World of Warships – FLYING SHIMAKAZE

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modules and skills to do this build:

Hakuryu’s other TB option can be turned into a flying Shima, no joke. Wonder much the other team enjoys being put into a perma torpedobeats situation.


  1. It is a flying DD at 200 knots dropping 10 torp every 1 min with invincibility frames for 50% of the time on attacking.

    • ​+tommihommi1 Well if you play it like this it is braindead, but the enemy team has to be also be braindead to clump up like that in a corner and get picked off so easily by simply blindly torping them. Like i said Midway seems perfectly fine and i think that WG will probably nerf the 8km Haku torp plane to have maybe 2 torps per strike and make the 6km one like 3 per strike in other hand because that one is simply too underwhelming now. There is almost zero benefit or purpose to use the 6km shorter activation range torp on Haku currently. Also in order to avoid pure torpedo spam there should be only 1 squadron of each plane type always available only to launch, not 2 squadrons at least when it comes to torp planes. That would force players to cycle trough all the plane types while others are returning from strikes or at least not able to spam only torps.

      PS. In the other extreme end lower tier CV’s though could need some love, maybe like 10% increase to their planes HP across the board, because they feel so underwhelming even when fighting against your own tiers.

    • +elrabin I was gonna post it but I see it’s making the rounds already. Yeah we all enjoy the CV rework. Such a great job by WG. Not breaking the meta. At. All.

      At this point I would be glad if WG just said “hey we fucked up, we’re rolling back to 7.12 and going back to the drawing board”

    • +KubusSc7 Where the hell did you hear Chase praise it ? He’s saying that it’s not good, completely broken, that he fells dirty and would just rather go play tier 2 ships with no AA and so on… Basically like every last one CC/YouTuber out there.

    • +CloneD Anon there is no counter play. If you dont clump up you will die to cv one by one since AA is not enough, if you clump up for AA then this will happen, opponent cv cant do anything as the only supposed counter is call in fighters that most of the time just chasing its own tails instead of defending.
      Also, Haku is averaging 250k damage right now.

  2. God I hate the rework

    • ​+Daddy_ Marx Lol. Of course a CV main would complain about these new CV’s that are no longer god tier and simply cannot cross drop people and insta-kill almost anyone else across the map in first minute of the game. Petition really? For what lol?

    • +CloneD Anon the fact that they are still just as powerful as they once were and now take much less skill to use and have practically no counters, aa does nothing, there is no fighter control anymore and any kid with down syndrome can just take a keyboard and break the fucking damage record

      thats why

    • ​+Daddy_ Marx Lol. Really they are as powerful as before? Only Hakuryu can be considered good and it not nearly as good as it was in the RTS mode. Their torps barely do any damage, they are easy as fuck to dodge and you Not even to mention that the tier4-8 CV’s are totally anemic. I dont know what game are you playing, but it is only when you get a full retard enemy team that you can rack up good damage in a tier 10 CV and you actually have to WORK for it like with other ships, since it is miracle if you can do 100k in a tier 8 CV anymore, not even talking about tier 6 CV’s that are just plain garbage.

    • +play030 The game is broken on many levels now. If you can’t see that you are a total moron.

    • +cinjon smythe you are correct but WG does not care about that. I am a new player and have been getting better because of @iChaseGaming and his videos. All my ships are lower tier and my captains have very few skill points so I don’t have access to DFAA skill. I played a few matches when the update came out and got bombed into oblivion in my BB even though I did not go off alone but stayed with the other ships. CV’s should be in the game but ship types should compliment each other to keep the game balanced if that’s possible. Those who have made the comment about skill are absolutely right as I saw in co-op battles where my team had 2 Cv’s and the bot team had zero but consisted of 6 BB’s. It happened several times that the only ones left on my team alive where me and the 2 CV players vs 5 enemy BB’s. I don’t care how skilled a player you are if the CV ‘s are no good you won’t survive against that many ships. I uninstalled the game and when they get this shit show balanced I will play again.

  3. Another prime example how this update is a cluster of disappointment and not thought out at all.

    • It’s a terrible update imo

    • I would take issue with your “not thought out at all” comment. There was clearly a lot of thought put into it, I mean they entirely changed the gameplay. Instead of blindly shouting “wargaming hurr durr!” maybe try to provide constructive criticism. What do you thing WG should do to fix CV’s? How can they be balanced? It’s easy to be a critic, being constructive is far harder.

    • +Narcoleptic There were so many ideas and feedback given to WG, who decided to ignore them and do what they thought is best.

