World of Warships – Flying Purple Warship Eater

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Featuring FlyingPurplePeopleEater in HMS Minotaur, named after the Sheb Wooley song from 1956. Fun fact – Sheb Wooley was also the voice behind the “Wilhelm Scream” beloved of unimaginative (or deliberately ironic) filmmakers everywhere.

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  1. Fiji goes airborne in a massive ship.
    me: Oh cool Jingles is showing some War Thunder Naval game play!

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      I had few days ago battle in co op , against bots and one , done same thing what Jack Sparrow & Will Turner did when they stole UK warship , and can only say is easy to citadel destroyer in buttom …;)

  2. When the top side is damage saturated, target the belly.

  3. An upvote for that opening…

  4. So, thin armour on the Fiji’s lower glacis?

  5. Is he a one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater?

  6. Intro clip was literally next level island humpinh

  7. “Report Fiji for making babies with an island instead of fighting !”

  8. As our esteemed host usually says, wargaming go home, you’re drunk.

  9. that gives a whole new meaning to floating citadel

  10. Fiji is my favorite cruiser, and I’m playing it a lot. But I have never tried to pop wheeleys in it..

  11. If he had the Keel of the ship to shoot at, he should have switched to AP.

  12. The purple people eater was a fun song by the legendary Barry Cryer.
    So yes, I do enjoy people over 50 years on still use that as a reference

  13. Morten Guldager Rydahl Rasmussen

    When South is North, an Moskva radar is actully a Salem radar. Then you know your watching a Jingles video

  14. Jingles When you Said there wasnt a Radar Nearby to Push him out of smoke, you conveninetly forgot the Salem Camping on the other side of island.
    When Flying Purple Warship Eater finally got radared, he was at 12.2km from the Moskva So it couldn’t have been him, but the Salem Camping the other side of Island.
    Never Change Jingles.

  15. Greatly appriciate the noise suppresion you’ve done on this one 😀 good stuff!

  16. What a dirty, humping Fiji…
    That was borderline disgusting, especially scratching the Fiji’s lower parts like that…

  17. Zachary Schaller

    It’s funny you named this episode this. My wife just died her hair purple the other day and joking asked if we should dye our German shepherd purple. I told her no because people would mistake her for a one eyed one horned flying purple people eater 🤣

  18. intro: and that children is how Britain makes baby islands

  19. Jingles: “And on that bombshell…”
    Me: Is the old gnome gradually turning into Jeremy Clarkson?

  20. “He was the one eyed one horned flying purple people eater”

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