole homing mechanics, especially given how quickly these torps reload and how stealthy subs already are to begin with, thus allowing them to get very easy shots anyway.

    • Tbh the homing mechanics aren’t my biggest issue, it’s the ignoring torpedo protection, as that basically neutralises any torpedo belt on the ship. I would change it so that subs can use two types of torpedo – one high damage torpedo relying on expert aiming and predicting, and a lower damage, homing torpedo for consistent, but low damage.

    • @Manik Samaraweera Hm… That would actually be interesting – could also be further balanced by different reload rates and other torpedo characteristics, like visibility and speed.

    • I think wg should just ditch the homing thing

    • The BB target should get a more noticeable ping warning and those torpedoes are way too OP especially the ability to avoid torpedo protection.. they should nerf alpha dmg.

    • I love subs tho

  9. I hope you didn’t miss the subtle detail at 1:06 when you resurface the screen has a water drop off effect. It’s indeed u sixty ninne…. ninnce

  10. when you said U69 my instant thaught was gigity

  11. 13:05 the torpedo needs to be able to see the pinged section. those pings where on the opposite side from the torps

  12. According to Jingles (ex navy) you drive a submarine not sail 👍

  13. recharging the battarie underwater is a joke
    while its not a simulation it should at least feel a bit realistic. The whole reason for running batteries underwater is that the dieselengine cant run underwater and this engine is now recharging the batteries underwater, so if the engines can run and recharge the batteries underwater, why do you need batteries at all?

  14. WG have said that the submarine torpedo range takes depth and curves from homing into account. Meaning you won’t reach 8.4km if they have to travel to the surface, too.

  15. We can finally see why we are crashing on the rocks

  16. Fun fact for those who wandered , yeah it is accurate that subs recharge their battery on surface because when on surface ,they can use diesel engine instead of battery (combustion require air) 😄

  17. As usual, the graphics dep have outdone themselves once again

  18. Stieglitz & Things With Wings

    I fear the moment these “subs” will be implemented in random battles and not as a separate game mode, will be the moment I turn my back on WG for good and never look back, there’s plenty of other kicks out there that can keep you busy for years and decades.
    I’m looking at you IL-2 Sturmovik, DCS, War Thunder, Cyberpunk 2077 & friends. Who is this WOWS to keep asking for money for a product with BROWSER GAME GRAPHICS AND MECHANICS?! Their products are among the most expensive on the market while at the same time among the technically least demanding. Time to get real.

  19. WG is just killing their own game. Broken OP CVs and now this

  20. In theory, these are probably based on diesel boats (not entirely sure), So sailing on the surface you using diesel engines that propel you and charge you batteries. As for torps coding wise it’s probably maxed distance even if it curves.

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