World of Warships Fletcher Class DD – Tier 9 Torpedus!

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  1. German Navy?

  2. Love your vids and your commentary man but you didn’t grind all those ship
    in that account man… thats a press account… 

  3. Dius - PC Gaming

    “Because we grinded all of them”…
    GTFO & WTF you grinded all of them in the past week. Sorry Barron but I
    call BS on that one.

  4. TheMMOpotato Rahtye

    Nice hit from the grave, that was awesome. Showed that you don’t go down
    easy and without a fight.

  5. Shadowknight5518

    Carrier next?

  6. To answer your question, wich one was first: Nelson or Izumo: HMS Nelson
    was 1st and her sister HMS Rodney was 2nd. IJN Izumo was never existed. ;-)

  7. Like watching the vids, but what’s the point of trying to get people to
    think you grinded everything in a couple of days when it’s totally obvious
    WG gave you a press account? Wouldn’t it be better to be honest and say
    something like “yea, they gave me this account with everything unlocked and
    a couple of hundred k of gold, so now you viewers get the benefit of
    getting to watch any ship you want”?

  8. The Nelson class was commissioned in 1927-29. The Izumo was built in 1897
    and was a cruiser. The current model you see in World of Warships was a
    concept and never was built.

  9. The Midway! For the battle of Midway and the mothball USS Midway!!! Rek the
    Japanese Pacific Fleet 

  10. TheSupermike902

    Take out the Kongo next plz 

  11. Darthpathfinder

    Any tier one ship……

  12. Jahdawg321 Zieman


  13. Yamato please!

  14. how did you unlock every ship? there’s no fucking way you grinded out all
    of them since the last wipe.

    • He lied about the grind its a press account with everything unlocked… you
      can see in the name Baronvongamez_PA PA=Press Account

  15. Zachary Gardner

    Try the colorado!! Prease

  16. Play with bismark

  17. Alexander Mc Gonegal

    Baron, do the dpm machine, tier 10 Des Mones.

  18. Play the Midway, or any other carrier ship please, you haven’t played with
    a carrier ship in a long time :)

  19. New York class BB!!

  20. lol, murican dds are terrible

  21. Ammo actually does cost money in WoWS.

  22. You knowledge of military history is amazing. I do enjoy it as an aside to
    the gameplay.

  23. The Purple Lion


  24. Iowa BattleShip for the win 😀 !!!!

  25. The USS Missouri or a Iowa class American battleship 

  26. Christopher Matarazzo

    Aircraft carrier!!!!!!

  27. Baltimore!

  28. Another fine video ruined by slickbee’s squeaky prepubescent voice.

  29. guitarfreak2108

    Is this after the reset? You got all ships again?

  30. tier 10 carrier

  31. How do they show players and ship names on screen.

  32. Is world of warship in OBT now?

  33. More carrier gameplay
    I wanna see some torpedus bombers

  34. YAMATO!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Oh my god. The number of stupid mistakes in this makes it almost unbearable
    to watch.

    Examples: Lays a screen, fires threw it immediately
    Launches torps outside spotted range, fires guns, giving away that there is
    a torp-armed ship there.
    Switched to AP *facepalm*

  36. The_Floppy_Penguin


  37. Attention all, WoW is now in Open Beta!!!!!!!!

    Link :

  38. I really want to see frigates and submarines in this game. That would make
    games way more awesome. Destroyers drop depth charges. Frigates escort
    battleships and carriers.

  39. Open Beta is Out ^.^

  40. Logan Salazar (Memoryfail0)


  41. USS North Carolina please

  42. I like the midsize ships. Something with a decent fire rate and has
    torpedoes, they are more exciting to watch than slow battleships. And of
    course, with July 4th coming up, it’s gotta be an American ship. MERICA!!
    Great vids man, I watch all of your world of warship vids!!!

  43. Any idea if WOW is going to be adding PT and E boats?
    A flotilla of them would be so cool.

  44. omg . roflmao .. “take ur shirt off and twist it around ur head”
    I know what U do when no ones around .. lol

  45. you aint got no life, tier 9 destoryers is the only ships that i like. i
    aint got no type giving torpedus evrynight 

  46. When are warships coming to war thunder

  47. Midway carrier danke

  48. eire

  49. Baron your using AP ammo, at to close of a range. I would look up,
    Plunging Fire.

  50. Gearing please

  51. Grinded them all, press account. top kek

  52. Someone got a press account ;)

  53. play the midway!

