World of Warships: First Look at the Kreml [WIP]

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My very first look at work in progress Kreml. I didnR;t know much about the ship before and we can discover her together! I play two matches here as well:
Game 1 at 12:30, Game 2 at 22:51

World Warships footage of the new Soviet battleship Kreml.
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  1. Just commenting to Prevent someone writing “First!”

  2. Russian biaaaassss

  3. Stalin called. He’s sending you to siberian gulags for using capitalist camouflage on glorious moderland bote.

  4. yeeeey, Hi Aeron, and I would go damage con module maybe more here

  5. why was the reload 24s?

  6. Needs “The Hunt For Red October” theme in the background.

  7. ‘Murica camo plastered all over the pride of the Soviet fleet.
    I can see Stalin doing backflips in his grave.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      tamenga88 ikr…
      For some reason WG couldn’t give Kreml’s intended guns, and just gave her the 18inch Mark 1 gun, which is the 457mm 48cal gun, and just gave it a heavier 1583kg AP shell.

      But meanwhile US T9 BB Georgia is upcoming with 3×2 457mm gun, that listed it with a huge AP shell dmg (bigger than Kremls) at a slow 732m/s.

      Huge AP dmg and Slow shell velocity, kinda confirms that it will carry the
      18inch Mark A. or 457mm 47cal firing 1746kg SHS AP shells at 732/s.

      I can understand why wg would not give Kremls intended guns, since they are simply too powerful, that makes the Mark A pale in comparison and dwarf all the other 18inchers.

      But the gap isnt that big anymore, especially when Georgia is on the Horizon…

    • +Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer
      I never thought we’d get a Super Repulse in the game.
      This is a bonafide Battlecruiser.

      What’s with the “upgunning” trend lately.
      Will there be a Super Yamato in the future?

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      ya sorry for long post, but tldr if
      Georgia is coming with the Mark A.
      Why hasn’t wg just given Kremlin her intended guns…like seriously whats the point, the power gap isn’t that big anymore…

      Honestly i hope that WG shatters the 46cm limit… so that Kurfust, cause she’s H-42, gets her intended 2×4 48cm 52cal guns.

      Idk whether yammy can get her upmount of 510mm guns, (i doubt anyways thats happening any time soon).

    • +Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer what was kremls intended gun caliber supposed to be? I can find any information about project 24 specs other than displacement

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      @Eternal Moderate
      457mm 55cal 1720KG AP going at 800-850m/s. 
      Can’t find the exact shell velocity, but since it’s such a long 55cal barrel. I expect it to be on the railgun shell speed side of things, typical of Russians and their Italian based railguns.
      Such a gun is easily the most powerful among all 18inch guns.
      It it clearly based off the USN Mark A – 457mm 47cal 1746kg Super Heavy Ap – going at a anaemic 732m/s.
      But it is easy to say the USN Mark A can’t equally rival to P24s intended guns, penetration wise…

  8. Jezus change port or make movie more bright. I can see only black screen.

  9. Anyone who doesn’t get a Russian BB and immediately put American Camo on it… Well they’re just not living.

  10. I find it amusing that, were you said dissapointing to the camo, Flamu was instantly in love with most of them. Shows the nice difference in taste once more.

  11. Looks like some nice firing angles.

  12. I was hoping the camo would have a gigantic ‘CCCP’ in it, because…NO RUSSIAN BIAS would happen at all with that.

  13. So the Kreml is a good ship.


    Oh well time to go farm potatoes for motherland.

  14. lets wrap an entire part of moscow into stars n’ stripes gift paper, shall we? 😀

  15. +1 for the perfect camo

  16. Don’t worry about frontal citadels from Yamato shells sneaking over the bow armour. At the end of the 150mm bow plates she has a sloped 420mm plate with a 100mm deck that leads back to the citadel roof. In theory a Yamato shell could penetrate the 420mm plate, but in practice it won’t, and the one in a million shells that do, will not penetrate the 350mm citadel plate behind it, and might in fact even detonate well before reaching it… that nose is pretty damn long.

  17. How do u get that free cam in game??

  18. *Wrong! The CV’s were plenty popular, but WG overnerfed them into oblivion due to all the whining and thanks to negative attitudes towards CV’s of CC’s like you!* Now most of CV’s are just collecting dust in ports waiting to be buffed so they can be actually playable again! From the second game you all saw how useless the CV’s were, especially IJN CV’s. It is not much better at tier 10 since Hakuryu is just a tier 10 Shokaku.

    • What do you mean? How was I negative? I said I liked the CVs, but some aspects of them were too strong.

    • ​+Aerroon It is not just you, but many of you CC’s were against the CV rework. Like what “aspects” were too powerful on lets say a Shokaku or Midway? The F spam and the Hakuryu 8km torp? Rocket planes that are a joke now? Well those got nerfed, but now IJN CV’s are almost unplayable and USN CV’s are only playable when top tiered. The AA is murderous now and CV’s can go only after lonely stragglers. Due to this constant nerfing the CV population has returned to its pre-rework status. GG…

    • Václav Posledník

      +CloneD Anon You are right, but Haku was just too strong. I mean all the 400+k dmg battles say something. I’d say US CVs are ok right now, IJN CVs are way too weak. But one thing about the Kreml… The AA is Montana level strong. That’s brutal on a tanky ship. While the citadel is vulnerable to AP bombs, i can’t imagine japanese planes getting close enough to actually drop.

    • +Václav Posledník Yes but they overnerfed the Hakuryu and other IJN CV’s. Even USN CV’s are decent only when they are top tier now especially since flooding no longer does good damage. WG should return the 50knot speed to the 8km Hakuryu torp in order to make it at least viable again. Also Hakury’s 6km torps should be buffed to 3-4 drops instead of just the pathetic 2 it has now, even if their range, speed and damage was reduced at the same time.

  19. So, the most HP ship, with good range, amazing stealth and a 15km Battleship radar, well salute the new end of the map invencible camper FFS

    Oh, and better alfa damage than yamato, now tell me why is the yamato ingame, it gets outmatched in every aspect by the other tier X BB’s yeah it can overmatch the bow…and what more???

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      You forgot that Kreml has the strongest AP ballistics.
      800m/s with a shell weight of 1576kg and ~0.26 drag coefficient. Diameter 457mm

      3mm less diameter than Yamato, 20m/s more muzzle velocity than Yamato, 115kg heavier shell than Yamato. Makes for ~200mm more penetration than a Yamato AT ALL RANGES.
      More penetration than a Republique even.


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