World of Warships- For The Love Of God, PLEASE Do This

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Hello guys, today we go over some simple tips and tricks to help make you a better DD player, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Video Intro
1:00 Why Are DDs Important?
4:16 Support Your DDs
4:40 For DD Players
5:13 1. Stern In to caps
9:38 2. Use your guns
12:17 3. know your ship
14:28 Closing Thoughts


  1. #4: know the enemy
    As you said knowing your ship is half the battle, and the other half is knowing what the enemy is capable of and how your ship matches up against it.
    It’s a lot of time to memorize every single relevant ship and what they do but it’s truly worth it.

  2. when teammates fail to push up and protect you, just drive the DD to the I or A line and putter around on the back line and tell them to “F” off and spot for you.

  3. Ashleigh Elizabeth

    Played two games in tier 8 Japanese gunboat tonight (forget the name, to lazy to look it up).

    The first match was a win my flank totally supported me, the cruiser, the BB and a sub all backed me up and I was able to kill the sub, do most of the damage to the red DD opposing, and do a lot of damage to the opposing cruiser. Rest of our team slowly collapsed but took enough of the red team with them that even though they lost the other two caps and we were way down in points we were able to move over to B and then C cap. Along the way I was able to finish off two surviving red team DDs and the last red team BB. It came down to 3 of us vs 2 of them. At the end and it was all the guys on my flank. I had a great game, 3 caps, 4 kills, like 12,000 total XP, ranked top player on the team.

    Second match completely different story. I was able to secure center cap but got NO support. I blocked red DD from scoring it and then he ran and I capped. I did a bunch of damage to a Japanese BB with my guns, multiple fires set but still no support. By this point our team has lost the other two caps. I try to move over to take one of them back but again was not able to secure a second cap because I was chased out by red team cruisers. Again NO support. What’s worse is that after I moved out of center cap red team eventually snuck back in and took it from my team. We ended up losing on points and I was top 3 and one of only two ships to survive. The total difference between being supported in a match and not being supported.

  4. As a DD player we thank you. I’ve been seeing friendly cruisers that spawn with me on a flank just turn and leave at the start of the match. They blame carriers or whatever but with no cruiser support, as a DD player, I’m generally hesitant to try to cap since I now have no support. The BBs camp behind an island trying to snipe and keep spamming “I need intelligence data” over and over while we’re getting pinged by subs; it’s pretty frustrating.

    • I often play a Mainz, many people like to sit back and just HE-spam with it. I prefer following my DD into a cap and while the enemy DD is worrying about our DD, I burn it down with that Mainz HE and dispersion. Don’t often play DDs but do play the ZF-6 sometimes, it has a reload booster and with DD on DD battle, you will usually win with your guns.

    • whats frustrating is watching my shells land on both sides of my target while i get hit by 80 percent of what fired at me.Or playing to win only to have my ship detonate with most of my health.The side that gets detonated loses 80 percent of the time

    • yeah happen to me all the time, a cruiser pinging i should go forward even though there is a sub haunting the cap and no one ASW him

  5. Thanks for the video. I enjoy your content and have learned so much thanks to you. I will practice these more but it sucks when you dont have support or the cruisers or bbs have no idea what they doing or asking for.
    Sometimes it feels best to go solo

  6. The BB playerbase just can’t figure this simple thing out. They might go in with the intention of supporting their DD but as soon as a enemy BB pops up they shoot at that and are reloading when the enemy DD pops up inevitibly 2 seconds after they shot. This happens 9 times out of 10. If i’m supporting my DD I load HE and WAIT until their DD pops up and usually take 3-7k off them in one salvo. This again 9 times out of 10 swings that flank in our favour.

  7. 1: don’t cap till you know where all the radar ships are. Realize that capping is shouting all over the map, hello I am here!!!
    2: killing is more important than capping (it’s nice to cap but if you only have the cap for 3 min and then your team is dead or fleeing and the enemy has the cap for the last 13 min)
    3. Often DDs cap behind a rock and meanwhile the enemy DD is spotting/torping your teammates. KEEP spotting.
    4. Good concealment? OPEN WATER is your friend!! Don’t be de DD with 5.4 concealment that goes around the corner and runs into 1 or 2 enemy ships like a cruiser.
    5. ASSUME the worst, hope for the best. If a (radar) ship is not spotted yet assume it at your cap.
    6. DONT GO in a cap too deep in the beginning. if you then get spotted, the enemy ships are 12-14km from you, and the enemy DD is spotted 14-16km from your teammates. You chance of dying is bigger than the enemy DD.
    7. DONT lay broadside in the CAP, preff. ass in so you can run away immediately

    • 8 & 9, use Survivability Expert and RPF. Former to not get one shot, latter for even tiny bit of information that will inevitable save you ass, and possibly ruin enemy DD’s day if you’re running torp boat.
      I swear, the ammount of Ostergotlands without SE in this ranked season is driving me insane. They rush in, get deleted, and then bitch about 0 support when they have one of the lowest health pools in the game, and are outspotted by every single DD except french and german CL DDs.

    • i have a lot of games where i spot 3 or 4 ships an d no one shoots them

    • @Grizzz theybshoot only shoot 1, focus fire!

  8. I agree about the guns. Starting a fire at just the wrong time for them is usually a better answer for the team. You might just surprise yourself and win the fight, even if not the whole game. Confidence takes time in close quarters.

