World of Warships – First Look: Tier X German Battleship Preussen

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Here’s our First Look at Tier X German battleship Preussen. Replacing Grosser Kurfurst in the tech tree, Preussen brings German battleships something they’ve never had before: really large guns. Preussen’s main battery clocks in at 457mm (18″), meaning that the Kriegsmarine will finally catch up to the USN (Vermont) the VMF (Kremlin) and the Royal Navy (Thunderer), bypassing the Marine Nationale (Republique) along the way. On top of that, the reload on these guns is silly good, as are the shell flight times and penetration values. Oh, and she still gets German secondaries. What else does she have going for her (as if that weren’t enough)? Join me for a tour and let’s find out.

Survivability – 105800. Plating – 32-mm

Main Battery – 4×2 457-mm. Main Battery Firing Range – 20.6 km.
Maximum HE Shell Damage – 5450. HE Shell Armor Penetration Capacity – 114-mm. Chances of HE Shell causing a Fire on Target – 45%. Initial HE Shell Velocity – 810m/s. Maximum AP Shell Damage – 15000. Initial AP Shell Velocity – 810m/s. Reload Time – 24.0s. 180° Turn time – 40.0 s. Maximum Dispersion – 266m. Sigma – 1.80.

Secondary Armament:
4×2 150-mm, Maximum Range – 8.3 km.
Maximum HE Shell Damage – 1700, Chances of HE Shell causing a Fire on Target – 8%. Initial HE Shell Velocity – 875m/s.

10×2 128mm, Maximum Range – 8.3 km.
Maximum HE Shell Damage – 1500, Chances of HE Shell causing a Fire on Target – 5%. Initial HE Shell Velocity – 900/s.

Maximum HE Shell Damage – 1700.

AA Defence: 10×2 128.0-mm, 6×4 30.0-mm, 4×2 55.0-mm, 6×1 55-mm
Short-Range AA: Continuous Damage – 291, Hit Probability – 70%, Firing Range – 3.0km;
Medium-Range AA: Continuous Damage – 326, Hit Probability – 75%, Firing Range – 4.0km;
Long-Range AA: Continuous Damage – 140, Hit Probability – 75, Firing Range – 6.0 km;
Action zone of AA Shell Explosions – 3.5 – 6.0 km, Number Shell Explosions in AA Salvos – 6, Damage from AA Shell Explosions – 1610.

Maximum speed – 30.0knots. Turning Circle Radius – 1050m. Rudder Shift Time – 19.4s. Detectability Range by Sea – 18.2 km. Detectability Range by Air – 14.9 km. Detectability After Firing Main Guns in Smoke – 19.4 km.

Available Equipment –
1 Slot – Damage Control Party
2 Slot – Repair Party
3 Slot – Fighter/Spotting Aircraft
4 Slot – Hydroacoustic Search

All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change during the testing.


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  1. Might as well call her Prussia, as this would be the English translation. Other then that try Proissen and you might be closer to her German name.

  2. Yannic van Straalen

    That looka pretty good actually. I’m grinding the german battleshipine right now but not sure if I want Kurfurst of Preussen. Preussen seems more up my alley to be honest, going off this first look that is!

    • @David Potts yeah i meant like actually having GK in your port. Sorry for not being clear

    • As many have said, just get both lol, grind and get GK now, and grind FDG a little longer and get Preussen when it drops. You get 2 tier 10s for grinding one line, and you get 10 mil credits when preussen drops if you own GK, plus the credits for selling FDG, you should be able to buy and kit out preussen as soon as its available.

      Even if you end up liking preussen more, getting GK gets you closer to the research bureau if you havent unlocked it yet.

    • @David Potts You are not correct. You only need to have researched the GK to receive it as a coal ship, you do not need to own it.

