World of Warships – First look at new USN BBs aka cannon fodder

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WG decided to introduce a brand new USN BB line which is everything opposite from what everyone was asking for because WG knows what community wants better than community itself ofc.

We wanted fast, secondary speced ships and they gave us slow damage pinatas…makes sense.

Here is the 1st look at all the new USN BBs in port and their stats and my opinion on them.

Unfortunately I can’t play them yet because WG says so.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Michele Dall'Alba

    As they currently are, anybody that has experienced grinding the Montana till tier 7 won’t play them at all

    • Michele Dall'Alba

      @mknote if you consider Colorado a good ship lucky you, personally I think it has good guns and that’s it. I much prefer gneisenau. Also my playstyle is kinda aggressive so not having speed is a huge no-no for me. Also between Colorado at tier 7 and New Mexico at tier 6 I prefer New Mexico. The NC on the other hand is on another planet compared to the colorado

    • @M Solo Actually, New York has been buffed considerably since 2016 (most recently like 2 months ago). They gave it more gun range and far better reload. I believe it used to match New Mexico’s 34.3 s reload time but over time it’s been buffed to 30.5 s. It also only used to get like ~17 km range but now it has 18 km base.
      Don’t get me wrong it’s still a pretty trash ship. It was trash in 2016, and these changes only barely keep up with the powercreep so it’s still kinda trash.

    • I think if they gave them more HP as you said, it would be a lot better. They could also keep the 40 sec reload but make them very accurate at all ranges to compensate. Maybe give them all fast reloading heals like Massa and Georgia too.

    • Tyfighters002 Verkerk

      I will play them, but only for the reason i have no other battleships to grind

    • @Karthik Really they should just up the slow moving US BB’s allover side and deck armor. Make it so that they can’t get ripped to shreds by IFHE and overmatch and you’d have a line that excels at pushing the attack and blunting the incoming damage. This is all balanced out with them being all slow as fuck and would still have superstructures that can be damaged by HE, still be hit hard by torps, still get raped by CV’s and still get outflanked by faster moving opponents.

  2. I really wish that all they did was give the existing line def AA to compensate for powercreep, and went for a CV split with ships like Essex and Independence

    • Sudeshna Das Sarma

      @Michele Dall’Alba and also give something unique to all the German ships
      Like bbs get great gun handling like fast reload and great turret traverse. Even GK should get fast reloading 406mm guns with 23 second reload with reload module just like FDG. Cruisers should get special pin angles like the Soviets and same pin as Riga/Moskva/Henri and highest Alpha on its guns which it had before petro showed up. DDs got their gimmick but still all German hydro should be 6 km and gun performance needs improvement like reload and damage. Pin of AP should be improved for all classes. Then I think they are a fine nation. They have armor and secondaries and the following changes will greatly improve it while keeping it balanced

    • Michele Dall'Alba

      @Sudeshna Das Sarma right now the powercreep of German bbs involves the lack of overmatch of the guns, the firing angles and the quantity of superstructure that can be farmed. Their gimmick is the turtleback citadel and the increased pen on secondaries, other than the hydro. For them I would only increase their accuracy a bit, like lower the vertical dispersion

    • Sudeshna Das Sarma

      @Michele Dall’Alba umm….. Germans already had their dispersion reduced so………?
      I don’t have any problem with accuracy except for the Pommern and Gneisenau and Scharnhorst and Odin but gun performance needs to be top dog except for overmatch and shell dmg

    • AA is not a thing so DefAA has no real effect

    • Sudeshna Das Sarma

      @Teemu K they should rework DFAA and the fighter consumable completely

  3. The only US BB there that looks worth playing is the Florida, and of course that’s the premium one.

    • Christopher D'Erasmo

      $100 To have good non russian ships.

    • @Lukáš Vtípil Nah man. Best T7 is clearly KGV. Literally better than Monarch and infinitely more fun aswell. Does the glorious (totally existing) Soviet Navy have a ship thats better than the ship that comes after? NO? o bad. KGV 1000x better

    • TraMaChi the only reason that the kgv is better is because the monarch is complete trash. Sinop wins 7/10 times, if not more, against kgv

    • Then Vermont enters the game and with 50% more broadside firepower than Ohio or Thunderer and becomes a favourite as it smashes every tier 10 cruiser and punishes any BB that makes a mistake.

