World of Warships – Fletcher by TheGreyBaron

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on Hotspot by TheGreyBaron initially pushes into A with a handful of friendlies. Smoke, torpedoes, and just cramped quarters all over A. They successfully capture both A and C, forcing the enemy to devise a strategy to retake one the two points. TheGreyBaron moves to B and takes on all enemies that try to capture the point. Eventually the game goes south and requires everything in TheGreyBaron’s arsenal to find success. A really interesting game with a great reward for his troubles. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Fletcher


  1. I think I’ve seen that Fog_Omaha before

  2. this guy is absolute from Mars . very very brillant.
    See his prediction, totally awesome

  3. What do you think of the ARP Kongo missions? I think that the
    Omaha/Cleveland would be good for those missions as they see easily
    citadeled cruisers i.e Omaha, Furios Taco(Furutaka), Kuma, Phoenix. The
    second mission would be easy for US cruisers and the third…the missions
    last ’till Febuary 29…
    I would like to hear your opinion.

  4. Thanks for all your uploads , I look forward to them each day .

  5. almost every comment here has a reply from notser… will mine get

  6. Good to see a Tier 8+ match where the teams weren’t afraid to mix it up.
    The majority of mine end up with one side “circling the wagons” in one of
    the back corners while the other team completely runs over the few willing
    to go out & contest the cap zones.
    I blame for encouraging such over-cautious play due to the
    exorbitant ship repair bills at the highest tiers. There are other ways to
    encourage your player base to go back & sail in lower tiers again. I don’t
    expect them to change it, since they’ve stuck with this repair bill
    punishment system since the beginning of WoT.

  7. Wow! This guy has strategy skills !! What a game ! GG supreme !

  8. dat suspense xD

  9. Awesome game. Never won solo warrior… one day!

  10. I use hydroaccutic when going arround islands, passing between islands or
    while caping and it has saved my life a few times but I still prefer the AA
    skill but since 7/10 of my games don’t have a CV I just go with hydro.

  11. btw forgot to ask earlier, which setting i should set to max to get the
    visual effects on aa guns, i want to keep everything on minimal just them
    to rotate and jizz ammo into the sky

  12. great game but I have no idea why he didnt torp that roon when he had ages
    to do so and was at no detriment as well.
    Shame he didn’t have the full XP modifiers loaded for that. It might have
    been an all time high. Still, 3 captured bases with an assist and defence
    must really push that XP up.
    Has anyone ever figured out how much we actually get for each ribbon?

  13. you’re a natural at commentating. well done
    loved the blind shot on the Montana
    he played very well to secure the win

  14. best replay, ever!

  15. What a fabulous Fletcher game. How did he know about the Montana?? I only
    wish my Fletcher could do as well with me. I’m like you, I go with the

  16. What the heck is the Fleet of Fog???

  17. Defensive AA fire is a viable consumable for the Fletcher, granted it isn’t
    super useful every game. If you sacrifice 14 seconds off your torpedo
    reload (or the range upgrade on the 3rd upgrade slot) you can get 20% more
    AA efficiency. If you sacrifice the gun dispersion from slot 2 (only -7
    meter dispersion at max stock range) + basic firing training you are
    looking at +30% AA efficiency and +20% range (40% range with advanced
    firing training.

    When you have a game with CVs in it you can perform any role from picket
    duty to fleet escort with defensive AA, this adds even more flexibility to
    the american DD. Being able to panic strike craft on a destroyer is very
    unexpected and can save your team from a lot of damage. This also allows
    you to avoid being camped by aircraft permanently spotting you that can be
    so annoying as you will shoot down a fair amount of planes with your
    extended range and potency (even against t9+t10).

    In games without CVs defensive fire is obviously a lot less useful but it
    still has minor viability. The way I use it against non CV games is if I am
    in a safe position near cruisers/bbs I will get in AA range of their
    fighters planes and turn on my AA/activate defensive fire to snipe it down
    within seconds if not instantly. Your 127s can reach out to 7m if specced
    for it. I only do this if I already launched my torps, have smoke up and am
    in an advantageous position to gunboat or a similar situation.

    Lastly even with an AA spec destroyer you should turn your AA off at the
    start of the round. You should only enable it when you are assisting allies
    with defensive fire, about to be spotted by air anyway, want to discourage
    an incoming strike, or to snipe scout fighter/scouts when you are in a safe
    position to do so. You still want to use your concealment to your advantage
    even against aircraft

    This is a different setup then most DDs will run but it can be highly
    effective and adds even more versatility to an already flexible line of
    ships. My 2¢.

  18. Notser man i love your commentary! it keeps me on the edge of my seat every
    video! =)

  19. How do you activate blue steel?

  20. more vids plyz, also fleet of fog ftw

  21. Thats the most base xp I have ever seen anywhere….

  22. very nice commentary…reminds me of a play by play football game…well
    done mate.

  23. Awesome game from the Grey Baron!

  24. TheGreyBaron Master of Calculation

    Hey thanks for putting my replay up! Just wanted to address a few points
    you raised in the video:

    1. I definitely loaded in late that game.

    2. I’m not in FOG, I’m actually in NGA. Omaha is just a friend I’ve been
    playing Starcraft II and LoL with for years.

    3. I run defensive fire to screw with carrier drops, which are actually
    fairly common after 5.2. I only turn my AA on when aircraft get within 40mm
    gun range, and I only turn on defensive fire when the drop is imminent. The
    spread debuff actually makes a huge difference (especially against IJN
    aircraft). Works well when you escort a BB. Also useful for killing those
    annoying scout planes.

    4. When you see me checking out my ship in the middle of the game, I was
    determining if I’d lost any AA guns. Not that it mattered that game, but
    its standard procedure for me after I sustain heavy HE damage.

    5. The torpedo attack on the Montana was luck. I was guessing that the Roon
    would realize his mistake and turn around to deny B, so I blind fired into
    the straight he would have to advance through, and it just so happened the
    Montana was there to eat my torpedoes.

  25. I just got my Fletcher as well. Quite like the little boat but have to
    adjust to the tier 9/10 play style compared to the tier 5-8 play style. I
    was searching for a recent Fletcher replay. And then you upload one! Ya
    bastard :P

  26. Notser I have a request! You can a file or a link to a file so I can watch
    repleys wows

  27. Fleet of Fog????

  28. Yes the mental mode commanders are confirmed to have voice overs!

  29. how do you go about changing your user name?

  30. jihyuk kim (Ayakashi)


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