World of Warships – FLAWLESS VICTORY

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Absolutely flawless victory…oh yes


  1. UnderdogGamer 47

    You might want to go look back at that replay because it’s a cyclone, if you look at the map, the des moines couldn’t see the roon when you were criticising him for not shooting it

    • Hmm…you make an interesting point actually. With his vision limited, I guess it makes more sense. Weird that the spectator mode now just removes the cyclone effect on vision. Guess that messed with how I was seeing the battle. Still, the AP usage against angled BB and bow in Salem is amusing.

    • UnderdogGamer 47

      +iChaseGaming yeah absolutely, still a great video!

    • 8km spotting range, that DM never saw the Hindy at 8.1km but Salem at 7 something kms was visible to him in the cyclone

    • Adalberto Gutiérrez

      he still sucks tough

    • 689 mol entertainment

      +Adalberto Gutiérrez probs just a bad player

  2. Quality is fine @ 1060pHD. As for the match… Its Randoms in a wargaming product. You could have done a better job explaining how everyone in this match is displaying a new level of stupidity.

  3. When it came to the DM the only thing i would question is whether or not he could actually see it because although i cant see it on the mini map it does look like there was a storm happening

  4. What you fail to realize about AA is the bulk of the DPM for the Salem and Des Moines lies in their mid range AA guns.

    The midway was well inside that aura. The different range auras do NOT overlap.

    Add to that the amount of HE damage the Salem had up til that last moment means that the weaker short range AA had been stripped off. Salem’s AA also does NOT mirror Des Moines’ AA.

    So when you ask “what is AA”, thats your answer. I swear every CC i see that used to tout and exhalt the CV rework before it was released is now doing everything they can to trash it and denigrate it.

  5. Download the utility called DDU. It will allow you to totally uninstall all traces of old Graphics card drivers and then reinstall the latest driver version starting out fresh.

    That approach usually solves most Graphics driver issues.

  6. these games are why I don’t wanna play warships anymore…

  7. Hurricane Gaming

    Hey iChase, could you do an experiment video in which you see how on average, taking out aa mounts is effective/useful?

  8. Free to play, or buy your way to teir10s.. why would you expect top teir play to be any differnt.

  9. yeah well you always have this kind of people that are completely clueless and you just have to carry them to victory
    they are the same people dying in the 1st 2 min saying noobteam mean while they sail a t10 bb

  10. That moment when you devstrike an Iowa with your Colorado with multiple citadels…

    …and you turn to your guns and ask why the hell they don’t do that more often!

    Ah, dispersion…how we love and hate thee.

  11. Yea, the way you played I would have probably suspected you was a bot! O and NO this is not RNG, this is Russian bias pure and simple!

  12. charliedontsurf334

    I wish I called a 150k damage in 10 minute game sucking. Hilarious video iChase! Glad to see you back.

  13. A battle to see which team had sniffed less glue.

  14. The Montana, Salem and Bismarck disliked this video

  15. Silent Assassin Gamer

    As Jingles would say they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory lol

  16. brains.exe has stopped working

  17. Well, this is a summary of what most Tier 10 games look like these days, 0 skill required to play high tiers. Any potato can fail their way into tier 10 if they have enough time. Some players are so bad they don’t even realize they suck. They must think game mechanics are some kind of magic and good players are cheaters, like I saw the other day when a potato was accusing a BB player of cheating because he was bow-tanking and the potato didn’t know what overmatch mechanics were.

    High tier gameplay is a complete shitfest and will probably only go downhill from here because, as time passes, more of these players will have time to get there. Bad play used to get punished with the old economy because you needed actually good games to make a profit and had to go back to mid-tiers to earn money to fund your high tier play. Nowadays potatoes can buy a Tier 10 perma camo + premium time + one of the bazillion money flags we have these days and keep having brainfarts in his tier 10 ship as long as he wants.

    I would like to see how it would be if we had the old expensive ship repair costs from 3 years ago but with the repair cost being fixed and not based on damage taken as it was.

  18. “Overly large amount of work in real life.” Welcome to the real world! 😀

  19. I moved into a very rural area in 2017 and can no longer play WoW just watch video’s like yours.

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