World of Warships – First tier 8 premium still rocking

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Atago was the first tier 8 premium ship ever introduced in World of Warships and it’s still good. It’s major weakness is the fact it can be citadeled from any side, so pushing and getting closer to your opponent is usually not a great idea. However, this ship is armed to the teeth, you just have to know how to use it’s weapons.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. For all WG’s issues, ships like Atago prove that what they do get right they get right brilliantly in that the Atago is still one of the stronger T8 Premiums even though I don’t think it has received any buffs aside from the IJN CA accuracy buff that applied to all IJN cruisers.

  2. let’s be fair, if that helena didn’t potato aim, that fight could have gone way worse very quickly.

    • I think it was more Graf Spee fault, for torping so badly instead of shooting while Helena was trying to survive… if that guy shoot flambass and did support Helena flambino was dead, but no, the guy torp randomly and ran away

  3. “What’s up with only one destroyer today?” Go to SEA server we got most of the match with only one DD each, thanks to all those carriers.

    • CV reason I quit wows..getting at least 2 every game is bs…..

    • @Bradley Coles tier 10 will only have 1 cv max, on tier 8 chance to get 2 carrier each team, tier iv provably like 3 cv each team, beside if you dd play correctly and your cv support you, you will have no problems on facing game with cv in it

    • The more the dd the more harder cv will focus, that depends also on your team cv, had a good game where ally and enemy dd survive till the end, the dds are taking cover in bunch of ships.
      And also i hardly find a dd that died early, unless the dd are potatos that doesnt read the map. for potential threat and escape route.

    • @tejo adi not entirely true, on some occasion there are 2 carriers each in T10 match. What? Wargaming said there will be only 1 carrier on T10? Don’t trust them (why should we trust them?), we’ve had double carrier at T10 in this server.

  4. Well, it technically wasn’t the first t8 premium, it just replaced the torpedo factory

    Damn I miss that thing

  5. the song at the biggining is just the best

  6. Imagine being the Akizuki at 11:50 and thinking you with 1.3k HP will be able to outgun a cruiser with 20k HP. The lack of general awareness is so mind-blowingly hugely braindead, and it’s sad that this isn’t uncommon anymore. He didn’t have any concealment skill or module either.

    • Yeah thats so sad. If i play DD i can kind of carry a game but if i play a CL i have to count on my DDs. Mostly they die within minutes and the battle is lost. The fastest Loss i had recently was after 6 minutes. How in the name of? You have atleast one minute to be in the battle to start with… o.0

    • @Tearnofear Absolutely. I can understand some people having trouble with things like keeping an eye in the minimap all the time, but this Akizuki? Literally not even understanding what the HP bar means. Has to be some old person who has never used a computer before.

  7. Seems i’ll start an errand. I kinda miss this game

  8. Its strange I was just saying on my clans discord last night, that WG got it perfect with the Atago. It’s a great premium, but not OP, and hasn’t been power creeped. The Atago is THE perfect model for premium ships.

  9. Merry xmas to everyone and happy new year

  10. No more room for her…
    She’s no more battle capable on her Tier!

  11. I’m a console peasant but I stand united with my brother saying WG has broken all versions of Warships with their greed. So disappointing.

  12. Atago has a 42mm main deck, actually makes her harder to citadel when well angled or totally neutral than even Zao, which has a 30mm main deck!

  13. That Aki should have had a window popup saying “you have chosen poorly”

  14. Best t8 cruiser imo~

  15. This was my first tier 8 prem too 😀
    Didn’t even have a heal back then iirc, and I didn’t have any idea what I was doing really. I even bought the 2 additional premium camos that were available for it at some point, the pink/purple dragon one is pretty spicy x). Still one of my favorites to this day, one of those ships I go to when I am having a bad day. Just wish it’s reload wasn’t 2 seconds worse than the myokos, 15 would feel much better ;~;

  16. graf 1st battle cruiser in the game period

  17. Merry Christmas to you and your family//////////////////////////////////////

  18. Flambass kills 2 guys, caps, then CASUALLY takes a sip of his drink. MEANWHILE im on the edge of my seat. I guess nothing rocks Flambass’s boat. edit: 10:50

  19. Anyone else realized that unitis has 6 more AA guns modeled on each side of her. Yet they don’t count towards her AA?!

  20. Show us the same kind of result in a teir 10 matchmaking with the atago…

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