World of Warships – Fletcher Looks To Defend

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Fletcher on The Atlantic pushes the southwest side of the map, most of the team pushes as well. We encounter a small enemy force, I send torpedoes toward a enemy battleship. A couple enemies threaten the base so we retreat to take them down. Some of our allies retreat as well and the flank falls. We get behind and I do everything I can to try and bring it back. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX American Destroyer Fletcher Replay


  1. I am sorta confused how he has a tier 9 but a commander with next to no

  2. Random Battle,Random Team…..that’s the way it goes sometimes it just
    doesn’t matter what you do.

  3. A.B. Gideon De Castro

    Question Notser, do you look at replays from us players in the ASIA server?

  4. Hi Notser, I don’t play the game but I have been really enjoying watching
    your games and your commentary for a few months now.
    May I ask, the stats at the start do they include the extra “skills” or is
    that the base figures. If I played the game I would know, but I have
    trouble reading the small writing. (old and grey)

  5. 先生~♪ いつも良い戦いをされますねー^^v これからもファイト!!!

  6. Notser :: Flamu talked about Situation Awareness being broken / glitchy
    since patch 0.5.5in his Shimakaze video
    the other day.
    he mentioned that he found a thread on Reddit about it-
    have U noticed any problems with Situation Awareness since patch 0.5.5
    I think I have but not sure

  7. тwιlιgнт ѕcι-ғυrry

    Would like to see a Aoba in Action.

  8. Connor McLernon

    I’m destroyer main as well

  9. IM now on the Benson and Got 150k dmg on my first game 😮 Luve it. And IM
    about to sell FUUUbuki again!because how crap she is compared to the

  10. question: why you didn’t equip concealment module? is it better to get
    radar or concealment module in USN DD?

  11. Surface detectability of 7.2??!! The Benson has it at 6.4 without the
    concealment skill (6.4 with concealment upgrade and camo)! What the Hell?
    The Fletcher’s should be equally small.

  12. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    good battle…..question. …it seems your regular and binoculars views are
    pretty clear…is there any way to turn off this foggy haze I seem to have
    during my battles? ?? see you on the seas. Mace.

  13. @Notsir, Nice to hear you say “I” when it’s not “we”, you don’t have to
    fear sounding conceded, you readily admit mistakes you should feel
    comfortable when you deserve it. Don’t pull a Notsir when you don’t have to

  14. +Notser I’m quite sure the torpedo loading skill is a 2 point one, so it
    takes the place of Last Stand and not the extra smoke/speed increase.

  15. Jonas Drøjdahl

    I don’t think Fubuki has access to the reload consumable. Isn’t it only
    Hatsuharu and Kagero?

  16. Needs more hellish yoda

  17. Great game with a great ship. What flags do you like to put on your
    fletcher? Keep them coming.

  18. Well, at least you can’t pull a Notser on smoke islands.

  19. depressingly familiar game…. lol

  20. Is there a chance that you stream WoWs on twich?

  21. Another amazing video! Great job Notser 🙂

    (Has anyone ever told you, you sound very similar to whiteboy7thst lol)

  22. Notser.. You are a very good player.. I feel your pain brother… Your team
    Sucked hard.. I do like this game.. But sometime My team drive me nots
    ..Noob team !,,, How Can you play so bad at Tier 9 ?…Did you all free
    exp.. To Tier 9 ??? As a DD you did your job well….Your team played to
    passive… This is the reson the T 9 and 10 is not so Much Fun to play!

  23. BTW Notser… how about a game in the 5.5 version featuring RADAR? How you
    use it. What is seen. What others see. What isn’t… you know, all the good
    stuff, precise and concise in the Notser way? Thanks

  24. I love my Fletcher. I am seriously debating the perm camo for her, I love
    her that much. Deff my favorite Tier IX. Also I can’t believe how many
    people disparage the guns on the high tier IJN DDs. I have done some
    serious work in my Fubuki with the guns (confederate game with only 1 torp
    hit). Yes a US or VMF DD will clean my clock, but I will take 50% of their
    life or more in the process.

  25. Watching what happened at the cap I am surprised you didn’t let everyone
    else run to cap. It seems that is the nature of most random battle players
    – me thinks – because they can justify running from the enemy to defend
    cap. :-)

  26. RollerCoaster47

    Just bought this ship yesterday and I’m in love already. A Benson with
    sexier sounding guns, much improved torpedoes and over 20k health? God yes,
    it’s going to be a thoroughly enjoyable ship to grind. First game in it I
    got 2,500 base exp.

  27. hector gonzalez

    no concealment?

  28. Sometimes good is just not enough man, unlucky match with a very poor team
    I feel for ya. It’s sometimes exasperating when you get with a team like
    this :-(

  29. Do you use any “Mods” in WoW?

  30. Doubleclick seems to be down. No video for me =(

  31. Almost have my Fletcher unlocked and almost have enough credits. But now I
    am going to wait till the end of the month and hope it has a sale on the US

  32. I’ll say it for you:
    “Despite fighting my arse off like a boss, my collection of fucktards were
    about as much use as tits on a bull.”
    About right?
    Don’t you get sick of it? When regardless of how good you are, you still
    lose 35-40% of battles no matter what?

    p.s. about your comment of imagine if a ship were sunk due to ramming a
    friendly, you might like to read what happened to the CA Mikuma (Mogami
    class) at the Battle of Midway. She was sunk the day after being rammed by
    Mogami (d’oh) while both were evading a USN submarine detected close
    aboard. The Mikuma screwed up and didn’t follow the ordered turn; the
    Mogami was in fact more heavily damaged, and both were bombed the next day.
    Mikuma sank, Mogami was badly damaged.
    So there you go, lol.

  33. Really appreciate you showcasing your losses too Notser keep up the good

  34. The Mogami crashed into the Mikuma when the latter incorrectly executed a
    90 deg turn (instead of 45).
    Mikuma was spilling oil (damaged tanks) and Mogami’s bow was severely
    damaged. This was on the route to Midway, on what was to be the final
    journey for the Mikuma (which was I believe Mogami’s sister ship).

    So yeah, the ships did crash in real life as they do in game, perhaps not
    as often though :)

  35. ADeliciousBurrito

    How do you change which torpedo/shell you’re looking at in the bullet cam?

  36. Notser do you think is US dd’s better as a gun boat or soviet dd’s better
    as a gunboat? I am aware of the terrible torps the soviet dd’s have.

  37. Man, three people were first. Zero people care.

    Anyhow, the conversation between the two people about radar was incredibly
    funny for how many ways it was wrong.

    That aside, good murdering, as always. Really need to get a recording for
    you sometime. Got anything specific you’re needing?

  38. Ty Notser..U know why..Keep em coming my friend.

  39. Fubuki cant have torpedo reload boost. T7,T9,T10 only

  40. So at 7:50 when you passed by the sinking ship. Pick up any survivors or
    just enjoying the new sinking effects?

  41. But…but you can angle against Torpedos…… they hit your Torp
    Belt/Side so they do only half damage rather than your rear(propulsion) or
    front :(

  42. Ultimate Shifter

    Is Mahan a decent ship? I’m planning to take it since I already started the
    US Destroyer Line. The detection of this ship is below the torpedo
    range(when upgraded) and the guns seems to be… ok.

  43. Hey Notser! Do you use replays at all? I just got a pretty interesting game
    i think, and im Always looking to improve. So if you could look at it or do
    something with it to give me feedback that would be great! So can i send
    that to you?

  44. First … from Scotland!

  45. Antonis Chatzikostas


  46. first!!! how is kagero now in 0.5.5? i want you opinion

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