  54. You should do the Guadalcanal defense on Men of war Assault squad 2


  55. barron fighting that battle ship in the middle of the game, was one of the
    most painful things I have ever watched on world of warships, I havn’t even
    played it yet myself and even I could see he was making mistake after
    mistake after mistake. No way he should have lost that game

  56. do some British ships

  57. do an air craft carier

  58. Give us the gearing….

  59. Yes Baron,
    Why don’t you tell us how you got every ship in a week of play! Even 24/7
    you should never have this if everything was reset and now all fair play. I
    am pissed for paying for a premium account in the closed beta and lost
    everything and now restarted with a premium account and with some kick ass
    game I get squat. Do you have a cheat?
    I have seen your game play and you are not much better than me. There is no
    way you did this playing like the rest of us.Come clean.

  60. Play the Lexington! USS Enterprise FTW!

  61. U need to play a carrier pretty soon so pick the midway 

  62. Shimikasi

  63. Lawrence Glover


  64. HMS Warspite !!!!

  65. Hey Baron love the vids, could you possibly do a showcase of the new hull
    upgrades (and downgrades) for the Japanese Battleship Line? Tier 4 Myogi
    supposedly has a new top hull that makes it much better! Thanks!

  66. Wait you grinded all of ’em in 2 days?! Did you even sleep lol

  67. 4k XP! I’m lucky to get 1,500 per game. Do you get more the higher tier you

  68. Matthew Bridgman

    gearing next, gearing next!

  69. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    Grinding a Press Account? ;)

  70. Play the yamato aka the japanese steakhouse

  71. Japanese tier 9 DD for comparison :D


    Holy bovine butt cookies that Fletcher is a deadly weapon in your able
    hands Cpt. VonGamez! +BaronVonGamez

  73. Yamato PLZ


  75. I would like to see you play any of the carriers!

  76. gabriele de cataldo

    the Des Moines!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. is the saint luis good? i just unlocked it

  78. The NoNameNoob67

    Do the Pensacola class cruiser…please!

  79. Iowa

  80. christie mattingly


  81. Sebastian Faber

    Baron congrats on that 200k hype and WoWs hype and 1.51 hype my God :D

  82. the new midway

  83. Baron take out the Yamato 

  84. Midway plz

  85. The independence 

  86. FrustratedTurtle

    Japanese high tier cruisers, awesome guns, awesome speed and awesome

  87. Carlo Simonetto


    Do i have to buy all tier II before unlock tier III? Ty all

  88. Tomato

  89. Rasmus Arvid Pedersen


  90. DavidTheAwesome


  91. MigratingCoconuts888

    Play the shimakaze 

  92. I want to see the yamato

  93. kitakami!

  94. play the USS benson

  95. Play an IJN DD ninja style :)

  96. Also, you have the habit of firing torpedoes while stealth but then you
    reveal your position by firing your guns. :P

  97. Please give Fubuki some love

  98. I did tell people, don’t give up on the US destroyers till you’ve got a
    Fletcher or Gearing.

  99. Ze uss midway or the tier 10 jap destroyer

  100. Never use AP with a DD on a BB. :)


  102. Izumo is a beast!!

  103. Legionaryeagle England

    Baron you play WOT still ? or is that a game of the past ?

  104. will WoW have custom skins in the future?

  105. Murmansk next!

  106. 2v1 team mate AFK woooooo good ol pubs never change never change

  107. i wanna see any russian carier

  108. Tier 10 Midway cruiser. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  109. Play with us carrier midway plz

  110. Play with the us midway plz

  111. hjalmar keijzer

    the hood came first

  112. Do the Japanese ship with those 400mm guns 

  113. Yamato

  114. USS north Carolina pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese

  115. PancakePredator

    Someone answer my question here. I can’t login to world of warships, even
    though I can with world of tanks. I even made a new account and still
    coukdnt login. What is going on here? I saw that the game was available for
    download today, so I assumed its now in obt, but now I have no idea. A
    little help?

    • What server are you in. Are you in the test server.

    • PancakePredator

      +Frank 5872 yeah, like I said, I can login to my wot using it. Ive tried
      again and again to get in, but it just says I entered wrong email and
      password. I never get that with wot. Ive tried it so many times I cant
      count. Either way it really is pissing me off. I even tried making a new
      account and I still couldnt get in

    • Are you putting your password in right I can get in

  116. Montana

  117. why would you fire in a smoke screen? does it still work?

  118. Everyone if you go to world of warship website you can download it i just
    finished downloading mine hurry and download everyone!!

  119. Tier 10 Japanese DD next plox

  120. I would like to see the north carolina

  121. Are you excited for the new Do-17E in warthunder

  122. Cleveland!

  123. USA Des Moines

  124. 8:25 and that is why wargaming fucking suck at matchmaking their games ..

    • Srinivasan Mahabhashyam

      +dardi16 Trust me, it is not as bad as world of tanks.

