World of Warships First impressions!

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Want to see me playing live?


  1. Funny
    I must be a jackass for playing aircraft carriers.

  2. typical foch sneaking around dumping torps on people

  3. class game

  4. The Japanese destroyers are awesome, especially the ones on tier 3 and 4
    because you can really put some hurt down quickly.

    Find this game weirdly addictive in a way that WoT was as well.

  5. I purchased upgrades, but now I want to see the ship, but I can’t, because
    I can’t demount them. It says I can destroy them for free, but there’s no
    way to actually do that….

  6. Great review. Best I have seen With Jingles. OMG: you have 40k WoT battles.
    I am such a noob with 4k. 

  7. Hey boss, the tier 9 heavy tanks cost about 3.5 to 3.7 mil.
    Tier 8’s are 2.5 or a bit more.
    Just saying.

  8. +TheFochYou So, you don’t have any of the Aircraft Carriers unlocked, and
    haven’t played a single battle in a Carrier, and yet, within the first 90
    seconds you claim there is no skill involved in playing those ships…now
    that is an warranted bias and an assessment by you without providing any
    relevant data to back up your claim.

  9. nice vid foch, unfortunately i didn’t make it into the closed beta 🙁

    i have to commend you on actually showing a lot of the game details and
    discussing the meta and not being afraid to admit when some game mechanics
    are broken. dez did the same thing as well. i love qb and jingles but they
    provided little information other than “hey this game is really fun! play
    it when it comes out!” 

  10. Edvinas Pielikis

    Haha, play this video on 0.5 speed:))

  11. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    So foch, now that u have ur own place, u could rly try to make more
    videos…like all tank reviews, and stuff like that…

  12. Played all weekend and found it to be awesome. Really need to read the
    control assignment screen. I have no idea how to do the torpedo cam and
    can’t ping the mini-map (maybe no one can). Also miss the battle results
    button in the bottom right corner ~ a la WoT.

  13. Great Vid Foch, Watched 1/2 the stream with you, Circon and PHJ and others
    looks like you guys were having a lot of fun. I would think that based on
    tactics there are ways to counter the DD’s and protect the Carriers while
    their planes are out

  14. was that match in the destroyer ace mastery?

  15. Man the “maps” are ugly.

  16. I am under the impression that carries should move along the flank (if DD
    scouts along the path)
    Less likely that a dd or CV will do some surprise butt sex move on you.
    I am under the impression from Jingles that Most CV are doomed after the
    first 5 or 10 minutes if a DD wants to it.
    Its not like you got a reload time.
    Your plans must actually fly back to the ship for a new load out.
    This give me the impression that CV should lunch fighters towards friendly
    BB and torpedo plans escorting DD

    CV without a doubts looks like the most interesting class to platoon with. 

  17. +TheFochYou Just a question: with your current system specs (FX8350 and GTX
    760) on what details you play? Please answer if you can. Thank you

  18. +TheFochYou I’ve seen you on the server, with Circon and Mr Conway. I think
    it was on circon his livestream ;)

  19. Anyone knows how long close beta will be open? I got cb access, but i dont
    have a lot of free time to test the game right now.

  20. Phillip Atherton

    I think Foch and Cironflex should get a YouTube channel called Circonfoch

  21. Is there a guide or something for the spotting mechanics?

  22. Nice video/review overall. Maybe you could have mentioned the levelling up
    of the player, too, as this is a new (and in my opinion an interesting)
    feature compared to WoT.

    BTW, how do you disable your AA guns?

  23. more footage from battles please keep uploading videos :)

  24. well the point of carriers is to counter battleships so thats not a bad
    thing besides cruisers counterbalance planes and some of the battleships
    have great aa too

  25. they should add the HMS Tog for the lols 

  26. great vid. cant wait to play this game

  27. “Your gonna have a bad time”

  28. Question…..are those fired torpedos all the time visible to the enemy?

  29. Oh shit. I’ve seen some gameplay videos and now this video; makes this game
    look sick.

  30. Foch, it is good to see you have the same killer touch in WOWS as you do in
    WOT. Love to see those carriers get zapped.

  31. social3ngin33rin

    the smoke wouldn’t kill my fps :P

  32. now that you will play world of warships, what will you call your channel?
    warships dosent give a foch 

  33. Love your videos foch, but I have to disagree with your comment on the

    After playing a little bit, it’s actually a bit hard; while it doesn’t rely
    so much on reflexes, it’s not easy to get your idiotic bombers to aim
    properly at enemy ships; you usually have to manually aim if you want to be
    effective. This poses the bigger problem, since your bombers are really
    slow at getting into the right place to launch torpedoes… And if you miss
    you have to wait for a few minutes or so before you get another chance
    And in that time, a destroyer can easily come by and send you to the deep.
    I would try a carrier before you smack talk them:)

  34. You do not even have a carrier and here you are insulting people who use
    them and telling us how they play. 

  35. that hit on the carrier was probably a bulb-hit, that biiiig round metal
    part in front of the ship, helping to ‘break’ the waves ;)

  36. so sneaky foch

  37. yeah, the destroyers seem WAY overpowered.

  38. looks great,, awesome vid as always FOCH

  39. Think I might like this game more than WoT.. I would prolly play
    battleships though.

  40. I got into the beta. I’m loving it!

  41. Definitely make more videos of this good sir!

  42. after watching that crap for 36 hours on circon stream my freaking eye are
    still bleading it’s slow and it sucks hell 

  43. review vk 4502 p ausf. b after rework pls 

  44. Nice vid, but get a better mic, there is a lot of echo.

  45. man I wonder what the WG staff thinks when they hear your opinions xD
    for example from 1:15 , I’m laughing my ass off but I dont think they do

  46. Cruisers OP
    -Circon 2015

  47. People say that the carriers are not WoWS arty but the similarities are
    there. They can take your ship out of the battle with a single shot (or a
    single torpedo barrage) while remaining completely safe to enemy fire. The
    only difference is that you need skill to aim the torpedoes, unlike arty.

  48. i am not really into ships but this game sure does look polished

  49. There is no Yorktown class carrier in the game. What the fuck

  50. FYI, many old alpha veterans can hit DD while it is covered by smoke as
    long as it is generating smoke. there is an animation of smoke coming out
    from thin air lmao.

  51. Aircraft carriers actually get rekt by cruisers, the cruiser have insane aa
    and they have a flack burst ability which absolutely destroys planes around
    them, if you properly escort battleships their aircraft carriers can’t do

  52. it seems like exp earned in battles is higher then in WOT, which means more
    free exp. and if free exp is shared between this and WOT the i can imagine
    it will be exploited. so it’ll probably be changed which means exp/silver
    required for ships will be reduced.

  53. Destroyers–the T49s of WoWS. Fun to play, but fragile as hell. 

  54. Next months i will dream not about Lara Croft from Tomb Raider 1 and 2
    films but about Amagi Battleship and Yamato Battleship.

    WoWs please go normal online soon 😀 😀 😀 !!!!!!!!!!

  55. and foch, the carriers are actually hard to play. we have to manually
    deploy the torps, and we have to take care of the other carriers before we
    start torpedoing you, and we get shot down way 2 easily and we only have so
    many planes. its a lot different than arty, but i think its really boring
    to play

  56. Wows will be great

  57. 1st comment i think

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