    • ​+Narcoleptic I get that there was “a lot of thought put into it” but, instead of putting resources, thought and effort into actually balancing and tweaking the RTS model; a system that was already working for the most part. We got handed this new system. Yes, they entirely changed the game play but it also shafted the classes player base. Wargaming then gave us more complicated mechanics for AA targeting which now seems non-existent half the time anyway. With the constant harassment of unlimited planes, CV’s get unlimited planes with the ability to recall them back to the ship with no penalty as they become immune to damage. That seems fair? iChaseGaming has put out two videos with issues that should have never made it through testing on how the system can be abused. I am not a game designer but, I feel all that would have needed to be done was to implement some of the tweaks and balances Wargaming introduced with how the Airplanes and AA work outside of the selecting sectors garbage. Wargaming would have had a much better acceptance for patch 0.8.0 than this. Example, make the planes not able to see stuff through islands and AA can’t target through them either. Another problem is when I see roughly 80% of all comments across videos coming through, Warships own Facebook posts and other community members making videos with a negative response to this update; I feel that something is wrong and maybe Wargaming should take a step back and re-evaluate things.

  4. Ok chase thats it ban from haku now get in your corner

  5. also that F button on CV is too BS. what happend is when CV is about to strike ship, AA ship press DFAA but CV just press F button and treat as nothing happened. they lost nothing in the process while Cruiser used valuable CD. another balance mechanic.

    • +James Louzao pls this strat is retarded. I can do alot more damage if I focus and aim right. This is for people that can’t dodge the flak

    • +SCI But thats exactly the problem. A potatoes strat is enough to net you around 150k and completely fuck up the enemies sailing. That is not okay. Should take some skill to accomplish that.

    • +SCI exactly, the braindead strat is already enough to outplay every surface ship, and you can be even better than that. how is this not broken?

    • +Fabian Perez but ichase shows AA doesn’t work like he plays so AA will go up so normal cv players are going to wipe out.

    • X3NON was just scrolling down to see if anyone else has mentioned this. 🙂

  6. worst thing about CV replay is not seeing when or where you are aiming

  7. Carriers have pretty much killed WoWS for me. When ever I see carriers in the game, I know there is a good chance the game is going to be a little crap, with the best carrier player dominating. I played on the first day of the new carrier play and it was a woeful experience. Moronic players chasing carriers, random torpedo’s all over the place and huge amount of frustration.

    Going to wait a few weeks before going back to playing hopefully, people will have given up playing carriers again every game, otherwise I am probably out because it isn’t enjoyable any more.

    • +SCI Carrier play was massively broken before and at the moment doesn’t seem any better now. When 1 player can guarantee a win for the team, then there is a problem and that was certainly the case at tier 10 and certain ship types have to spec a certain way otherwise they get trashed or cannot hit a thing.

      As I said I am going away for a while and will come back in a few weeks, where hopefully carrier play won’t be as prevalent as it is after the latest update. Hopefully things will have calmed down by then.

      It has become very noticeable that lower tier games are much more fun generally than tier 8-10 games anyway. Yes, a small part of that was because you don’t get so many top end players and also players tend to try and win the game more instead of faming points, like they do at higher tiers but some of that came down to carriers just not being the monsters they are at tier 9-10 (where it doesn’t matter if you are specked for AA or not, they are still going to take you out if they really want, normally in pretty short order.

      So we will see what happens but for now, I am going to be doing other things with my time than play WoWS.

    • ​+Michael Laing i lost many games despite being in total air control and carrying my team hard…
      sometimes its just not enough when your team is THAT bad.
      old CVs just needed some tweaks

    • +cobrazax I agree, it is possible for a team just to be bad. I have been in games where I have had an amazing game only to find half the team has died in the first 4 minutes, conversely I have also had games where I have died stupidly (normally I apologies).

      But if you have a good carrier player on your team (and there are far more bad carrier players than good, even at tier 10), then you have one hell of an advantage, which only the stupidest of teams can screw up.

      It is all about striking a balance and the balance at higher tiers is all wrong. Now I should point out that carriers are not the only reason I am getting fed up with WoWS, the fact, that most players still can’t work out basic map tactics (or even bother looking at the map), seem to be more interested in farming damage than winning games and playing massively defensively and think that lemming train is a good tactic (more often than not it isn’t). Are all reasons I am fed up with the game.

      And I say this not a a uber player, just as someone who is generally average but seems to have to fill in the gaps most of the time.

