World of Warships- For The Love Of God, Fix This Already WG

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Hey guys, today I have a bit of a rant about the current state of Brawls. Let me know what you think below!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Hopefully they find a way to fix camping at the back of the map in general, the amount of games you see teams lose with 8 ships still alive at the back of the map is just pathetic.

  2. The first BB pushing always gets focused down so everyone is baiting each other in spawn and refusing to become the bait themselves.

    You need maps that allow you to effectively isolate smaller pockets of ships you can fight without being crossfired by multiple BBs shooting only you.

    Lots of BBs mean massive crossfire threat if you push without thought like 98% of the playerbase so the majority just thinks its better to camp spawn than eat AP from 3 NCs and another 3 Amagis simultaneously. They dont know how to play aggro without just dying instantly.

    • There are maps where you can manage to avoid that and can hide behind some islands but on some maps you’re spotted from spawn and are broadside at several battleships already. As much as I like smaller maps, maybe they could fix the spawns so that there are islands who break line of sight and there’s no direct line of sight below 16km.

      If you’re getting focus fired, you can only yolo at that point, running is never an option. At best you might get into forward cover.

    • And if they do that there will be an ungodly amount of incoherent screeching about ‘island camping coward cruisers’. It is a lose-lose situation. You either have 20km camping, so is impossible to push, or enough safe cover for flank lockdown cruisers like DM, Colbert, Woo, Smolensk and such so it is impossible to push. Pick your poision.

    • Flamu had the right idea: if you all push in together, no one will really get focused down.

    • @Aristos Achaion you are right but it’s the prisoner problem there isn’t the trust that everyone won’t pull back or slow down, I’ve had several occasions where it seems like everyone is pushing together and then half of them turn or hit reverse.

      I think 12 v 12 is just too many BBs, it replicates the threat of random battles because of just how much fire will come down on you if you get exposed alone. In particular on the smaller maps you don’t have the relative protection of distance from ships not on your side of the map. So most or all of the enemy can fire at you depending on cover angles.

  3. I’ve had the opposite experience when it comes to divisions funnily enough, at least in terms of outcome. The MM still throws all or most of them on one side, but more often than not the side with the majority of divs in my games loses. I can only assume it’s because supposedly, skill based MM is enabled for brawls. So the MM might be putting all the divs on one side because those players’ individual averages are worse than other side’s, since most people tend to do better if they’re playing in a division. So you’re getting worse players individually, who are having their stats buffed up because they’re in a division evening out the playing field according to the matchmaker. I could easily see WG lazily coding the MM for brawls like that if they really are using some version of SBMM.

  4. solution for brawl would be either using a battle royal methode with a circle pushing ship toward center ( or 2 different point to avoid a big cluster), could also be something more like moving area ( doesn t need to reduce al lthe time, could push right side to the center then retract and push somewhere else, like some bombing area). or using old RTS methode, fogs of war that cover the middle half of the map, maybe need to capture some point to have vision ( at least for the 10 first minute of the game).

    also i wish player woud get a bit of xp or something when contesting cap , i often see DD stay out of the cap when the other one is clearly in it smoke, like they would be spotted if they put a feet in the area

  5. Tier 4 brawls were fun, it give you a chance to play the lower tier ships again for a reason. The only problem is they hold lower tier special events during the same time as a dockyard or some other event and nothing you do in that lower tier event contributes to the other missions your working on.

  6. There is a popular Finnish streamer who performed an experiment with this issue yesterday. And surprise they went better than 10 brawls in a row with the obvious division imbalances. It was so consistent that they began to have speed-runs on how fast they could win the brawl. 2:45 to win last I checked.

    It is almost impossible (no idea what the statistical probability of this happening is) to see sync-drop divisions go 10 for 10 with all friendly divisions on 1 side like that. WG said they made a change, but whatever they did or didn’t do, it obviously broke the thing.

