World of warships – Fletcher

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  1. flambass the dirty stat padder, disgusting

  2. And still the YOLO Zao was second best of his team πŸ™‚

  3. A new drinking game for all. When that other guy complains about something, take a drink. If anything it would be a short night πŸ˜‰

  4. Fletcher win rate is 51% on EU. Black is 65%. Chung Mu is 56%. Z-46 is 53%. Even the Udaloi is better.

    so, playing the 5th best DD is ‘stat padding’? feelings > facts, eh?

    • nope, sorry. i just used facts. does that offend you?

    • The whole point of stat padding is to pick a drastically under performing ship, because it’s much easier to get high wtr in them. The fletcher stats are way lower than they really should be, due to the very large number of battles in it across the server. Most people have the fletcher at this point, including some very sub par players. It’s an extremely good dd, arguably as good as some of the t10 dds. Therefore it is pretty easy to get unicum+ stats in it if you are decent. You would have to be a much better player in order to stat pad in the black, as the average stats are much higher, due to less players having it, and the players that do have it are generally way more skilled than average. So getting 65% wr in the black would only count as average for wtr. In fact, look at the us leaderboards for the black on NA. The top players wtr isnt even unicum because the average stats are so good.

    • sorry, that’s wrong. WTR is determined by damage done, kill rate and win rate. nothing to do with previous average.

      Here’s the link so you can see for yourself…


      the Fletchers WTR is low compared to most other T9 DDs. lower damage (50% of WTR). lower kills (30% of WTR). lower w/r (20% of WTR).

      i really enjoyed the ship, but i don’t see how it is a stat padder.

    • That is not correct. It is based on damage, kills, and WR, COMPARED to the ships server averages. I.e. if you get 56% wr in the chung mu, you only get average wtr rating for the win rate portion.. If you get 56% wr in the fletcher, you get well above average wtr (probably 1200-1300) for your wr. The server average damage for the fletcher is a complete joke, and very easy to beat. If you can get 70k damage in the fletcher, with around 60% wr (easy as hell in divisions), you can easily get high unicum-super unicum rating.

      In the black for instance, 65% wr is average for the ship, and it has very high average damage. If you get 65% wr and 52k average damage in the black, you only get a rating of 900 wtr, because thats the server average for that ship. The number one player in the black isnt even unicum because the ship average is so high, so it is a TERRIBLE “stat padding” ship.

  5. I think I’ll disagree on this one, if you want to stat pad you use Black, Belfast and Missouri also use them in 3 man divisions, other ships are just players preference…

  6. Stat padding? mmm I play all BBs and CAs (except IJN) from 1 – 10 coz it is fun…but when push comes to shove I go for Cesare and Phoenix. They are ships I feel comfortable driving and have a great time. That is the bottom line of this game….IT.IS.JUST.A.GAME have fun. This is why I subscribe to Flambass – a hoot of a video while marvelling at the skill.

    • but it’s not fun when RNG says you can’t hit a broadside ship at 10k, cause you’re a BB or if you do hit, it’s overpens or bounces. or a DD can get within 3k of you without being seen, fucking you over with torps, whether because you have radar or hydro on CD or never had it to begin with. Or even if you DO see the DD, you can’t see her launch her torps at you until it’s too damn late. But yet, they put in Detonations for “realism”. Or CV manual drops insta screwing you cause you can’t out turn planes and the enemy happens to have a good CV player while AA seems to do next to NOTHING unless you’re in a high tier BB, a cruiser (mainly American, but seen the Brits do fine) or any ship that has Def AA, to spit out the fire faster

    • Ofc you’ll play ships that you like and that you’re good in, I do the same. I was talking more about ppl who I know are stat padders and what they play is this thing all day-night long πŸ˜‰

    • yeah sort of like the Conqueror players lifting their average damage…when it is fully recoverable and often doesn’t help the team.

  7. Time to Grind Fletcher

  8. So, playing Fletcher is stat-padding and playing Asashio isn’t…? Logic please, Hans?

    • Test ships dont affect your stats, so please explain your logic?

    • You’re trolling on purpose, right? Or do you really don’t get the simple point that it WILL >> ONCE << it gets released? I didn't think basic English sentences were so complicated to understand for some. Now, if you actually belong to the Asashio fanboy club & looking forward to get your hands on that dirty imbalanced trash that will ruin the matchmaking, then your comment does make sense. And ends the debate in the process. Anyway I made my point clear enough already so no point of arguing any longer afaic. Don't even bother replying, I won't read any further troll posts.

    • We understand basic English just fine. It’s your logic that is the problem.

    • YoUr LoGiC Is ThE PrObLeM

    • Boo hoo,…Ashiso…boo hooo.

  9. some would say a missouri fletcher division is statpadding

  10. I think Zao was a Shima main player or something, dude you have guns on Zao.

  11. Kinda ironic that flambass is stat padding in the assashio xd

  12. What is the difference Fletcher vs Gearing? I stayed at Fletcher but don’t want to be a stat padder.

    • offshorebear Fletcher is better imo . Gearing is bigger and clumsier than Fletcher. Don’t get the same happiness playing with the gearing

    • Gearing is the ultimate DD, best all around DD imo. It eats any DD that’s not a Khaba and you can easily pick and choose when to engage a Khaba cause of your detection. It also eats Fletcher for breakfast and it can not be uptiered. Yes it’s bigger but it’s a higher tier and it has more guns and the guns are better located on it + super long range torps (slower rld but you can always spec for torp rld and make it okey)

    • Gearing is a great allrounder, kills DDs in a matter of seconds and has absolutely vicious torps with torpedo acceleration

  13. llljustcallhimDave

    The Fletcher is one of my most played ships, not for stats but because i like it. Prefer it to the gearing, my top 5 ships are all dd.’s. another is the yugamo. Once again i prefer it to the t10. My clan mate thinks I’m nuts as he hates the yugamo

  14. Fletcher is everything a Destroyer should be.
    Fast, Great Guns, Reliable Torpedoes, and Deadly Concealment.

  15. “best torp-beats ever” ..yeah nice move man πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  16. more memes teams videos like this

  17. Says why putting this video on Youtube would be a bad idea…
    Does it anyway…

    Never change Flambass, never change…

  18. W….da…A…F. I know you’re a fantastic player, Flambass. That’s demonstrable. It’s an objective fact. But REALLY?!? I can’t EVER remember having a match with an opponent that window-licked right into my guns / torps as much as you did here. Just SMH in ugly green jealousy over your luck. πŸ™‚

  19. You think the Zao was a mad bugger? I had an Alsace (sp) Yolo round an Island where I was lurking in my Fletcher. (I’m leveling, honest) His spotter plane detected me, I was lit up on radar and he still went for it. His guns weren’t even pointed at me. So I did what any self respecting sneaky bugger would do, full torp broadside.
    But you are right about the Fletcher, I’m decent in DDs but my stats in that boat are mental lol.

  20. Eh, from my pov stat padders are usually division players. Even with a great ship, you cannot pull more than your own weight if you lack the skill. Proved it many times by blowing up over-confident Belfasts with ships as Aoba or Kongo.

    As for myself, I started playing this game just for the one ship alone; the Yamato! I do not care about paper ships or magical torps that reload in one minute. I wanted to shoot beastly guns, and that’s what I do πŸ˜€

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