      Remember when the Italian cruiser line before release was called crap and semi armour piercing was useless?

    • @Ushio01 Vermont? LOL, Slava will slap Vermont stupid from across the map, hitting with 7-9 shells each time and it has truly magical (read standard Soviet bullshit as found in this game) pen, too. Vermont’s sigma (1.7?) means it will be lucky to hit with 4 shells. That’s before we discover the wonderfully hidden yet vital vertical dispersion value, again something the Soviets magically get better across the board than almost any other single ship, let alone nation.
      The bigger question will be whether all the armour schemes and reload and sigma are placeholders or not. If not, I think you’d need to be a certified masochist to play these things.

  4. Exactly what we all wanted WG, a whole tech tree line of Colorado’s.

  5. Florida is supposed to be in the same vein as Slava and Champagne (if I recall correctly), which is why the armor is only 25 mm. However, that’s only 1 mm thinner than standard for tier VI and VII battleships, so it makes no difference versus AP. The only real difference is that same-tier light cruisers can pen you without IFHE and 120 mm guns with IFHE can pen you. You can’t bow tank any better or worse against AP than any other tier VII battleship without an icebreaker.

    • wiremantw Freedom & Liberty Forever

      How many maps give us the chance to break any ice. Imagine Ocean map covered in 3 feet thick ice. Now that would be a fun update to the game. Screw all the paper ships.

  6. To say these ships are garbage would be an understatement. If that 32 mm side plating can be farmed by a Worcester that is aiming like 7 notches in front of you from 19km there is going to be uproar. No one asked for a line of Colorados. Literally not a single soul.

    • Jozsef Toth the French BBs are fast you dolt. They can at least get away!!! These go 20 knots!!! 20!!!!!

    • Jozsef Toth I mean if you find someone who wants a tier 10 Colorado I will be surprised. Also, these BBs are the most vulnerable to HE spam in the game because they can’t run away. The French can at least hit the speed boost and get to cover or outrun the cruisers. The fact that I was aiming 4 ticks in front of a Vermont yesterday (who was ~17km away at full speed) while in my Des Moines is just retarded.

    • Not only he spammers, how can you miss max range cv torps vs these and spamming torps on these will probably also relatively easy.

    • @LBHammers 20! 20!!! funny, dont get too upset bro, BBz play static anyways. They have the range, can park near a stone or stand back even further and throw some weighty shit👍💪🇺🇲

    • @Jozsef Toth French BBs actually have speed so it is possible for them to run away or get into cover quicker. RN BBs while they also have quite bad armour and don’t have the Frenchie’s speed at least get very good concealment and a super heal. These BBs literally have nothing to protect themselves. All they can do is try to angle against AP, but they need to be basically bow in for that and a Yamato/Musashi/Shikishima will just laugh at them doing that.

  7. Nikko Andrew Parangue

    26mm is T7 BB standard. No way would Florida get 27mm.

  8. These new USN bbs are a soft buff to the Enterprise. Your drop circle will actually fit inside the hull of a non-German ship.

    • @Robert F I believe you’ve missed a massive point here. The drop circle on the Enterprise’s DB’s is FUCK-HUUUUUGE for a DB squadron. I was making a joke that a premium CV that is known for absolutely demolishing CAs, and BBs is getting ‘buffed’ by getting more targets that are even EASIER to hit than anything else in the game at this time.


      Unless of course you don’t play WoWs, and in that case, what does the NTR not being a BB have to do with the price of butter?

    • @Orange Dream Okay, you got me. Carriers are the one class of ship I do not play so …

    • German bombers too, going to be a citadel fiesta

    • Umm it aint hard to drop a cruiser with Enty

    • @zzirSnipzz1 never said it was, just much easier to hit nice fat and long bbs. Like these new American sausages. Also. I actually mention that the NTR is know for smashing CAs. Is it really that hard to scan a few comments for the whole story?

  9. Someone's Youtube Username

    Why do they even bother starting from such a gimped state? They are obviously going to be inferior. Waste of test players’ time.

