World of Warships – First Look: Tier X Russian Destroyer Delny

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Here’s our First Look at Tier X Russian destroyer Delny. Delny will be Khabarovsk’s replacement in the tech tree, as Khaba will go the way of Moskva (becoming a coal ship). She’s very similar to Khaba, but has some noteworthy upgrades. Will she see a return to glory and/or competitive play similar to what Khaba had going back in the good (bad?) old days? Let’s take a tour of her stats, compare her to her predecessor, and make some guesses.

Survivability – 22700. Plating – 19-mm

Main Battery – 3×2 130-mm. Main Battery Firing Range – 11.5 km

Maximum HE Shell Damage – 1800. HE Shell Armor Penetration Capacity – 22-mm. Chances of HE Shell causing a Fire on Target – 8%. Initial HE Shell Velocity – 950 m/s. Maximum AP Shell Damage – 2600. Initial AP Shell Velocity – 950 m/s. Reload Time – 5.0 s. 180° Turn time – 18.6 s. Maximum Dispersion – 101 m. Sigma – 2.00.

Torpedoes – 2×5 533-mm. Maximum Damage – 15100. Torpedo Range – 10.0 km. Torpedo Speed – 60.0 knots. Reload time – 114 s. 180° Turn Time – 7.2 s. Torpedo Detectability Range by Sea – 1.2 km.

AA Defence: 3×2 130-mm, 2×4 25-mm, 3×4 45-mm
Short-Range AA: Continuous Damage – 42, Hit Probability – 95%, Firing Range – 3.1km;
Medium-Range AA: Continuous Damage – 123, Hit Probability – 100%, Firing Range – 3.5 km;
Long-Range AA: Continuous Damage – 63, Hit Probability – 63, Firing Range – 5.8 km;
Action zone of AA Shell Explosions – 3.5 – 5.8 km, Number Shell Explosions in AA Salvos – 3, Damage from AA Shell Explosions – 1680.

Maximum speed – 43.5 knots. Turning Circle Radius – 760 m. Rudder Shift Time – 5.0 s. Detectability Range by Sea – 8.5 km. Detectability Range by Air – 7.2 km. Detectability After Firing Main Guns in Smoke – 3.3 km.

Available Equipment –
1 Slot – Damage Control Party
2 Slot – Repair Party/Smoke Generator
3 Slot – Engine Boost

All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change during the testing.


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  1. Cool, because of the Delny, maybe we will start to see Russian DDs in Clan Battles and KOTS again.

  2. The 50 mm Plate shatters 240mm HE from Henry and bounces BB AP

  3. I think it’s fine. The game’s changed a lot from what it used to be so it’s okay to have a not-as-powerful-as-before-but-still-powerful not-khabarovsk in Delny at tier 10 again.

  4. Video is incomplete as u didnt compare it with Grozovoi which is in most aspects a “better and more competitive” Delny in most ways. Should do a video comparing those two in the future maybe.

    • I agree I’d like to see a comparison. I’m not sure I agree the Groz is better than the Delny. I take my Groz over my Khaba almost every time, but you can’t understate the 50mm side plate that the Grozovoi doesn’t get. I have Groz and Khaba and the survivability difference is very noticeable.

  5. The depth charge throwers on the rear of the Delny are not Hedgehogs. Hedgehogs were rocket projectiles fired ahead of the ship. The Rocket ASW used by the Pan-European DD’s are a advancement of the Hedgehog.

  6. “The AA destroyer something the Russian navy never bought in to (….) and after that everybody just kinda gave up on it” – *Shakes head in Friesland / Halland*

    • Very weird thing to say indeed. It’s the gunboat concept that was completely abandoned. Nowadays, destroyers are for ASW/AA purpose only. Anti surface armament is an afterthought.

  7. if this ship meet the new italian DDs, it will be a battle of aiming

    High SAP DPM vs Highly Armored DD

  8. Ok, so it’s better in every department compared to Khaba, RIP Khaba 🙂
    yes, even dpm is better as the turret rotation ensures you can fire while using rudder 😉

  9. Outstanding shell velocity, very good fire chance; better concealment and useful torpedoes. I am curious if Delny will also be coded to disallow the range mod in Slot 6, but at least it has improved base range. Looks like it could be a good boat, even though I have trouble making the go-fast shooty botes work well for me.

  10. You’ll have to research and purchase it, but if you have the khaba, I seem to recall them saying that you’ll get the equivalent credit balance of the khaba’s sell price as compensation. Better break out the Tashkent.

  11. Kiev, Tashkent and Khaba were once my heavily played ship. I just loved running and gunning setting everyone on fire and not getting hit cause of the spoodbeest.

    It annoys them so much they either hunt you down and your remaining team shoot them up or they get annoyed missing shots they stop firing at you.

    Like literally the definition of fun.

    Up until it got power creeped the heck out of and she is just sitting in port for a long time.

  12. They removed that Hedgehog launcher off the Daring and Grozavoi years ago as WG back then only wanted DDs to have roll off the back depth charges… shame they didn’t give them back when they changed their minds on it…

  13. I thought WG had announced you got the replacement for free as long as you had Khaba. That’s at least been the info until now.

  14. You did not compare it to Grozovoy, better concealment and both heal and smoke.

  15. Really stinks that you have only 7K subscriber’s. You deserve so much more SeaRaptor. Thank You for showing us what to expect with this ship.

    Cheers 2022: Drink 1 for me!

  16. Funny thing, Khaba is my most played ship with about 900 matches at 65% win rate. Played it from week one (turrets were paper, but people forget that it received a MASSIVE buff when turret HP was buffed) after it launched all the way through all the nerfs. But then after the rudder shift nerf, I put in another 25 or so matches and then shelved it. This ship simply walks back every major nerf. Gun range nerf, walked back. Rudder shift nerf, walked back. Torp range nerf, walked back.

    They literally just gave us back the old Khaba, minus a little dpm.

    I think I can get back into it with this new version.

    Also, main difference I see between this and Kleber… something Khaba always had, was a unique roll of tanking. The evasion tanking is what made the old Khaba good. My average match ended with about 2 mil potential damage. I have a screen cap where I hit 5 mil potential damage tanked. Added bonus, if you drew enemy fire, then you also kept ships spotted. I hope with this ship we can evasion tank again.

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