  9. My best ship used to be the Shima, since the CV rework though… it’s hard to get any spotting ribbons, and as soon as I’m found or spotted… enemy cv hounds me like a tick… IMHO, CV’s right now have made playing DD’s or the slower BB’s like Yamato brutal to play.

    • one of the few times a have played cvs , i spotted a the dd and got reported so many times i never did that again , and my team did not shoot him .
      on sea i think a lot of players are , they to send war gaming a message , by the way they play

  10. Blow out games are becoming more common because of the excessive amount of spotting that can see the DD.

    I have a 57% WR in DDs. Everything you said is true, when the other team doesn’t have Hybrids, subs and CVs with enough brains to know endlessly harassing the DD wins games for your team. Your DD cannot spot for you when unstoppable spotting is endlessly cycling in.

  11. I would also suggest many of the light cruisers can do these as well. My best CL battles, I use them like DDs. Thank you Sealord for this tips video. Now I still have to grind my T8s and this will help loads. As a secondary thought, what are the worst DDs in-game?

  12. I agree. Had a match that was a blow out. The 4 DDs on our side died in the first 6 minutes. I died to torps coming from the bow, stern, and port side.

  13. Nailed it as usual. The toughest part of DDs for me is that you have zero support when contesting a cap because of the meta of sniping from max range. That also goes pretty much for all classes, because if you push, you are doing it by yourself.

    • im not a DD player, im mainly a BB and a CL/CA player, and there are times i dont even have support when it comes to contesting a cap

  14. My only problem with DD is when I either A: get spotted once by a CV and focused down by them, or B: surprise there’s a sub that can spot me and I get swarmed down because I can’t shoot back at him, but he can still spot me. I’ve died these two ways so many times more than I have to contesting a cap. Of course there’s always someone who has been charging past my view screen that blames the DD when we end up losing.

  15. I am starting to get burned out of the blowouts and other BS crap. As a primary DD player you are right on. Another reason I am getting game fatigue with the game, last week, I had 3 9v9 matches in a row (why I dunno) two matches had 4 carriers and the 3rd match had 4 CV, 2 hybrid BB and 4 subs in a 9v9 and as a DD player I just logged off, and its been 5 days since I played last. This is the exact reason I have not spent a dime on the game in 4 years. I still want to enjoy, but the match making is pure crap.

  16. You can also do the “turn around in the cap” method of being stern-in in “large” caps pretty safely. If the cap is 10k across and so you won’t run into an enemy DD without knowing they’re in the cap with you, you don’t need the island cover. Keep an eye out for radar ships, though, and don’t go *straight* in; you don’t want to have to do a full 180, but coming in at an angle and turning around while you stop is still a lot faster than full stopping and reversing into the cap.

  17. Nice tips for beginners, but i think you forgot one which is especially important from T8 when everything starts to kill you within seconds: Caps are noobtraps! Rushing into a cap right from the start, as many players demand their DD to do or eat a report, is getting DDs killed or heavily damaged, reducing their further impact on the game. Even if you stern into the cap, most of the time your DD will get radared or spottet by the enemy DD / CV and eat damage without accomplishing anything. Henceforth this is the to do list for DDs during the early game: 1) Spot! Find enemy radar cruisers and spam the focus fire command on them until your BBs get the messge and get them killed or to retreat from the cap. If they instead continue shooting enemy BBs and ignore the cruisers you may just leave the flank. Those people are dumb and don’t deserve your help since they wont help you either. 2) Get “your” red DD killed, either by doing it yourself or keeping him lit for your teammates. 3) Get the cap when it is “safe”, most of the time no cap is worth a destroyer. People claiming they did their job by getting the early cap, hitting some BB with torps and then die are stupid and you should not listen to them ever! No BB and cap are worth a destroyer! 4) Stay alive! Don’t yolo just because you think the game is won. Games get thrown all of the time and your team might need your destroyer at the end to keep the cap advantage. If your health is low focus on spotting and torping if your ship can stealthtorp. No need to int! 5) Report every sub that pings you 6) Press battle and repeat.

    • Totally agree. I used to be intimidated by BB players that demanded in chat for me to rush to the cap. Since I’ve adopted the “kill the red DD first” as my priority and cap when its safe my win rate has gone way up.

  18. Gets pretty hard to win when you go down 3-4 ships in the first 5 minutes. Now I’ve done my fair share of that, but I’ve gotten better at not being the first to die. Usually happens when I’m not patient, focused, or in some sort of funk. Going down 3-4 ships in the first five minutes will definitely put you in a funk.
    Guess I go hot and cold, but when I’m really on, I can have games with 8 kills in an Asashio, or gun battles where I’m half health, but still able to take out a full health DD. You can definitely see a good torpedo boat stalling the enemy push on the flank.

    It’s getting harder though. So many new radar ships, op gun boat DD’s with radar and sonar, hybrid ships putting do many planes over the caps. A good CV player will make your game play a living nightmare. Bad enough you have to deal with CV’s that drop greater qualities of torpedoes, but have to deal with those annoying skip bombers. About the only piece of advice I can give is pay closer attention to your mini-map, and try to steer away from planes, and try to know the general location of radar ships.

  19. I play almost only DDs and it happens a lot where you get no help or being in a DD knife fight and my friendlys are not helping me but the enemy friendlys are targeting me, nice video, keep up the great work.

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