  7. This season of brawls should of been held on Ocean only. BB dont need cover. They are the cover.

  8. 12 v 12 is just not working well BUT I am looking forward to the cruiser version of it. When secondary ships are not even an advantage, the mode cannot be a brawl

  9. Christophe Paitrault

    Flamu posted yesterday, it’s just WG incompetence at this point.. They managed to reliably pit their whole 12 men in squads vs a 100% solo players in brawl all day yesterday.. Completely broken of course but that’s WG level of MM right there..
    Can’t be that hard to try balancing the number of division on each side, just like they already do with the tier of each ships on a normal game for christ sake..
    It’s a shame cos it can ruin probably the best brawl in history of brawl, tier 8 BB brawl on tiny map is just plain fun..

  10. I stopped playing brawls due to this issue. Was extremely frustrating and demotivating to see three or even four divs on the other team.

  11. Well there were a few “stacked” teams with all divisions last night that I face with my fellow randoms and we stomped them … However, the “Brawl” is played at around 20k. No idea what WG can do to change his as this the meta in randos. T6 bb brawls were fun.

  12. The problem with normal maps is that instead of taking a close range BB and brawl, you can just take long range one and snipe other BBs without taking damage using the range advantage. And remember, this gamemode is called BRAWL. I had much more success with Amagi than with Brandenburg for example

  13. They need to fix the MM based on performance honestly because last night was soooo boring, stressful and annoying that players abandoned their flanks don’t help DDs or don’t use the spotting by them, plus brawl lately has been stupid ngl

  14. i feel the camping back with BB’s honestly provides a knock on effect to the smaller ships hence why it’s seen so often in rando games and that it’s systematic of the damage bb’s can put out while also being the tanks of the team.

    you’ve a situation in which BB’s can put out such crazy alpha that especially in brawls no one wants to be the first to move forward as they’ll likely be singled and removed almost instantly so they instead shuffle about hoping the line will move with them or for them.

    they could tank, but it isn’t as exciting to most players as seeing those big numbers from a distance.

  15. I have been harping on it for years, the Match Maker needs a complete rework at this point of the game. Pairing ‘like for like’ has not worked, more so when one has radar and the other team does not have radar. Not sure skill or win rate is a good means for a MM either, as older players stats/skill level may not be properly reflected over long careers without a stat wipe. As for the second part, sniping at long ranges… that has been an issue for what four years now, since the smoke & HE days. Without imposing BR style ring system, WG would need to incentive players fighting at closer ranges, more credits/exp for fighting inside 15km and 10km type solution.

  16. WOWS issued the following this morning.

    “The distribution of Divisions between teams in the current session of Brawls (12 vs. 12 aboard battleships) is not working correctly. Therefore, we’ve decided to temporarily disable the ability to join Brawls as part of a Division. This will apply to all remaining Brawl sessions in Update 0.11.8.

    We will notify you as soon as the issue has been solved. We thank you for your feedback and extend our apologies for any inconvenience caused.”

  17. Flamu really highlighted the failure as well.

  18. Lmao. So instead of fixing the MM by splitting the divs between the 2 teams, they just take the ability to play with friends for everyone.

  19. “Brawl” is just a name. The meta doesn’t support brawling. And who wants to get focused by 12 BBs?

  20. very well said , maybe we need to get a ep boost for tanking and saving a team mate , or stalling a red team push even if you die doing it

  21. Might be just impression, might be Murphy’s law, but i’ve noticed that the higher the economic bonuses the higher the chance of fighting against a team of divisions.

  22. Not really an adequate reaction from WG. Yes they need to quarantine the issue, but eliminating the ability to division at all is not an adequate solution. On one hand they claimed that they already “fixed” this noted issue, but only seemed to make it worse. Obviously the changes they performed had some impact, so they know where to start with fixing it, or did they just lie about “fixing” it at all, and assumed it was never broken while ignoring the customers?

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