World of Warships- Florida First Impressions

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys my first Impressions review for the new Tier VII American Battleship, Florida Man. Enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

    This was the original design for the North Carolina as it was supposed to have 12x 14 inch/50 caliber guns in 3 quad turrets. They changed it to 9x 16 inch/45 caliber guns. Thats why the armor was so thin.

    • Yep. Thats the version which fulfills the London Naval treaty limitations. But they made the right choice with the NC class because the Axis powers ignored this treaty anyways.

    • the guy everybody likes

      Reason why the armament was changed was thanks to the invocation of the escalator clause following japans abandonment of the treaty. This allowed them to add 16″ guns and, luckily for the americans, the hulls were still in early enough construction stages to allow for the change.

  2. As someone who lives in Florida, the state where you get charged for assault with a deadly weapon for tossing an alligator through the window of of Wendy’s drive through. I approve of this thumbnail.

  3. Its a North Salsace = North Carolina + Slava + Alsace. I love this ship. Its a BBeast.

  4. I got the Florida and i absolutely enjoy it, particularly in operation Narai and the only new us battleship i am truly interested, especially since she was the original design for North Carolina before they brought up the escalator clause and installed the 16 inch guns instead of 14.

  5. david and martine albon

    I think it should get a special consumable called “Florida man” which when used will trigger 1 random florida event: overunning the map with turtles, running over other ships with a dog, attacking other ships with a bible etc…

    • Marcus Jones Stinks

      Or imaginary ships that you shoot at and kill, then text says you killed your imaginary friend. Or all speech turns Cuban. Or you get bitchin lines from Miami Vice when you shoot, hit, and make commands.

    • Maybe a commander skill called “Bath Salts” where all the guns triple their power, half their reload time, and then start randomly firing in all directions

    • david and martine albon

      Keep coming up with ideas, this is Florida we are talking about, so nothing is too crazy

    • If one cap gets completely overrun another is randomly filled with invasive python zombie ships from the Halloween game mode

    • Marcus Jones Stinks

      @david and martine albon i remember an article about a Florida man sued an alligator for injuring him and his penis during oral. Tha lt was my first intro to Florida man memes. That and a funny looking pink sodomized a flamingo

  6. Maybe they rease the Guam as a secondary battlecrusier at tier 9

  7. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Hey guys this was a design for the Nor Cal and not Iowa, I misspoke. Also the invisible citadel box covers the stern citadel only.

    • Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

      mrpickles15 nah i don’t think it should be a super cruiser cos it has quite the bb firepower and armour. It also does not have at least 30 knot speed which is a must for a cruiser. 6×15” is not great as a bb in tier 9 but 12×14” is. Siegfried is more of a poorly armoured BC like how it is originally designed as, Florida is more of an armoured BC, which makes it into a fast BB. But the better reload, though it makes thing more logical, will make it too op. Maybe nerfing the range a bit and tune the accuracy down to more typical usn BBs can balance the increase of reload.

    • Hey man i love you’re content. I have a constructive suggestion. Maybe it’s only me but the notifications icons are driving me crazy. Probably a personal problem but would be nice to clear them. Lol 😆

    • hey Mountbatten they accually changed the Maximum disspersion from 204 meters, to 229 meters.

    • @WarshipFever Dispersion is dependent on max range, it’s 229 after you slot the plotting room module.

    • Seen a new German BB In testing no info on developer’s blog . Kind of wondering about it

  8. Not a whole lot of cvs? Who gives a damn? Thats a good thing.

  9. I’m way too new to the game to start playing even tier 7 but looks tempting to buy just to have something to look forward to once I start understanding all the ins and outs of the game a bit better

  10. I mean the 14” guns were the original plan until the US did the escalation clause in the treaty

  11. So:
    – Accurate guns even at max range
    – Fast and agile
    – Very stealthy
    – Squishy but has surprisingly tanky extremities
    – It feels like it’s a tier higher than it should

    So basically we have a t7 Giulio Cesare

  12. Why do I have a feeling that some player is gonna play like a destroyer in the Uss Florida

  13. TheGuardianofAzarath

    Interesting ship, sadly, i doubt I’ll be picking it up, as i can not spend any more money on this game. I suspect we’ll see a lot of these at tier 7 ranked, if the new system goes that low.

  14. *This ship is OP because it took all the qualities away from the split USN BB line, leaving them with only crappy stuff.*

    • The new us BBs ate supposed to be backline snipers that hardly move. They really ought to have Slava dispersion as well.

  15. I wish they did they real Florida BB-30. They would’ve been interesting.

  16. Just to throw this out there, the Florida WAS in the shop day one, but it wasn’t advertised. I had to look under every tab until I finally found it.

  17. “It’s a heavy cruiser at uptier and a battleship at low tier, so play it like a cruiser sniper”
    Me, a huge fan of dunkerque: Just like old times…

  18. I wouldn’t really call Florida OP but she’s definitely good she does have weaknesses as shown in the video. Nonetheless she’s a good ship and something that is fun. Definitely not getting yanked from the store but still.

  19. I’m on SEA. can’t remember a game in weeks without cv.

  20. “someone snorted a line of coke and we got this” LLLLLLLOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL and yes i know i am a VERY sick person for finding that line hilarious

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