    • Lars eric Ericsson Rolstad

      +dardi16 all you bitches complaining abbout mm are the ones that i still
      can pwn even if you are 2 tiers higher then me. Yesterday i was 1v3 in my
      aoba. The enemy had atago new mexico and sims. Still managed to kill the
      atago and new mexico from full hp before going down. Mm hasnt got shit to
      do in wows if your stats are bad. All the games in the world with mm has
      people bitching about the mm.

    • +dardi16 how many people will have tier 9 unlocked already? probably only
      those with press accounts. there will be such a low number that it doesnt
      matter how you use matchmaking, it will not be balanced till more people
      unlock the higher tiers.

    • +Fiasco3 No im just talking about how insane it is to match players against
      someone who are 2 tiers lower or higher than themselfs.

    • +dardi16 Wargamming games are always badly matched (At there worst) coming
      out of a reset. You have all the beta-gift battleships, people who have
      raced to tier 10 with gold. It smooths out in usually 2-4 weeks or so.

  125. Graham Brinkworth

    Des moines please sir baron 😉 i got to it in beta and it fire rate is
    insane think u love it and viewers

  126. Robduhrobber 30

    Ah yes the infamous Fletcher class destroyer, the ship class that was made
    famous for their actions at the Battle off Samar

  127. Play the Des Moines! Its an amazing fast firing beast! 

  128. Martin Jernsletten

    “I grinded everything”, BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! U bought your way up!!!!!!!!
    For fuck sakes!!!!!

  129. how did you unlock all those ships already??

  130. ah OK not your normal account this is the Press account… OK

  131. Uss Midway pls :)

  132. Golden Company of Brothers

    Play the Des Moines pls!!!

  133. Play the New York ! :)

  134. is the _PA for “press account?”

  135. holy crap… grinded the whole game???? mad props man mad props

  136. Hunter Weissman

    north carolina

  137. Legionaryeagle England

    Yo Baron …can you believe im on Hoiliday in France and Ive taken you with
    me !! sad man sad …I need a Life

  138. The nagato!

  139. Tier 10 destroyer gearing pleas or the Des Moines 

  140. wolfeinstein Burn

    Baron what is youre name on world of warships

  141. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    What is the Function on the “Y” key?

  142. must be nice to free xp everything…

  143. Play that Sampson Baron, you know you want to :3

  144. des Moines

  145. North Carolina 

  146. Wow you have them all?

  147. Midway carrier plz

  148. saias looks cute~

  149. When is open beta?

  150. SwagMaster 3000

    Tier 10 jap carrier

  151. I would like to see the HMS Hood at some point.

  152. Guys, I’d like to say, WoWS is now in open beta.

  153. ok, you asked for it..
    you shall get the jackpot game on the kitakami japanese tier 8 premium

  154. Not So Much Pro

    Tear 10 midway aircraft carrier plz

  155. Or yamato

  156. Tier 10 midway

  157. do you have Yorktown class air-carrier ?

  158. But as you have obtained all ships in such a short time?

  159. Tanker Dude (Tank3rDude)

    Hey Baron!! You must take out the freedom filled USS Iowa and deny all the
    fascist and communist scum their application of Torpedus!!

  160. Essex class aircraft carrier 

  161. Yash Rai Chmielewski

    Is there a uss enterprise class in it

  162. All vote for IOWA!!

  163. DoMiNaNdO Games

    Play some Essex

  164. North Carolina, because I WANNA RAISE UP, TAKE MY SHIRT OFF, TWIST IT ROUND

  165. Try out the Montana haven’t seen very many high tier battleships yet

  166. +BaronVonGamez Tier IX Essex and Baron Patch 1.51 is out for War Thunder.

  167. Shimakaze

  168. Do the SHIMAKAZE

  169. Terrence Guevarra


  170. The Yamato 

  171. ‫محمد حبيب ناصر‬‎

    Play warframe

  172. Midway

  173. How do you have that range finder on your ship how it says 9.25miles >

  174. tier 2 sampson

  175. plz play as midway plz

  176. Grof od Banoštor

    USS Midway! We want jets!

  177. The USS Iowa would be cool :)

  178. Play any of the ships that you start with in the game tier I at the very
    start of open beta and dunk on scrubs

  179. magna rei militaris

    Wreck face in the midway

  180. uss North Carolina class battle ship


  182. WARSPITEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

  183. Wilmer Nahnfeldt

    Hms rodney (nelson class) is the only battleship that hit another
    battleship in a battle. That was in the ending fight against bismarck

  184. Play the midway 

  185. Toothbrush Shank

    Des Moines or Shimakaze:D

  186. You, Slick, Phly…
    not one video saying open beta is ready to play on world of warships…

    seems when it was actually opened up for all non coiners, an announcment
    would have come from someone…

    calm seas for ya :D

    • +wel1968
      No tutorial in the game?
      Someone should do one… 15 minutes is all it would take if you put 3 mins
      of thought into it before you start 🙂

      Could save someone the 30 minutes i have spent still figuring it out.
      Fun to work at just the same. They can watch your vid, in 15 minutes know
      what to do, and a refrence of second hits on your vid..?