    • +Michael Laing
      i saw many CV players that were playing their T10 like a first game T4 CV player…
      clicking the first thing they saw with any of their planes. 1 by 1…strafed easily. they r totally braindead and they reach T10 in this status which is insane.
      WG should offer CV guides IN GAME, especially after bad CV games.
      this might solve most of the problems.
      also torp arming distance can be increased to make 1 shots harder and give the targets more chance to dodge if they play well. AA should increase over time to remove perma DD spotting. many other tweaks can happen…for the old CVs

    • +cobrazax Completely agree. I rarely see a really good CV player but when I do they really stand out. The best I have ever seen, actually apologised to me, when the enemy managed to torpedo me. He was amazing, spotted, defended and managed to kill enemy ships. He was a team player and that is something a great carrier player is.

      Playing Carriers well was a real skill, one that was incredibly hard to muster (Know I couldn’t) and I want great carrier play but it has to be balanced without the over kill element. I do think there were lots of things WG could have done with the old system but they didn’t want to nerf carriers too much.

  8. How did they even get the game to this point?…

    • Money the answer to any question in relation to a company is always money.  Wargaming decided that to bring carriers to mobile and console they needed to change carriers away from RTS.  Any other given reason is nonsense.

    • +Fabian Perez I think the main reason for this kind of rework is to make CV gameplay possible on the concoles. Still they could do this kind of CV for the console and the old system for the PC, but they want it everywhere the same so this is the result.

      And you could say now they managed to give the CVs the glory they had in the WWII sitting at the back absolutely safe, harrassing and sinking the enemy fleet. The own fleet only as a tool to defend them, when an enemy ship comes too close to them. But who except CV players want to play such a game?

    • Listening to the community, who was only talking about rework, while the strategy system worked as intended. Let that be a lesson: if you have an idea, you do it and who doesnt like it can fuck right off. Don’t change because of pressure from outside.

    • +Andreas Loefke that ofc is the most reasonable of all reasons , money!!!

    • Everyone knows the answer to your question – GREED !

  9. bye wows it was nice knowing you

  10. This strat, its showing the enemy how Yamato Felt at Ten-Go

  11. This is absurdly beyond broken…..

  12. My favorite class of ship is the DD this latest update has pretty much ruined the game for me. 2 CVs every game. I’m constantly spotted and under attack. Game sucks over all now. I going to start looking for a new game to play.. Good luck to you all

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      Buddy of mine went out with Khabarovsk. He can ignore CVs. If they DO attack him, very often he shoots down their entire squadrons.
      Same thing if he plays Grozovoi. Same thing with Henri IV.
      You play something FAST, with high damage long range flak explosions and good manouverability. That means you are immune to torpedo bombers and if they wanna attack with dive bombers or attack aircraft, they accomplish NOTHING, because they either can’t hit you, or they get shredded by AA.
      Oh and, preferably play something with Hydroacoustic Search Consumable. Seeing CV torps at 4km distance when they would usually get spotted at ~1km is powerful.

    • +Achim Hanischdörfer Okay why the hell wouldnt you play the ships you like? cause they are totally massacres by the cv rework… Its no excuse that some ships are better and you should play them. Game has tons of ships and if only half of those are playable thats just stupid. It tells me the balancing is totally fucking broken and theres really no change to fix that anymore. WG did their “best” and it seems it went fucked up so badly that you might need some godlike powers to make this game great again. Shame…so so so shame. It was the best type of naval battle game and now its 60% of the time just so stupid to play that i have no interest using most of my play time to not have fun.

    • +Achim Hanischdörfer And if you play a IJN DD topedo boat, you’re just screwed.

  13. Still better balanced than previous CV: before, only CV players had fun dropping ships, now nobody has fun 😀

  14. How did this NOT come up at the test server stage? In the space of 3 days you’ve published two broken tactics for CVs that could have and should have been caught before CVs went live.

  15. Oh, so it’s the return of being sky cancered to death while not being able to do jack about it? Neat and historically accurate.

    • Its worse believe it or not. Before you at least had AA ships that would help. The AA can’t do dick to help you now.

    • ikr, my aa specced Worcester with a def fire can only take out like half a wave and they can still drop and get away and kill me, its disgusting, I was a cv main before and they were never this op, the amount of damage that you could get was completely reliant and your skill as a player, this just makes the gameplay brainded, you develop a tiny bit of skill and suddenly you control the entire course of the battle, its terrible. Go sign my petition on

  16. How they thought to bring the rework WITHOUT the reworked flooding mechanics is beyond me. With how fast CVs can come back its ridiculous.

