World of Warships – Flambass dyes his hair. Also Googly eyes and Food. Also – Best of Twitch 26

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A compilation of the best World of Warships Twitch clips from the first week of September 2020.
A special thanks to my patrons: RedRonie, TinyBismarck, FadedWolf14, WafflestompOz, Humphrey10 and ShepherdOfMemories.

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#Flambass #Painezor


  1. FreetheBrain - Best of Twitch

    Hey guys, forgot to link TinyBismarck’s logo on screen. You can find her channel here: Hope you enjoy this. If you do, please give a like and subscribe if you haven’t. 🙂

  2. thanks for another great video

  3. Loved the video keep up the great work

  4. Oh hey look, it’s my clip of Fr4g!

    Great vid, as usual. Keep it up!

  5. Mrs. Citadel >Flambass

  6. 6:15 They really don’t understand (or just don’t care). Mercenaries allows people do just that without having to use the other person’s account. Clans will reach higher leagues, that they did not earn (making clan battles more meaningless), and real money will change hands. Most of the top clans do not care because carriers have ruined clan battles, making it the perfect opportunity to play for money.

    • I’m surprised you even understood any of what the hell he even tried to say to be honest….

    • @Anne Onyme Yeah i second that and not because of his accent but because i am 100% sure he didnt actually know what he was trying to say himself…. xD

    • Well, they’ll implement it anyways. They’ll let the said problems happen first and have the players come up with evidences before thinking about what to do with it.

    • I was the guy asking that question on the livestream and Conway left out (obviously) the most crucial part of my question. I was asking if they thought about the money aspect and if they arent concerned that people will boost clans in exchange for money…classic WG I guess.

  7. #BlameRenso 😅 great Video again mate! Keep up the good work!

  8. 4:02 well her name is Mrs Citadel for a reason

  9. try to spell me wrong lol

  10. The world is a better place with googly eyes

  11. Thanks Brain!!!!! also, welcome back to the Potato Song!!!!!!!!

  12. Yay extra Googlies. love this series keep it up.

  13. that granma on wheelchair comment is spot on. wg should account speed when it comes to maneuverability, not just turning circle and rudder shift time.

    • Speed counts more towards agility of the ship not maneuverability.
      Although I’d argue maneuverability is bad on the new USN BB line anyway.

  14. We NEED more TinyBismarck clips!

  15. Great job sir great job!!!!

  16. 11:43 who is tht acommander voice?

  17. YAY More stuff i clipped.

  18. hi guys
    4:55 music pls

  19. Lol i just got kidd from a supercontainer
    Maybe i should watch your Vids while im opening container

  20. More videos please lmao

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