World of Warships – First tier 7 premium in WoWS still has it?

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Sims, if I’m not mistaken, and I’m sure you’ll correct me if I am, was the very first tier 7 premium ship ever to be introduced in WoWS.

It used to be VERY good and something to be desired but then it was left in the dust by powercreep that’s been happening since day 1.

Can it still be useful and good? Let’s find out.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. love the game play learning a lot from you and your videos but i keep missing you on twitch

  2. “That’s weird”

    Your first time here?

  3. Sim’s slow torps 9 km range are quite funny sometimes. Just like Lo Young’s.

  4. Mahan and Sims, which are probably smallest DDs at tier VII have nearly same concealment as Leberecht Maass and Vauquelin, wchich are much bigger.
    Definitely something is not ok there.

  5. sometimes just sometimes… your team mates suprise you with good play. You called them to die and lose a flak twice i think and they didnt. They killed the red. You got lucky.

  6. The bad concealment is because the height of the bridge and chimney, I think

    • Correct. In the early days of the game WG used the height of the ship to determine concealment, hence Japanese BBs with their tall pagoda towers had way worse concealment than the German and American BBs.

    • @The Staggy fuso had an horrible detection, It was ridiculous

    • @The Staggy This was also back at a time when low and mid-tier American ships had worse detection radii than their maximum firing range. You could be spotted in a Wyoming and not be able to return fire for nearly another kilometer and a half, which takes a while in a Wyoming.

    • @akavich19 A while? It takes about two weeks.

  7. Bendeguz Márton

    Not many people know that this ship has a built in +50% BASE XP bonus which is not displayed anywhere, not sure a out the Sims B(lack) though

    • oh believe me i lived off of it. many a star saved that really shouldn’t have been in T7 ranked solely because of that.

  8. My first package had Atlanta,Sims,Gremy,Yubari. So it was one of two sevens to come out. N/A anyhow. Great game!

    • Nathaniel Kerns

      Atlanta too? I remember the 3 DDs being in a package and then Atlanta came out like a month later. I want to say Murmansk was the very first premium ship, though.

  9. random match in sims on that map, me and another sims, straight up the middle at the start and capped. enemy team didn’t even respond

  10. That moment when Flambass calls a lower-than-himself tier DD player a “seal clubber” 😀 😀

  11. It’s weird that at 6-7 minutes in, your Hatsu was almost to their undefended cap and turned back. The enemy was split to both flanks and could have been capped out early. At the very least getting into their cap would have made them turn back. Left me wondering the rest of the match.

  12. “This guy should be in front of me”
    Flambass while going full speed and with speed boost in front of this guy with over 40kt. 😀

  13. 1:27 Due to the lack of the concealment upgrade, it gets garbage detection.

  14. QE went afk when she thought the game was a win.
    Lesson – Never leave the keyboard if you are in a live ship.
    Keep the vids coming and I’ll be watching!!

  15. One of the few instances where I was actually watching the stream when this occurred.

  16. Main problem I have is with the guns, they’re a little floaty and against faster ships it’s a pain trying to stay on target.

  17. Matthew Henderson

    The Sims used to be great when stealth firing your guns was part of the game. You could just kite and light fires on non-agile targets without taking damage if you were good enough with the high firing arch.

    Same applied with most US DDs and high tier IJN CAs like the Atago.

  18. Yup, smoke firing penalty on Sims is 2.8km and after re-watching that part of the fight, the Scharnhorst was exactly 2.8km away when you popped your smoke oddly enough.

  19. When the right music plays, sometimes I look to make sure Elite Dangerous isn’t playing in the background.

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