World of Warships – Flamu + Flambass = Nightmare MM

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So I saw some YT comments where you dudes were requesting lower tier games.
So…I went lower…and who do I stumble upon? Flamu himself.
If we come across each other, we are usually in opposite teams but this time we were in the same team.
I guess MM weighted this match and thought he better put us together if we’re gonna have even a slight chance of winning.
There will be more lower tier action coming up as well.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Flamubass

  2. would love to see more of this but alas Flamu rarely if ever Divs

  3. Ahh, a flaming duo!

  4. I gonna call the bully hunters for excessive killing of seals by two killers

  5. Meme Merchant Freddy

    I love these games. Flambass and Flamu as the WOWS Avengers always makes for the best vids. Makes me sad it happens so rarely.

  6. “My support isnt that great” – has Flamu behind him who convienently kills 2 ships in front of him

    • He was talking about his fight with those DDs, he didn’t have much help with those

    • Maybe he should try pinging the target before complaining. plebs often have their hands full/don’t really pay attention to the minimap (at least I am). In his vid Flamu often pings like crazy, it’s annoying for the teammates but very effective in asking for the attention and help that he needs. Chat’s there for a reason. Annoy them till they notice!

    • +Bram den Braber So Flamu should have killed 4 ships (instead of 2) in front of flambass to be a “decent” support?

    • Koda CV, I think support in this case could also mean something like “those DDs would have a harder time ganging up on flambass if they had to deal with being shot at from other directions than him at the same time.” though I wonder how effective BBs could have actually been as support here. then again, better some than none.  – opinion of a not very experienced player who also isn’t yet much good at the game (so consume with a few grains of salt, please 😀 )

  7. The Tank Commander

    By saying, “Germany doesn’t like you” to Flambass, I certainly hope THAT EXCLUDES Mr. Conway! Be careful livestream chatters! It may come back to bite you in the butt!

  8. Good effort! Nice to see a Farragut being played well, would be nice to see it from Flamu’s side:-)!

  9. Flambass and Flamu OP, WG pls nerf them.?

  10. This was great – would love to see you two play together more. My two fav streamers.

  11. Yep. When the seal clubbers come out to terrorize the low tier players. 🙂

  12. Germany loves you mate. I am German and I know.
    keep it up you beautiful barsteward you ?

  13. Flamu and Flambass..hmmm, ohhh!!

    I thought they are the same channel! I’ve been lied the whole time?!

  14. Flamu plays test ship – no kraken credit!!

  15. Flambass is such a stand up guy. If you watch the vid you know what I mean. Much respect.

  16. you two should never be allowed to be on the same team…. IE WG should make a special algorithm to not allow it.

  17. 18:53 to 19:00 “he’s down to 10k and i’m down to 600k…” Wow USN DDs got a HUGE buff.

  18. Flamu + Flambass =

    *1069% chance of WINNING*

  19. What we now need is Flamu’s replay of this.

  20. Flamu + Flambass, a match made in hell itself!

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