World of Warships – First Look: Tier IX German Destroyer Felix Schultz

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Here’s our First Look at Tier IX German destroyer Felix Schultz. After the disappointment of Maerker, is there anything to like here? Blessedly, the answer appears to be yes… however, more data is required.

I forgot to add the gun firing angles image in editing, here it is:

Hit points – 24,200. Plating – 19 mm.
Main battery – 3×2 150 mm. Firing range – 12.0 km. Maximum HE shell damage – 1,700. Chance to cause fire – 8%. HE initial velocity – 960 m/s. Maximum AP shell damage – 3,900. AP initial velocity – 960 m/s. Reload time – 7.5 s. 180 degree turn time – 22.5 s. Maximum dispersion – 57 m. Sigma – 2.00.

Torpedo tubes – 2×4 533 mm. Maximum damage – 13,700. Range – 8.0 km. Speed – 65 kt. Reload time – 90 s. Launcher 180 degree turn time – 7.2 s. Torpedo detectability – 1.3 km.

AA defense: 6×4 30.0 mm. 3×2 150.0 mm. 1×2 55.0 mm.
AA defense short-range: continuous damage per second – 196, hit probability – 95 %, action zone 0.1-3.0 km;
AA defense mid-range: continuous damage per second – 46, hit probability – 100 %, action zone 0.1-4.0 km;
AA defense long-range: continuous damage per second – 46, hit probability – 100 %, action zone 0.1-6.9 km;
Number of explosions in a salvo – 2, damage within an explosion – 1,680, action zone 3.5 – 6.9 km.

Maximum speed – 37.5 kt. Turning circle radius – 800 m. Rudder shift time – 5.3 s. Surface detectability – 8.3 km. Air detectability – 4.3 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 3.5 km.

Available consumables:
Slot 1 – Damage Control Party
Slot 2 – Hydroacoustic Search (Duration time 100 s; Torpedo detection range 3.5 km; Ship detection range 5.0 km; Reload time 120 s; Charges 3)
Slot 3 – Defensive AA fire

All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers. The stats are subject to change during the testing.




  1. As of now, this is the first and last ship in this line that looks half decent. The rest look terrible or not nearly competitive enough for their respective tiers. This might have some niche uses due to T9 being the blessed tier right now.

  2. I’ll say my opinion here again, the torps are useless on these things, other than banzai attacks. If I’m not mistaken, the American DDs had a C Hull which replaced a turret (I think) to get more AA. I think that would be a great option for these DDs, replacing the torpedo tubes with some of that German 55mm flak cannons, and maybe some additional 30mm machine guns. I think then you could say that these have good AA. Also, more flak from those 150s would be nice, maybe 4 or even 6, to match the number of 150 barrels on the ship. Since these ships don’t have smoke, they should have good AA, though not PE DD levels of AA. Just my opinion though.

  3. Yeah more German cannon fodder.

  4. You don’t get the AA buff for Destroyers with the new captain skills they have introduced. Sucks!

  5. I encounter these things on my Akizuki I will instantly switch to AP and melt it like butter

  6. Come on, 37.5 speed with only 7.5km torp and 6.5km concealment and no smoke? What do I supposed to hit with these torps?

  7. just some guy Yelling

    This is the only ship that interests me. That center turret won’t allow full forward attacking but is better then what appears on the tier 10. These ships look to be attackers but having the turrets in the back doesn’t help to attack positions.

  8. A special German AA consumable would be an idea.
    It disables youre dualpurpose guns to shoot normaly for say 30 secs. An gives you a stronger boost to continual damage, range and grants u an extra flak per gunbarrel.
    That would be smthg unique and not just useless trash.^^ All the more a cv had to think twice about letting you stay spotted.

  9. Hi guys, do 25 mm arms 203 mm AP?

  10. That Turret traverse… looks slow for a destroyer….

  11. Does not gun dispersion vary with range on some BBs? The Russian BB dispersion (on some ships) gets better the closer in while the French Chanpagne’s dispersion gets better further out. At least that is my understanding and may be only on BBs.

  12. way to big and slow for open water firering, no smoke and no heal…. and shit torps…. realy only leaves islandhugging.
    these things will be realy hard to play, a lot of positioning, firediscipline and planing required to make them work.

  13. We should just call this the Hogan’s Heroes

  14. This needed to be added as a PR for AL. Kitakaze is alone.

  15. Schultz Sees nothing Hears nothing, Knows nothing 🙂

  16. Just saying AP of Elbing and Felix have more pin than all light cruisers apart from Nevsky. Also Hindenburg pin on Elbing, like wow

  17. Also I want to say that, the reload time of the torps is an error. I think WG accidentally put in 120 seconds while it’s actually 90 seconds.

  18. @Ibnu say Kitakaze. Akizuki is as slow as f, so this German Bois actually outrun it, so yeah.

  19. Interesting. I did little background check on these destroyer, and they were designed to open sea operations. In game, i dont understand why less Hp to chultz? And i heard these DDs turn like a truck! Thank you for this intel video.

  20. Don’t know if they are going to be fun to play, but I am sceptical about their survivability, I mean they are huge, their turning circle is as big as a Battleship’s, those big guns AP will probably overpen other dds, don’t know, not very enthusiastic, I mean they lack the speed the French contre torpiliers have, which gives them survivability despite their horrible concealment. I guess we will see.

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