World of Warships – Fletcher Goes For It All

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Fletcher on Hotspot starts out in the west, instead of capturing A we move to secure B. A enemy Atago shows up, we try to hide but the Atago finds our position. We leave some torpedoes for the enemy Atago as we escape. A couple ships enter the B sector, we send multiple sets of torpedoes on enemy battleships. Finally, a Tirpitz is all that remains in the area. We charge him in a last ditch effort to secure the final kill. Pretty funny finish, hope you enjoyed it and have a nice day!

Tier IX American Destroyer Fletcher Replay


  1. Just dropped by to say hello from EU server! Nice vids, keep it up! :)

  2. Great play text book material. Notser. Can not wait for my Fletcher

  3. wow that torpedo strike at 10:25..good stuff!

  4. Looks like we can watch ARP Myoko by Notser very very soon XD

  5. This kind of videos make me want to use the US DD line again. Well played
    m8 🙂

    Cheers, Tijn

  6. Gotta love the invisible super torps. Some say the US wouldn’t have won the
    war without them!


  8. Another great game and fantastic ending haha

  9. why did u dodge that island >.> u need to embrace its luve

  10. you know its a good game when you try to move the mouse around during game
    play and start yelling at the screen.
    Thank you entertaining us all and please continue with your fantastic
    work…I look forward to every single ep.

  11. Destroyer love

  12. lol right

  13. how close are you to the gearing?

  14. Invisible haxor torps. 😉
    Btw I Really enjoy your content and I don’t even play the damn game. :-)

  15. GG Notser. Fletchers are a beast to run into.

  16. LOL that ending :D. Great game as always :).

  17. Yay! Real Notser is back! Both a “hi this is Notser” and the traditional
    Island hugging ;)What a nail biter the ending was. Awesome video Notser! :)

  18. Very Nice Game Notser

  19. They were so annoyed of “that” invisible dd :)

  20. i enjoy your w.o.w. vids Notser, great work sir. keepem up

  21. Stephen Chu (朱朱)

    How did that Montana player make it to Tier 10? Free XPed all the way?

  22. The lover of rock. Sweet torpedo run on the German Battleship.

  23. Clutch finish there, but not quite Clemson levels of crazy going on there,

  24. super play, the Fletcher is a good DD

  25. good old day in CBT All USN line is so good except low tier dd

  26. more like dickstroyer

  27. Hi Notser
    I can honestly say I’m a better player because of your videos.

  28. Awesome match, the Fletcher is an amazing ship. I do not regret all the
    grind i had to do to get my hands on this beast

  29. Unfortunately the Montana’s miss balanced. Even a North Carolina can go 1v1
    with that thing and successfully sink it. A single hit on a Montana in the
    front from any other BB in that tier is a guaranteed 10-20k damage hit. I’d
    recommend just fully upgrading the Iowa and playing it from there. The
    Montana may be an awesome looking ship but everyone that’s ever reached it
    regrets getting it, both from what I’ve heard from videos and asking people
    with the Montana in-game. The majority tend to tell me that the prefer the
    Iowa by miles and that they really regret grinding the XP and Credits for
    the Montana. Just a word of advice. I personally stopped with the US BB
    tree once i reached the Iowa. Sunk plenty of Montanas with it thus far.

  30. Thanks for the Island run! Back from the Twilight Zone I see :). In your
    last vid you talked about moments from games that are awesome. Would
    getting Die-Hard against a Russian DD in a CV qualify? Also, How the hell
    do you activate the replay system in World of Warships? I`m used to
    Starcraft II in which you automatically get a replay list that you can
    watch to see the game in order to improve but I can`t find it in WoW. If
    someone has a link to activate that it would be appreciated since I`m
    technologically retarded.

  31. just a questions, why don’t you fire the guns inside the smoke?i play japan
    dd and i get 50 hits almost every match…

  32. Thank you for another wise lesson master Yoda.

  33. Back to form I see, oh and you did a lot of damage too. But nice to see the
    islands are still getting your hugs. :)

  34. lol couldn’t of cut that ending any closer lol good battle brother

  35. between you and Flamu, I learn far more than most I have seen, ty.

  36. love your vids man! also very nice that you upload so often!

  37. Destroyer you bump into destroy you say? yet island you attack survives,
    help you need methinks yes? hehehehehe

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