World of Warships: Florida – New T7 US Battleship

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Florida is the new T7 US battleship. She’s better than the other new US battleships. She was given to me by Wargaming.

0:00 Game
13:34 End Screen
14:38 Commander Skills & Upgrades
16:22 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 7 US battleship Florida.


  1. Wow, I get to be first! Keep the vids coming dude.

  2. Which of the new US battleships do you like the most?

  3. This ship is basically what the North Carolina was originally designed to be, with 12 14-inch guns instead of 9 16-inch guns. This design change was made after Japan refused to sign the 1936 London Naval Treaty.

  4. Bruh I’m so drunk I Straight tried to move the camera around when the video started

  5. 90% of my tier 7 ships seem to end up in tier 9 games, so I dont think Ill like this ship.

  6. Top gameplay again. Cheeki Aerron has Halsey but has the coloured tracers turned off. So they cannot tell. Also i cannot get why you did not left the cap to hunt the CV

  7. I actually do like the Florida for some reason. Then again, I also like the Dunkerque which people seem to hate. But the gunpower should be better. Tier 9’s are hard the wrong way.

  8. Soyuz cruise Soyuz cruise Soyuz cruise Soyuz cruise Soyuz cruise Soyuz cruise Soyuz cruise Soyuz cruise Soyuz cruise

  9. My friend thank you for helping me make a massive improvement in the game. Keep them videos coming

  10. Other than collecting. I see no advantage to getting or playing this useless line of American BB’s. The Russians made sure they were no threat to the Dominance of the Russian BB line.

  11. not double strike but double scratch xD

  12. I own this and I don’t like it. Guns and AA are solid but that armor is terrible.

    • Kinda how I felt about the nc hull in general and why I feel south dakota hull best hull for tier 8 imo, also glad in not the only one who appreciates that photo in your profile pic

  13. I quite like the Florida I tend to treat her more like a super cruiser and seem to be getting on well enough with her. Keep the vids coming 👍

  14. The Florida is fun to play… have done a bit of damage, but her main task seems to be to keep a distance, stay alive and kill enemy cruisers. She has some good vertical dispersion.
    Against enemy BB’s at range, just annoy them with the occasional fire (but like you said, she is not good at starting those).

  15. This ship has made my overall win rate drop by .5% at almost 6k battles… It’s a shit load of fun, but it has ZERO carry potential above her own tier.

  16. And the adventures of the “Florida Man” get ever more exciting…

  17. You’re talking about citadels and matchmaking, and I’m sitting here wondering wtf your Konig is doing…. xD

  18. 7:52, can we just take a moment to appreciate the *9 overpens* needed to kill the broadside shchors at sub 5km

  19. “I don’t like this ship” gets double strike and a kraken.

    Florida is one of my fave BBs, I’m having a lot of fun in the ship.
    I’m using it like a heavy cruiser, I never try to tank like an Odin or Pommern, and the agility helps me choose my position when engaging targets.

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