World of Warships – First Look: Tier VII Premium French Cruiser Toulon

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Here’s our First Look at Tier VII Premium French cruiser Toulon. Toulon introduces the “supercruiser” concept of big ol’ 12-inch guns down to Tier VII, where previously only Graf Spee had been this kind of threat (and a mediocre one at that). Toulon is a very different ship from Graf Spee, however, and is a precursor for what we will see with the French cruiser split starting at Tier VIII. Let’s dive in and see what she has to offer and speculate on how she’ll fit in and play.

Hit points – 42500. Plating – 16 mm. Fires duration: 60 s.

Main battery – 2×4 305 mm. Firing range – 16.8 km.
Maximum HE shell damage – 4050. HE shell armor penetration – 51 mm. Chance to cause fire – 17%. HE initial velocity – 905 m/s.
Maximum AP shell damage – 8000. AP initial velocity – 798 m/s.
Reload time – 28.0 s. 180 degree turn time – 40.0 s. Maximum dispersion – 189 м. Sigma – 1.90.

Secondary Armament:
2×3 155.0 mm, range – 6.3 km.
Maximum HE shell damage – 2200. Chance to cause fire – 11%. HE initial velocity – 870 m/s
6×2 100.0 mm, range – 6.3 km.
Maximum HE shell damage – 1400. Chance to cause fire – 6%. HE initial velocity – 780 m/s
AA defense: 18×2 25.0 mm., 8×2 37.0 mm., 6×2 100.0 mm.

AA defense short-range: continuous damage per second – 238, hit probability – 85 %, action zone – 2.5 km;
AA defense mid-range: continuous damage per second – 35, hit probability – 90 %, action zone – 3.0 km;
AA defense long-range: continuous damage per second – 56, hit probability – 90 %, action zone – 5.8 km;
Number of explosions in a salvo – 2, damage within an explosion – 1120, action zone 3.5 – 5.8 km.
Maximum speed – 30.0 kt. Turning circle radius – 710 m. Rudder shift time – 11.5 s. Surface detectability – 11.5 km. Air detectability – 7.9 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 8.8 km.

Available consumables:
1 slot – Damage Control Party;
2 slot – Hydroacoustic Search / Defensive AA Fire;
3 slot – Fighter;
4 slot – Main Battery Reload Booster;
5 slot – Repair Party (Duration time 28 s; HP per second 212.5; Reload time 80 s; Charges 3)

All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers. The stats are subject to change during the testing.


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  1. Not gonna lie, I was expecting (and hoping) for a light cruiser line like La Galissoniere and Bayard.

    • Agreed. A while line of Dunkerques is just……odd.

    • I saw the first couple of seconds and thought, humm a three turret mounting at tier 7. Possibly a light cruiser caliber. Then the front was shown and then you go ah, yep that’s bb caliber.

    • the frenchies are missing a couple of CA classes that actually existed and saw a bit of action until their scuttling, the Duquesne and Suffren class, they could have filled in tier 5 and tier 6 that branches out from Duguay, put Toloun in the line followed by theses proto Dunkeque things the new french line would have being a bit more decent.

  2. To avoid empty talk and fluff, go to 10:20 where he FINALLY talks about guns.

    • Silly me for thinking that all of the various stats of a ship are important to how she plays and might impact how people evaluate her.

    • @SeaRaptor And that is why you saved the guns for last, right? Because everything else is “so important”. Guns are what make this thing even remotely interesting, and we all know it.

    • @CCCPXEPO I didn’t save them for last. AA and Consumables are last. You have to understand the platform the guns are installed on before they are of any relevance. This isn’t a shore battery. Look at a ship like Incomparable… the guns aren’t what make that ship what she is.

  3. Congress was already pretty eyebrow-raising; a t7 supercruiser is really pushing it. I expected a split to intro Duquesne or Suffren, two whole classes of actually-built, actually-served French heavy cruisers. Weird stuff.

    • Although — there is Graf Spee, which has been around forever and is technically a “supercruiser.” I guess Toulon has more in common with Spee than it does Congress.

    • Hey, leave my Congress alone! Poor Graf Spee got screwed pretty hard. Congress is pretty balanced despite being a cruiser delete button often.

    • @nick strickland what happened to Graf?? I’m just coming back To WoWs after 18months.

    • It’s never been impressive that’s what. Ships have gotten tankier hence it’s caliber doesn’t hit effectively against as many targets anymore. Also it have what the fuck dispersion

  4. HP is broken, that is almost Zao HP

  5. The French crusier line is fun. What is this thing or the point.

  6. Raptor, whenever you’re doing premium ship reviews, I was wondering if at the beginning or the end you could include a bit of your impressions about how the permacamo looks, since they’re always quite a large part of what makes premium ships so eye catching and cool looking

  7. Cant just have BATTLE cruisers… instead we get the battle cruiser we have at home

  8. Proto Supercruiser. Simply put 305mm is an anticruiser gun.
    With the armor profile … the learning curve will be steep.
    Seems like a double edge sword…you will be either hunter or prey depending on tier match…exciting to see t5s, horrified to see t9s.

  9. She has the same torpedo belt as BATTLESHIP BISMARCK at TIER 8… A ship that in real life took over 20 torpedoes and didn’t sink.

  10. Hmm. A support ship (AKA target) for red CVs and SSs how quaint.

  11. I find it interesting that the New Orleans has thicker bow plating than this thing

    • Honestly, just based on paper stats, I’d rather PLAY a New Orleans than this thing. New Orleans I understand. I’m just not sure what this ship is or what purpose she serves.

  12. Will make a nice cruiser escort for the Yukon.

  13. This is just gna be a T7 Azuma. Have fun sitting at max range praying stray snipes don’t straight up delete you

  14. I didnt even noticed the ship had camo on untill he disabled it. Lazy work from the art department.

  15. Yesterday I saw one for the first time in a random battle. He did 7 kills easy, and won the game alone. It felt so OP.

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