World of Warships – First Look // Borodino / “Boop the snoot”

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Of course, if you’re the one having your snoot booped in a Borodino, you’re probably not going to enjoy it so much…


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. I ran into one of these playing a few rounds on NA last night. First impression is that it’s side armor is made of tissue paper. Two salvos from my Minnesota sent it back to port.

  2. Soviet Navy: “Let’s design an Economical battleship”. Proceeds to design one larger than Iowa.

    • ‘Cause smaller design are too slow (24-28 knots), Borodino based on 45k tons design have large hull for high speed, i wouldn’t call them “economic”, rather sufficient warship because Soviet want a battleship in Black Sea just for power flexing.

  3. OK, why don’t the back turrets track in the replay, Jedi? I get that they’re probably AA and not worth mentioning, but that might explain the current non-effectiveness of AA in the game?

  4. After watching a few replays in this ship, I think I’d rather stick with the classics like the Tirpitz or the Massachusetts. Even the Roma or the Flandre, for me at least, seems to make more sense. That radar doesn’t seem like it will help in T10 fights.

  5. As the owner of a majestic snoothound I highly approve of this title.

  6. Thanks Jedi,
    I needed a real video to watch
    You always come thru for me 💖

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