World of Warships Fletcher Class DD – Tier 9 Torpedus!

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  1. He lied about the grind its a press account with everything unlocked… you
    can see in the name Baronvongamez_PA PA=Press Account

  2. The nations Germany, Italy, France dont have ships yet but in the near
    future they will be

  3. And also titty fish.

  4. Srinivasan Mahabhashyam

    +luke monette yes. plz baron

  5. +Joe Smith Definitely not this year.

  6. +Joe Smith in a long time

  7. Probably bought gold

  8. What server are you in. Are you in the test server.

  9. PancakePredator

    +Frank 5872 yeah, like I said, I can login to my wot using it. Ive tried
    again and again to get in, but it just says I entered wrong email and
    password. I never get that with wot. Ive tried it so many times I cant
    count. Either way it really is pissing me off. I even tried making a new
    account and I still couldnt get in

  10. Are you putting your password in right I can get in

  11. Srinivasan Mahabhashyam

    +dardi16 Trust me, it is not as bad as world of tanks.

  12. Lars eric Ericsson Rolstad

    +dardi16 all you bitches complaining abbout mm are the ones that i still
    can pwn even if you are 2 tiers higher then me. Yesterday i was 1v3 in my
    aoba. The enemy had atago new mexico and sims. Still managed to kill the
    atago and new mexico from full hp before going down. Mm hasnt got shit to
    do in wows if your stats are bad. All the games in the world with mm has
    people bitching about the mm.

  13. +dardi16 how many people will have tier 9 unlocked already? probably only
    those with press accounts. there will be such a low number that it doesnt
    matter how you use matchmaking, it will not be balanced till more people
    unlock the higher tiers.

  14. +Fiasco3 No im just talking about how insane it is to match players against
    someone who are 2 tiers lower or higher than themselfs.

  15. +dardi16 Wargamming games are always badly matched (At there worst) coming
    out of a reset. You have all the beta-gift battleships, people who have
    raced to tier 10 with gold. It smooths out in usually 2-4 weeks or so.

  16. +Gunsight416 Now

  17. +joshua forbess If they follow their tech-tree plan the Russians and
    British are being developed simultaneously. So they are next. Which doesn’t
    help me waiting for Kriegsmarine.

  18. +Twinkie Phobe I agree!

  19. +Twinkie Phobe Oh!

  20. Hot damn, lucky me!

  21. Nikolaus Sonninen

    It’s just a capacity test atm I think. Not truly open beta 🙂 But great
    that u got to download it before it closed 😉

  22. +LazyFaux5656 OMG YEAS

  23. +LazyFaux5656 lol you did the same as me I spammed most of the vids with
    that xD ==IM SO HYPED ;D ==

  24. +stefan vreeke I am 😀

  25. +wel1968
    No tutorial in the game?
    Someone should do one… 15 minutes is all it would take if you put 3 mins
    of thought into it before you start 🙂

    Could save someone the 30 minutes i have spent still figuring it out.
    Fun to work at just the same. They can watch your vid, in 15 minutes know
    what to do, and a refrence of second hits on your vid..?

    I can aim half well aftewr watching you play closed beta.
    Not a coiner, i dont pay for games that sell ”special” ammo 😀

    But, i will make a tasty target from time to time for those who do.

    Great work, your a Pr0 even if ya don’t know ;D

  26. +wel1968 I don’t think we’ll get a video from Jingles until tomorrow either

  27. matthew cobb (funkymonkey1600)

    +jordankeeps you see the pa at the end of his name it stands for press
    account thats how

  28. +Yumpin Yiminy You’re a fucking idiot

  29. +jordankeeps
    This is like if you blow me I will give you a kick back! What a bunch of
    shit. Too bad Baron could not own up to this himself
    So, Wargaming is paying off there whores and the rest of use get sucked in.
    I see a law suit. They said it was a fair restart, Not true. I will never
    spend another penny with Wargaming!!!!!

  30. +Gassy German yeah. You get much more “real” picture of a game by watching
    someone like quickybaby.

  31. +dardi16 I love watching Baron play but some things he does are ABISMAL
    because he has not progressed on his own and he should not even be saying
    someone is doing the wrong thing, I don’t Evan Think QuickyBaby has a press
    account for World of Tanks, I know this from him saying “I can not play
    that tank due to not having it unlocked yet”. or I” I don’t have that fully
    Upgraded yet”

  32. Maree Printemps

    +SimonAfzeliusMusic That is the lead indicator, but it only works when the
    enemy doesn’t change their course or speed.

  33. diogo magalhaes

    ahahaha lol

  34. +james appleford I thank you stranger! I mean who doesnt like Sena? 😀

  35. james appleford

    +MaDmanex100 I like your profile pic 😀

  36. diogo magalhaes


  37. +diogo magalhaes I mostly want battleship gameplay so if izumo is a
    battleship i contend for that instead.

  38. +BaronVonGamez Don’t be a pussy!

  39. +BaronVonGamez
    But y so funny?

  40. +a_traktor13579 lol

  41. +a_traktor13579 YES!

  42. +Jelemy no

  43. google gave me this site called meat spin wtf?

  44. +Jelemy Lel

  45. +Jelemy correct but its now a mosque

  46. Is your profile picture a picture of the Hagia Sophia? If it is, that is
    not Islamic. It was made during the rule of Justianus (Justinian) who was a
    Byzantine ruler. Byzantium was Orthodox I believe.

  47. +Xephinos ,Cephinos hey, when I get the game downloaded we should play

  48. Xephinos ,Cephinos (Cris)

    +BoZoiD57 well RIP MY internet Downloading Both at the same time

  49. +Xephinos ,Cephinos yeah go check the website

  50. Xephinos ,Cephinos (Cris)

    +BoZoiD57 Beta is OUT???

  51. +Uncle Dolan 1.51 is out and WoWS is in open beta!?!?!?!?!?!?! My internet
    is going to explode today.


  53. Antonio Angelino

    +MKRocker94 Yes that one, thanks

  54. +Antonio Angelino Furutaka

  55. +BaronVonGamez try some japanese DD like the fubuki 😛 because kawaii

  56. +BaronVonGamez The St. Louis !

  57. +BaronVonGamez can you please play the midway also use the upgraded fighters

  58. Use the mighty honorable tier 10 Zao

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