World of Warships – First look: USS Monaghan (WiP)

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Another excerpt from Shipstream! This time it’s my first go around with the upcoming Tier 6 USN Destroyer, the USS Monaghan.


  1. I’ve read this book called “Swede” by Thomas Tynander. (It’s in Swedish.)

    It’s about a Swedish-American called Emery Lundquist who served on the Monaghan at Pearl Harbor up untill just before she sank.
    He was transfered because the ship was put in for an upgrade with more AA and radar and stuff. This made her very top heavy and could have added to her sinking in the typhoon.

  2. Yes we still name Destroyers after navy personal. Take for example USS The Sullivans, Both a preserved Fletcher Class and a new Arliegh Burke Class DDG. Of course getting the name from all 4 Sullivan brothers being killed aboard USS Juneo. Now I feel you you Yuzral, spreading random historical knowledge.

  3. 9:19 *epic slowclapp*

  4. Actually, with the SE captain skill, she ends up with more than “just a tad more” health – 16K HP with SE, if the Fitting Tool website is correct. That’s rather healthy for a Tier 6 DD.

  5. you can easyly stealthtorps because with that range your require pusing enemys at stealthshots anyhow

  6. Very nice DD, can’t wait to get her.

  7. My namesake.. I have to have her

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