      I can aim half well aftewr watching you play closed beta.
      Not a coiner, i dont pay for games that sell ”special” ammo 😀

      But, i will make a tasty target from time to time for those who do.

      Great work, your a Pr0 even if ya don’t know ;D

    • +wel1968 I don’t think we’ll get a video from Jingles until tomorrow either

  187. Nice video Baron


  189. Superstar fishy

    Do the yomato

  190. Even slickbee got a press account? Wow…

  191. IOWA or MONTANA :DD

  192. Play the Phoenix !!

  193. Tovaris Andrija

    he mighty yamato

  194. At that moment the warspite knew he fucked up

  195. I would like to see the Iowa

  196. Montana Battleship

  197. Roemer Van Den Outenaar

    Midway pls

  198. RemusKingOfRome5

    SUICIDE TORPEDO!!! a must

  199. How have u gotten them all unlocked? It’s only been 4 days since the beta
    got restarted. 

    • matthew cobb (funkymonkey1600)

      +jordankeeps you see the pa at the end of his name it stands for press
      account thats how

    • +Yumpin Yiminy You’re a fucking idiot

    • +jordankeeps
      This is like if you blow me I will give you a kick back! What a bunch of
      shit. Too bad Baron could not own up to this himself
      So, Wargaming is paying off there whores and the rest of use get sucked in.
      I see a law suit. They said it was a fair restart, Not true. I will never
      spend another penny with Wargaming!!!!!

    • +Gassy German yeah. You get much more “real” picture of a game by watching
      someone like quickybaby.

    • +dardi16 I love watching Baron play but some things he does are ABISMAL
      because he has not progressed on his own and he should not even be saying
      someone is doing the wrong thing, I don’t Evan Think QuickyBaby has a press
      account for World of Tanks, I know this from him saying “I can not play
      that tank due to not having it unlocked yet”. or I” I don’t have that fully
      Upgraded yet”

  200. Hoping for future Shimakaze gameplay!

  201. SimonAfzeliusMusic

    When firing torps, what is the white/greyish meter/line that shows up
    within the green area?

    • Maree Printemps

      +SimonAfzeliusMusic That is the lead indicator, but it only works when the
      enemy doesn’t change their course or speed.

  202. Wilmer Nahnfeldt

    +BaronVonGamez please nelson class battleship all cannons forward!!!

  203. Incendium Studios

    Why doesn’t wargaming add submarines? That would change the game in a big
    way again. It would also add the aspect of “Mystery Torpedoes” and they
    would have to add Depth Charges/Sonar. What’s your opinion on it?

  204. Waveforce Robson

    Pensacola pls Baron!!!!

  205. Panificadora Gameplays

    The battleships were like:

  206. Finally u played the flectcher

  207. U.S.S Iowa mate

  208. Yamato! japanese GLORY

  209. how the fuck damn baron

  210. USS YAMOTO!

  211. Man, this made me want to go down the American destroyer line! This looks
    so nice!

  212. Reece Arnold 65

    USS Tennessee plz

  213. Use the Phoenix

  214. BTW Baron, did you know you can shoot over islands if you have the enemy
    ship targeted and your firing reticle is in line with the ship you are
    shooting and you aren’t holding alt?

    Found out watching one of Jingles videos, manage to rekt a BB with a CA
    over a low lying island, where he could not see me but i could target him
    because some1 was spotting him on the other side.

  215. USS Midway!

  216. The North Carolina!!!

  217. Iowa 🙂 or a mid tiered battleship. Like the Kongo too. Haven’t seen that
    in awhile 

  218. Were do i Get this game brah?


  220. Yamoto

  221. Islam Equals Terrorism

    If you support Islam you support the terrorists, that’s just a fact

    • +Jelemy correct but its now a mosque

    • Is your profile picture a picture of the Hagia Sophia? If it is, that is
      not Islamic. It was made during the rule of Justianus (Justinian) who was a
      Byzantine ruler. Byzantium was Orthodox I believe.

  222. USS IOWA for murica, freedom and OIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  223. Cool

  224. Gratz on the Press Account. So jelly!

  225. new war thunder patch is LIVE GET IN THERE

  226. Is this free2play?

  227. Baron, Umg when are you coming to Australia? Or as most people would say..
    “Down Under”. Umg bruh where u at..?

  228. first awsome Video baron

  229. Antonio Angelino

    Japanese tier V cruiser, don’t remember the name sry

  230. First

  231. The Fletcher Class DD – Tier 9 Torpedus! What ship should I sail next?
    We’re starting up the very first Ship Request series for World of Warships!
    Let me know what you’d like to see me sail out next!

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