  17. I don’t play CV’s and never will but this video just shows how broken the game has become. In WoT it’s all about the OP Premium tanks that can’t be pened most of the battle and people wonder why WoT’s player’s have stopped playing. The MM in both games is so broken it’s beyond WG’s repair. IMHO WG could care less what is broken or what tank is to OP or what maps we all hate. As long as premium tanks and ships, premium accounts, loot boxes, POS low tier premium tanks, etc blah BS are bought, they will make money and not care what the gamers have to say. We bitch day after day about this and that new update but yet we are still playing the game we bitch and complain about. I don’t have any premium ships cause I won’t give WG my money for one. It’s labeled FREE TO PLAY. And the premium ships I do have, I sold cause they are a certain kind of ships I don’t play (DD’s). Got them for completing something. Awesome vid iChase. WG themselves is broken…

    • +Kirina Yuuki Yep and some people still claim that it is only now that CV’s are “OP”, meanwhile Midway was god tier before this patch now its fairly balanced. There are few issues with this patch that need clearly to be ironed out, but overall i am happy with this re-work since it reduced overall power of the CV’s quite a lot and made them closer to other ships in power.

    • Right, I really enjoy playing a game that is plagued with flaws. I am glad they pushed this update out without more testing. Its great that in today’s gaming world, developers rely on non-stop updates, fixing the problems they create and then having to listen to people making excuses for it. Thank you Yuuki and Anon for your continued brown nosing. I am inspired. Ichase thank you as always for showing us a good informative Vid. FYI CVs have always been OP.

    • Well you obviously don’t play cv’s since your ranting about tanks in a vid about naval warfare……..

    • +CloneD Anon Low tier CVs 4/6/8 are not crap. Maybe tier 4 does a little low damage, but then again, there is very little AA so you can at least do consistent damage. I.e if you’re an expert carrier player, you can’t really push the damage output of a Tier 4 carrier very far compared to an average carrier player. Anyway, Tier 6 carriers are good in 5-7 matchup and tier 8 carriers are good in tier 7-9 matchup. The flak is the issue.

      The all or nothing AA defense balancing. Where the flak damage of +2 tier AA guns will harshly punish ANY mistake by the carrier player. I’m sure we all seen a 6-8 flight squadron die in an instant. Why? Because the carrier player hit a single smoke of flak from a particularly deadly ship, utilizing the defensive AA cool down. If you look at the forums, you can see Atlanta players losing half their HP, shooting down a single plane and you can see Atlanta players killing 12 airplanes in 3 seconds. There is very little in between where the Atlanta player takes 2-3k damage, and shoot down 1/3 – 2/3 of the air wing during the attack.

      With such a system, we are back at where we were a week ago. Where a master carrier player can overcome the insane punishment for failing a single time, and do great. Whereas novice players are finding themselves unable to do anything. Resulting in the go to strategy becoming pressing F. Carrier players unable to do more than 1 drop per attack before pressing F, will complain carriers are not that good. While players at the receiving end of a master carrier player will run to the forums complaining about taking 30-50k damage and becoming flooded when attacked by a tier 6 or 8 Japanese carrier. Sometimes i go 5 minutes doing 15k damage, another time i did 40k damage to a Bismarck 1 minute into the game because the matchmaker decided 8v8 was a good idea with 4 carriers.

      Once again, the culprit for all of the faults with the game is the dysfunctional matchmaker. +2/-2 simply does not work. Tier 10 ships are armed to deal with 10 flight, squadrons with 25k hit points, but tier 8 carriers with 12k hit points in an 8 flight squadron is forced to fight them. You can’t really do much for balancing the different carriers because it would affect too many ships. If you buff T8 carriers to deal with T10 flak, you’re making them invulnerable to T6 ships, which they are also facing.

    • Well on paper it’s OP… But actually even with an exploit/cheese making the system stronger, he didn’t more than 200k damages… Which sucks compared to what old CVs could do.

  18. it’s only a short amount of time until the general populace realise how much more broken and easier this change has been. Well done WG, you never seize to amaze me. I don’t play anymore for years now, but WOW this is so much more worse than back when midway got 2 torp squadrons. This time, the planes are mostly invul, very fast, no management, almost no skill. jesus christ

  19. Honestly, I don’t see why planes are instantly ready once they land on the carrier, there should be a timer or a “Rearm and Repair” Phase once they return to the aircraft carrier, with a longer cooldown if the plane is shot down, you still have unlimited planes but can very easily run out if you are careless similar to before the rework. at least then spamming won’t be a viable tactic and it would give the normal ships breathing room.

  20. I need to take a shower because a watched this

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