World of Warships – First Look – Tier VIII Premium American Battleship USS Constellation

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Here’s our First Look at Tier VIII Premium American battleship USS Constellation. Constellation is what the Lexington-class battlecruisers were meant to look like when they rolled off the ways. In history, Lexington was converted to a carrier midway through construction and that was that. Wargaming has taken a crack at what the ship might have looked like had she entered service under her original design. Let’s see what we can see here.

Hit points – 63,300. Plating – 27 mm.

Main battery – 4х2 406 mm. Firing range – 17.4 km.
Maximum HE shell damage – 5,700. Chance to cause fire – 36%. HE initial velocity – 803 m/s Maximum AP shell damage – 12,400. AP initial velocity – 768 m/s. Reload time – 30 s. 180 degree turn time – 45 s. Maximum dispersion – 194 m. Sigma value – 1.7.

Torpedo tubes – 2х3 533 mm. Maximum damage – 16,633. Range – 9.2 km. Speed – 55 kt. Reload time – 98 s. Launcher 180 degree turn time – 7.2 s. Torpedo detectability – 1.1 km.

AA defense – 16×2 20 mm, 30×1 20 mm, 10×2 127 mm range, 12×4 40 mm

AA defense short-range: continuous damage per second – 403, hit probability – 70 %, action zone 0.1-2.0 km;
AA defense mid-range: continuous damage per second – 312, hit probability – 75 %, action zone 0.1-3.5 km;
AA defense long-range: continuous damage per second – 172, hit probability – 75 %, action zone 0.1-5.8 km;

Number of explosions in a salvo – 8, damage within an explosion – 1,540, action zone 3.5 – 5.8 km.

Maximum speed – 33.2 kt. Turning circle radius – 900 m. Rudder shift time – 15.3 s. Surface detectability – 15.6 km. Air detectability – 13.0 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 15.0 km.

Available consumables:
Slot 1 – Damage Control Party
Slot 2 – Repair Party
Slot 3 – Surveillance Radar (action time – 30 s; detection of ships – 10.0 km; reload time – 120 s; Charges – 3)
Slot 4 – Fighter
Slot 4 – Spotting Aircraft

All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers. The stats are subject to change during the testing.




  1. Nice review !!! will it be the next dockyard ship or just for Dubs like Flandre ?

    • Its most likely going to be in the premium shop. Constellation in premium shop along with the new commonwealth ship, and druid and napoli will most likely be coal ships.

  2. Have you seen the detection of Lex CV. Its Lex biggest problem is its detection.

  3. Reviews I’m still waiting for are HMS Agincourt and Yukon:)

    • I have really drug my heals on Agincourt; we’ve had her two patches and I haven’t made one of these. Yukon is already on my schedule for next week, I’ll do Agincourt as well.

  4. I was in a match the other day and I actually saw someone testing the Constellation. Do you have to be a CC to test ships on the normal servers?

    • No, the official supertest program does the heavy lifting. The CCs are granted the ships, but operate under the same rules as STs. We can’t show any gameplay or talk about experience playing the ship until after it releases.

  5. The new BB are getting short range.
    I wonder if that was a back ground reason for dead eye? You could get 1 or 2 shots but that would have been it.

  6. Hehehe… I saw WG Tuccy in that one yesterday evening. I sank him.

  7. As all new “appropriate” premiums has excellent AA (ship laid down in 1920 has 1945 AA suite :). By the way she should have the same length as Iowa class ca. 270m

  8. This ship looks like a bit smaller Vermont and goes 33kts Bruh

  9. Kansas powercrept already?

  10. Wasnt one of the Star Trek (original series) starships named Constellation?

  11. Radar and torpedoes? Can see this turning into a favorite in Ranked…

  12. @SeaRaptor, just to clarify some info in the description, Lexington’s hull was completed in 24% when she was comissioned to undergo her conversion. Other than that, great, informative video on a rather special to-be-ship from the pages of naval history! 🙂

  13. I’m a big naval buff, so allow me to shed some historical context on the Lexington-class battlecruisers.
    In the decade leading up to ww1 the USN was in a bit of a pickle, as Congress wanted a modern fleet but didn’t want to pay for it. This resulted in the naval budget being only just enough to pay for the new dreadnoughts, and anything else the navy wanted to build they would have to go digging through their couches looking for spare change. So when the US entered the war in 1917 their fleet consisted of several modern battleships, backed up by relics from the era before HMS Dreadnought was launched a decade prior.

