World of Warships – Flambass on Quack

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Last match of the day, I couldn’t make my mind up on what to pick so I just take this machine gun and roll with it.

Needless to say this ship is amazing and game would probably be healthier without it but it is fun to play.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I just give up and chat ‘cap A’ now

  2. Having same trouble with shout outs looking at A and it pings B

    • WG said there will be a fix for that in 0.9.8 I think. So at least they are aware.

    • Instead of just pressing f3 press b and drag your mouse up and it will work most of the time. Then at least you aren’t flooding chat with random bullshit.

  3. breyan mcgillicuddy

    Damn I’m really early, Hi Flambass! I recommend you to my friends who are just getting into world of warships all the time.

  4. Man, Where was that very spehsul quacken reaction and face you would do , Really missed that and keep up the good stuff.!

    • I think that it’s just that when he didn’t notice it right away, he didn’t wan to do it afterwards either. Probably the twitch chat told Flambass he got it. This guy is more likely to notice it from chat than from the game anyways 😀

  5. The title is just gold, made me insta-click!

  6. lmao that start to the vid is me most of the day…pure dejection

  7. I just sitting here wondering why Flambino does not use his torp reload booster until the very end.

    • Because it’s a get out of jail free card if you’re in the middle of your long torpedo reload. A lot of enemy ships were closing in on him from both sides, if he uses it when not absolutely necessary, he could get rushed. Harugumo is a monster DPM ship – as long as enemy ships are broadside and he can control his detection, there is really no need to anyway.

  8. I wonder why he isn’t using his reload booster…

  9. Amazing !….single hand wipe out almost half fleet.

  10. Yeah i noticed that F3 at a cap, doesn’t work. I guess it’s a new “feature”. You have to hold “B” and move your mouse up, for it to work. :/

  11. Злой Асисяй

    greetings from Russian sailors!)

  12. I found that you have to bring up the chat circle to call out caps to take and defend now. I”m sure its a feature and not a bug.

  13. i have had the same problem for couple weeks now with the “take base” F3 button
    i’m not the only one

  14. des moines only has a 10km radar there fambino, so even if he did it wouldnt have spotted the shima

  15. dude… you should be carefull because of that eye twitching. often this stuff is a sign of mental health problems.

  16. Jarosław Matysiak

    I was one thousandth (is that even how you spell it?) to hit the like xD

  17. When Flambass gets quiet, people start dying.

  18. Just remember, that frustration you have at the ping system is what we console players deal with all the time. That and our aim thrown to the moon by the target lock mechanism. As a usual thing too. Not to mention how WG treat us like invalids because we play console rather than PC. So yeah, I feel your pain, but far more acutely.

  19. The moment you realize that you accidentally got a “Quacken”. It was priceless.🤣

  20. why does it look so easy when flambass is playing. i get way to often my a** beaten up :/

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