World of Warships – Flubber

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Can’t wait for Disney to come after me over the title of this one!

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  1. Not what you expect to see hit the tubes late night lol. But always glad to watch!

  2. How do you get to play those games where you can just sit in the middle and 15 minutes later poke your head out and go brrrrt? Well done all the same Flubber.

    • that’s the art of hugging that island close enough to shield yourself from all of them and just far enough to be able to farm at least one of them, hence US cruiser play style. i always get one of them wrong. lol

    • @DesertFox MJ world of tanks on water, game hasn’t been good since beta.

  3. Jingles: “Oh and there’s the Annapolis.”

    Me: pulls off glasses and cleans them, looks again, rubs sleep out of eyes…looks again at 14:45. It was the St Louis he sank last.

    Oh Jingles, never change! 🤣😂

  4. Big man hugs for eddie.
    Thanks for the update yesterday.

  5. That command screams “I need this DD I didn’t see coming dead NOW!”

  6. 隣の猫 『π』

    Can we have a moment to appreciate that enemy carrier for not only his absolute focus, but also manage to point out the flaw in the game at the start of the battle

    Also I just realized jinggle said this is bullshit at the perfect moment from 3:27

  7. Horrific Plumpkin

    saw flubber and immediately hit with childhood nostalgia

  8. No mention of the amazing turret traverse on the Annapolis? I swear, he was aiming everywhere, all at once! =@[.]@=

  9. A CV player refusing to play the objective and ignoring any notion of teamwork so they can farm damage for themselves? In WOWS? Nooooo!!! I’ve never heard of such a thing occurring…
    (Yes, I do realise the friendly CV did play for the team, but that is the exception rather than the rule)

  10. 17:11 “Oh and there’s the Annapolis…”
    The friendly Annapolis is so powerful, he hit the enemy Annapolis hard enough to rename it to Saint Louis! ^_^

  11. 14:18 ah yes, the tier 10 german battleship with 12 18 inch guns. Never change Jingles

  12. Wish I would have gotten into this game a hell of a lot sooner – back when I actually played world of tanks and all video games.

  13. And he never even used the Annapolis’ party trick. I really wanted him to go full Daka Daka on the enemy CV at the end.

  14. OldSchool Gaming

    I prefer playing Annapolis with range mod, doesn’t affect that massive DPM as much. In this campy meta its really hard playing a supercruiser with a crappy range of 16km.

  15. His friendly CV should be given a compliment for being the co-MVP in this game.

  16. great video Jingles! It’s always nice to begin the day with one of your videos!

  17. Cpt_Ashstorm (EU)

    Lovely game,great commentary👍

  18. Eddie hope your doing good stay strong brother! Thank you jingles

  19. Thanks for another play by play 👍

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