World of Warships – Florida NEW USN BB

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USN just got a new premium tier 7 BB, Florida. She’s a beauty, has a lot of guns (that seem to overpen a lot) but her armor is bit weak, especially if you broadsiding.

Do NOT broadside enemy BBs in Florida or you’ll get oneshoted read fast.

I won’t say she’s a GREAT ship but she’s certainly not bad, not bad at all.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Battleship made for Florida mans who have Crocodiles or Alligators as pets

  2. “Which one of y’all hit me?”

    “It was me!” – Dunqey prob

    From Rush Hour

  3. I think the speed boost module would be good for the new US BBs

    • Even tho those engines are at full power and can barely even make the ship go forward 😂

    • normallyChallenged

      As Jingles would say, you can’t polish a turd. Speed boost would mean nothing because their base speed is so slow. I’d rather have better aim on them, similar to a cruiser, so that they can heavily punish a broadside.

    • They should put some airliner jet engines on them

    • @Leonox Need hydrofoils, get their broad asses out of the water. Think of the visuals… especially if they tip over and capsize doing a high speed run. That would be entertaining in itself.

    • @normallyChallenged Maybe they could make an accuracy consumable as their gimmick. Could be OP but those ships seem to suck anyways.

  4. 2:10. It is pronounced “Monte-Cùccoli” all with hard C.
    He was one of the General in Chief for the Austrians in the 30 Years War.

  5. What was frustrating about the Bismarck camo mission is that there was a scheduled WoWs stream (russian) at 18.00CET on Friday, but 2 mins before the stream start it got deleted from the schedule with no explanation. So a bunch of people logged in and sat around wondering WTF was happening.

  6. Those firing angles are great for a quad gunned turret unlike Bourgogne.

  7. Needs a Florida Man captain.

  8. 6:58

    Everyone talks about Russian bias without addressing the real issue: rear turret bias.

  9. Ricky Breckenridge

    That battleship has alligators on crack.

  10. Droid Motorola 388

    It feels like a king George with a bit less thickness and less HE power.
    Plus they have the same gun sound

  11. It’s the one and only
    North Salsace

    Edit: in case you were wondering, North Salsace = North Carolina + Slava + Alsace

  12. Here comes the USS Mr. Florida Man slinging alligator-infested 14 inchers to ruin the crews of enemy ships

  13. Poggers with a Hard R

    I beat a full HP Florida in a point-blank brawl in a Half HP New York yesterday
    That’s probably the best I’m going to get out of that ship for a while

  14. Alternate title:
    Florida Man Builds Ship Out Of Scrap, Tin Sheds And Trash Mortars, Destroys Entire Navy

  15. The Tank Commander

    15th try. Flambass needs to play the USS Montana

  16. ᐃᑦᑎᓂᖅᓯᐅᑐᖅ ᑕᖅᓴᖅ

    They really made a ship that can be described as “ok” only at top tier

  17. July 4th, USN BBs – target practice for everyone else.
    Worst insult WG could have done this year, really turned me off the game and I have yet to see them fix it enough to make me want to go back.
    The fact that the PREMIUM is even lacking really isn’t convincing me otherwise.


  19. So what i see is the battleship has the armor of a cruiser lol

  20. The next Bismarck camo will look like a Gay Pride parade float.

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