    The USN was acutely aware that they were at a massive disadvantage when it came to scouting, as most of their ships they had on hand for the role were barely faster than the dreadnoughts they were supposed to be scouting for. So when ww1 finally opened the doors for a bigger budget, the navy immediately ordered a scouting force consisting of “modern warships capable of at least 35 knots.” This is where we get the large number of fast, lightly armored ships like the Clemson’s and Omaha’s. And since the new budget allowed for construction of battlecruisers, they jumped on designing the Lexingtons right away.

    Now in 1920, It’s difficult enough to design a ship big enough to house the required powerplant to push a 43,000 ton boat through the water, let alone at 35 knots, *and* still keep it small enough that your dockyards can actually build the damn thing! They tried everything they could think of, but it soon proved impossible to make the massive vessel’s structural integrity strong enough without sacrificing armor.
    Eventually the navy board relaxed the requirements to “only” 33 knots, and this allowed the designers the breathing room they needed. They could now keep the 16″ guns and increase the belt armor to 9″, not enough to take on a battleship, but still capable of defeating heavy cruiser shells.

    Then the 1922 Washington naval treaty came along and put a stop to building capital ships displacing over 35,000 tons, so the six Lexingtons under construction had to be dismantled. Luckily the American negotiators managed to get an amendment added that allowed for two capital ships to be converted in to carriers, and the Lexington and Saratoga were saved from the scrapping yards.

    What WG has apparently done is model in the older design with the 7″ armor and smaller guns (the final design was supposed to have 16″/50 mk2 guns, the ones WG uses for Kansas) and given it the later design’s speed. It’s a bit of a disappointment, but hey, at least we got something.

    • @pyronuke476 I wonder if they maybe reduced the speed to account for the heavy modernization during the 30’s as well as during the war. Also not sure if the 6″ belt hidden inside the torpedo bulges was part of the initial design or not or if something like that was hypothetically added during modernization to add some additional protection to the relatively weak armor scheme.

    • @Caeric that may be true. I agree with the speed decrease, it would certainly be explained by all the added weight. The 6″ lower belt though I haven’t been able to find anything on … yet. Getting your hands on semi-classified documents of a 100 year old ship design from a reliable source is frustrating at best.

    • @pyronuke476 I can imagine that much. Bit sad that they’ve (as usual..) made it a mish mash of different design proposals rather than stick to the “final” design of the ship.

  14. Any speculation on how to possess this ship? Real cash, free xp, coal or steel?

  15. I will admit this is one of those what if ships I always wanted to see were she is also configured for mid to late ww2. Now I want to see a similar thing for IJN Tosa with a similar mid to late war design.

  16. OMG, so many possibilities for my first Steel, Coal, and whenever I finally open up research points!

  17. Thumbs-up for the review, Raptor!

  18. Lichtningstrike games

    in my opinion, this ship might actually be quite balanced. people say that the torps and radar are pushing it from the edge of balance into nearly OP. i dont think this is the case. keep in mind that she is NOT a battleship (even though in-game she is) but a battlecruiser. this means she isn’t going to do well in brawling situation, which is the only place to use the torps. the only use for the radar is going to be a 10km no u shield against destroyers, who will most likely be able to outrange you when uptiered.

    speaking of being uptiered. this thing is going to be quite balanced when uptiered, everything has more or equal guns then you, at the same or bigger calibers. however, if you’re top-tier (aka tier 6 battle) this thing is going to be nearly busted. since you can bounce 15 inch guns on overthing but your superstructure, bounce 16 inch guns on your deck and belt and shatter HE.
    it’s AA is also going to provide it a good support ship against same-tier carriers.

    i think this ship is going to belong on the backline at the start of the match, but when it can get on a flank is when i think it’s going to be insanely good if it has distance between other ships.

    that’s what i think of her, im absolutely getting her because i love the lexington class battlecruisers and this ship seems like fun, unless the guns (with colorado vertical dispertion, god darn it) screw you over.

  19. The Matrix red pill

    WG, we need more money, bring on rhe power creep.

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