World of Warships | FK U TURY.. Really??

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Here is the full CIS Server Code: W0LAXU5FKUTURY5

Do you think it was intentional or accidental?


  1. There is no way that could be a random generated code….now how are they going to explain this away?

  2. Madness. and nice one on the RTX

  3. How much in Rand? 😉

    • R12,299.00, excluding credit card fees (Wootware likes EFT’s) and excluding shipping. I paid the c/card fee and chose overnight with FedEx which was the most expensive option, because I wanted it as fast as possible!

  4. left the game 2 years ago and glad I did. Been watching the dumpster fire thru Flamu’s channel occasionally ever since then but these past few weeks have been really entertaining. We’re all watching a live case study on how NOT to run a company.

  5. Would there be a lil “sous marins” in WG’s office that is short-circuiting things from within 🤔

  6. ADVICE – if you have a graphics card/driver that is capable of 4k then you should be able to push any LCD using HDMI 1080 rated screen to 4k. Found this out by accident and tested all my monitors and TVs in the house and none failed, some monitors are now almost 10 years old (3D 24″ LGs). With the TVs its only the tuner that is restricted to 1080 the screen should be capable of going higher. Just go to your computers graphics setting and custom settings if the options isn’t in the available default resolutions

    • Oh nice, will give it a try for sure!

    • In all likelihood what’s happening is that because 4K is double-width, double-height of 1080p the in-built scaler can easily half the resolution before displaying the image in on the panel. I don’t know what algorithm monitors use for this because feasibly this could result in higher quality resultant 1080p (effectively super sampling) or perhaps even make it worse. The thing is though the underlying panel is still 1080p (at least with monitors, TVs tend to fudge a whole load of technical specifications) so you won’t see an increased pixel count. Furthermore, especially with older monitors you’ll only be able to push 30 FPS over HDMI (v1.4), even if you do have a new graphics card with the latest HDMI revision.

    • @Max Birdsey BUt when you consider you can pick up a decent 32″ TV for peanuts and run it at 4k when a dedicated monitor would be a small fortune, whats the issue? I can run WOT at Ultra 4k with the Vaga64 and FX8350 cpu getting well over 60fps on my 58″ Panasonic TV at 60Hz and it looks awesome, but saying that Ultra at 1080 is not bad either Using the RX590 that only goes to 30hz at 4k but WOT is still more than playable and that was a “cheap card”, the VEGA64 I bought for £240 which currently trades for almost double and I have seen them sell on eBay for over £600 recently crazy times

  7. They sleep in beds stuffed with cash. They don’t care and laugh all the way to the bank. Stoped my spending a couple years ago and really don’t play the game anymore. Sad because I loved playing.

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