    • Probably so they can get some significant buffs later in testing and people won’t make a stink about it

    • Someone's Youtube Username

      @MidnightPhoenix07 Yeah, but WG likes to balance with things with the finesse of a vodka-drunken sledgehammer and then rush things out of the door to meet some event deadline. Horrible.

  10. Stupid WG when making soviet ships: It will be glorious RU server forever
    When making others: Eh something something or trash will do. Other servers just there for milking

  11. Too slow, absurd reload, utterly crap sigma value (1.7) and ultra-farmable armour scheme = miserable playing experience.
    If these aren’t simply placeholders you’d have to suffer from a significant mental impairment, or be an incurable masochist, to have ANY interest in playing them.

  12. I seriously don’t get it. why not have these ships play like the Massachusetts? shorter range main battery guns, inaccurate at long ranges, but can brawl like all hell, with secondaires and maybe a higher health pool than the other tech tree BBs to compensate? Why have these things, essentially be xp and damage cows for the already broken HE spam, german AP rockets and dive bombers, just CVs in general, and when WG continues to not listen, be Submarine bait.

    • if you want good us bbs theres premium tech tree made of massa-georgy-ohio you just need to pay for it 😀

    • @Zeti ohio is research Bureau (speaking of another bullshit thing WG thought was good). and I have the other 2 already. hence why I made this comment in the first place

  13. Florida looks interesting. It’s like a mini alsace with that gun layout

  14. WG made this line to prevent you from going down the middle at the 2 brothers map
    they are to wide to fit between the islands 😉

  15. Feels like Vermont got all the downsides that Kremlin didn’t get because it’s russian

  16. you got to remember these are Russians designing American ships ffs

  17. Honestly I don’t hate the Lolorado. But I sure as hell don’t wanna play it at tier 10…

    • I wonder if you’ve been around long enough to have “enjoyed” the at release version? Think of current Colobado only worse. I played from Alpha and we used to get given free exp etc every day to allow us to advance more rapidly (they didn’t have flags and all the things that allow a total novice to get to tier 10 in 100 battles as you can these days). The Colobado was the ONLY ship I used free exp to escape, it was that painful. CVs were even more OP back then, and the one thing the Colobado had going for it was pretty much the most powerful AA at tier 7, not that anyone else stayed anywhere near you to use it given how slow it is. Says something when your BB’s greatest asset was its AA, LOL.

  18. There a reason why America abandoned the Standard Battleship type by the late 1920s especially with the rice of naval air power.
    It’ll be so fun trying to survive a T10 match in these things.
    Also Vermont’s designed speed was supposed to be 26.5 knots.
    Wargaming loves to over exaggerate speed of paper ships except for American paper BBs that gets nerfed.

    • I mean…Untill ´41 CVs werent really the seen future. Only WW2 and the massive impact the Carriers made in the Pacific (and to some degree in the atlantic against Subs) became it clear what the future is gonna be. CVs were still an unproven concept, just like tanks. Not all liked it, but a few bunch of set individuals saw the potentional and acted upon it. Thus showing the world the actual might these forces can have. If used and protected right.

    • Well, the Iowa class was actually capable of 33 knots. But yea, battleships were slow compared to everything else. But there was a reason the Iowa class stayed in service all the way up to the 80s/90s

    • The reason they abandoned it cause every other nation ships where all faster than the current line at the time which was only 21 knots at max for USN. Other nation ships were edging towards Nagato’s speed or more. While USN still was edging towards keeping with their older ships and only newer ships go towards 23knt. Ships like Nagato and hood arrivaling started to make USN designers question themselves and their own doctrine is when they decided that their old philosophy was not OK to follow anymore.

      Also it was only until Midway was when Air power toke over that showed the strength. Before that even with the battle line shunted out the battleships would be the ones to key to victory.

    • Ripcord03 its also funny to know that the fastest speed ever recorded from an iowa class battleship was about 35 knots. So they actually were capable of surpassing the speed they were built to cap at, but im pretty sure they really pushed the steam engines, something you should never do unless you WANT them to explode.

    • @the StuffPerson Iowa battleship uses oil not coal.

  19. I want to see the “hanging chad” camo for the Florida, and the “Florida man” captain (special skills: meth rush instead of Adrenalin rush, and special “bath salts” ability when it rams a ship and literally eats its face off).

  20. they are trying to make german bbs relevant again LOL

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