World of Warships – Flambass lost ALL of his marbles on Massachusetts

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Hah…as if I had any to being with 😀

This is one of the battles with awesome results but it’s also one of the battles in which I had a “moment” of inspiration with accents. I hope you gonna take it the funny way as it was meant to be and not get offended, because when I screw around with accents I most definitely do not mean to offend anyone.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. The Flambino is getting into net negative marbles-territory here.

  2. Hes drunk on all the freedom of the massacuesittes

  3. Make more cancer division videos, they are hilarious!

    • Remember, if he runs enough cancer divisions then the water bill will sky rocket do to all the showers that he will have to take.

  4. Careful flam, pilot the massy any longer and you’ll start downing a 24pk of budlight and dippin at least 3 packs while workin on your brand new john deere along with your best friend billy bob.

  5. When a Norseman sounds more hillbilly than them thar folks in West Virginia.

    • You might be mistaking Flambass with Flamu, the latter is a Finn, while Flambass hails from Croatia, which is in Southeastern Europe.

    • Either way though, Finnish, or Southeastern Europe..that has got be one of the worst hillbilly accents I have heard. I mean, the entire video was Flambass trying his southern-isms out. As one who lives in the south, it was just terrible. It had me laughing the whole time though. Political correctness….meh, eff that…have some humor instead..

    • @Scarheart Flambass is from the hillbilly part of Europe allright.

  6. Appears Mrs Citadel has fed him some “Speshul” chocolate!

  7. Thank the Lord at least one has fun with Wows WG.

  8. Flambass:jesus christ anyone doing anything this game
    Anyone else: look its flambass hes got this let him smack em
    Enemy team:oh look its flambass quick change to he

  9. The dangers of WOWS addiction added to sleep deprivation.

  10. Holy crap look at how many of the red team is training towards him!

  11. Tech News for Tech Noobs

    “Not going to miss you twice”

    proceeds to miss twice…

  12. Prisoner of the Highway

    How would I describe this? Ok here goes,
    Jim Carrey from the “Mask” movie ate the Beverly Hillbillies and Sanford & Son then threw up all over WoWs.

  13. A like and a comment for iyiusashi’s hilarious donations ???

  14. I seriously expected him to declare the movie Deliverance was the finest romantic comedy ever made.

  15. You made me so proud when you said “God damn it! Get off my lawn!”

  16. What an accurate representation of the American household

  17. You sounded like Damien Wayne from Major Payne a few times there.

  18. talks about others beeing “new” players but dossent realizes that 2 enemey ships are firing on him lol

  19. *local European man decends into absolute madness (Colorized, 2019)*

  20. SuprAtheAceofSpades

    04:21 Dude, I choked on my food! Thanks, you made my day.

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