  3. Would have really liked to see the actual H-44 design, Prussen seems to land between H-41 (420mm guns) and H-44, which would have sported 508mm main battery. Since we have seen ships like Incomperable and Shikishima, it isn’t like WG is unable to put ships with this caliber of main battery in the game, and this would have at least been the ship as designed in 1942.

    • Thats what Hannover is, 480mm guns, Based on H-42. WG made a promise not to add 32mm overmatch after Musashi and Yamato, which they kinda broke but also kinda kept by making other 32mm steel only or special ships like Hannover and Satsuma.

  4. The improved firing angles on the main battery are probably the biggest/best change from GK, IMO and will be what makes Preussen worth having. I am kind of disappointed that they gave it 457mm guns, as the Germans would never have actually used guns of that size. Still, on paper at least Preussen seems like a straight improvement over GK; we’ll see how it translates in game.

  5. Honestly I’m a bit surprised that she didn’t get the Conqueror/Thunderer treatment, where she gets the 420s that are currently one of GK’s options, only buffed.

  6. This ship loks great as you say. looking forward to it in game. Still miss Little White Mouses reviews of ships.

  7. I feel that this will be for Main battery gun reolad and tank build, mayby some reolad burst From captain build, but i have strog feeling that when this ship will close distans sub 20s reolad on 457mm will be scary as f***k

  8. Fewer guns but quicker reload will suit the brawling style so much better. Going to be a silly good ship if it stays like this. Somehow doubt she’ll get to keep that reload tho….

  9. Looking forward to this thuggish critter. The reload time on those guns is something else! Basically, almost Scharnhorst-level reload speed with the Main Battery 3 Mod.

  10. Already grinded and got the GK last night. Will have the free XP saved up for this new ship too.

    • Gratz! Youll get 10mil credits when preussen is added and have GK in port, so assuming you have credits saved up you should be able to buy it an kit it out right away. Still need to do some grinding myself, but im close to having enough exp for preussen, got GK recently myself. Kinda nice to get 2 tier 10s for the price of 1 line

  11. Very excited for this ship, can never go wrong with more german bbs. Seems like a fun alternative to GK, in the same like how pommern is a fun alternative to fdg, and not a straight up improvemt, but its the opposite role this time lol.
    Got GK recently, and I almost have enough xp for preussen too, kinda nice to get 2 tier 10s for grinding one line.

    Will still probably prefer Schlieffen personally over both Gk and Preussen, but again, seems like a really fun ship.

  12. Love her looks. IMO the double turrets fits the German aesthetics far better than the triple turrets. The Germans never quite got the hang of triple turrets.

    • Sadly, Germany never designed a 457mm gun or a triple mount for a caliber bigger than 283mm (ironically, they thought double turrets were more accurate, not that WG cares). They jumped from 420mm to 480mm (48cm). And it seems they also made plans for 508mm guns. But God forbid outgunning a Yamato with a German ship…
      WG, you hate it or you hate it.

  13. I think that if they put the GK up for coal they need to give it a buff of some sort cause right now there is no incentive to actually get it.

  14. placing the reload module and marring it up with the captain skill that increases the reload when inside the secondary range will make this a beast

  15. If the broadside angle remain unchanged, turret 3 and 4 are almost unusable, and the 4×2 layout is a lot less desirable than 3×3 when angling. that largely offsets the benefit of the reload time.

  16. You would be tempted to build it for main battery use, with that reload and caliber, but if this ship retains the infamous German “accuracy” (rather inaccuracy) you won’t be able to reliably hit anything smaller than a BB in 12km.

  17. As a cruiser main , this will be another pain in the ass and another reason not to play agrresive and be a lot more passive than ever

  18. Yeah, looking good. I hope they don’t nerf her before she makes it in-game.

  19. 4:40 Kremlin’s shells got nerfed by 1k alpha to 14500 a while back.

    Also 149 degree backwards firing angle is almost perfect autobounce angle (150 degrees) so that is kinda nuts.

  20. with the commander skill on the reloads you can get this below 20s.

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