World of Warships – Forbidden Love

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Four battles for the price of one today! First, a Minotaur loaded for bear in Clan battles. Second, Two Bothers middle rush done right followed by third, Two Brothers middle rush done wrong. Finally, a tale of forbidden love, featuring a love triangle between a Missouri, a Neptune and a Hakuryu who just couldn’t take “no” for an answer.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Stanciu Olivian Gaming

    Also great video jingles, have you considered playing {insert name of the game here} my mighty overlord of the salt mines

  2. Jinglees! Take a look at my Ghost Leviathan! Swear that is the last episode from Subnautica series and will not disturb anymore 😀
    P.S. I am ahead of my week dose of salt-mine work, so can take 1-2 hours off!

  3. 49th in from the salt mines. could you consider looking into “men of war assault squad 2” like if you agree

  4. Jingles, I have to admit that I am very jealous of the position you are in, that is, the fact that you have a job that you love/enjoy that supports you. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad I subscribed to you, and will forever remain a subscriber until the day I die. However, I am jealous that you overall enjoy/love the job you have, and that job supports your life. How many people, in the entirety of history, can say that they enjoy the job they have, and that job supports their life? I am constantly pressured to either go to college, or get a job. But there is no job that I can find and/or think of that I can willingly give an honest go, so going to college it is for me. But for you, just by being who you are, and doing what you love, you have people who love you and/or are so loyal to you that they freely, willingly, and happily give you money on patreon just so you can keep doing what you do, which is something you love. I really hope that you are gratefully for the position you are in, and really thankful to those of us who freely, willingly, and happily give you free money just so you can keep doing what you love. You are in a rare position (having a job you love that supports you) that millions, if not billions, of people dream of being in, willing to do who knows what just to realize that dream. As the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius once said, “a man who finds a job he loves never works a day in his life.” While the quote itself is not completely true, the idea is.

    • As a translator, I love my job, and it supports me. If you have the will, you have the means.
      That was a really touching message though.

    • Silverslicer it’s actually not that hard finding something you can enjoy doing. But the easiest way to do that is tough it out doing what you can get first. I retired from the military at the age of 28 and have a pension. Now that I have a constant source of income I can do whatever I want.

      I am a game master with a Escape Room. Which means I lock people in themed rooms and watch them struggle to escape. Then through out the year I am a Icon Actor in the haunted house industry. So if I am not locking people into rooms I am scaring them out of them.

      Most of the time you have to suffer some bs to get to the good stuff.

    • The Mighty Jingles jingles they added the spitfire mkvb and the spitfire mkvc

    • The Mighty Jingles please do a play through of all three deadspace games in order

    • i fix and restore motorbikes in my shed its not work its pleasure im not well off and never will be but food always on table bills always paid and little extra for kids to do there things. to me that is rich as im happy secure and dont wake up every morning dreding the day

  5. Roses are red
    Violets are Blue
    I have a bit of a crush
    And that’s why I torpedoed you

  6. New 2 brothers meta, both teams go down the channel, imagine the chaos

  7. Holy shit that Minotaur is an absolute legend

    • Very true. Most Minotaur players in Clan also run smoke because the ship itself is really too soft to be seen outside a smoke screen.

    • So basically running radar is only going to be reliable if you have a good team mate to smoke for you.

    • Why on earth are you running non-premium consumables in clan battles?!? Pay the 22k silver, please.

    • And congrats for the enemy team for being stupid enough send all of their DDs into a single cap. Pro MLG strats indeed lol

    • Well, yeah.

      It’s *possible* to not have a DD follow you around and drop smoke for you, but it’s pretty risky. So yep.

  8. The Spanish Inquisition

    8:50, indeed, NO ONE EXPECTS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAAHHAHAH!

  9. 6:34 They should have let him have the last kill. That would have been the greatest clan battle curbstomp ever. RULE BRITANNIA!!!!

  10. British Knight aka MiniNinja1

    Ah, we can always rely on you, Jingles. “There’s a minekaze there”, say you, while looking at the little DD with MUTSUKI clearly written above it. 😀

  11. Alexander Maliziola

    Look what you’ve done Jingles. Look at all these “Great video, by the way can you consider checking out…” comments. You’re never gonna hear the end of this.

  12. Jingles, please play Lone Echo again.
    Attempt #34.

  13. 66 planes shot down.. You would think that the carrier would of learned and taken on different targets, but nope…

  14. You do not take a BB down the midd…….oh w8…..

    Already done it, never mind…..
    Move along, move along…..

  15. Great video jingles! Have you considered playing World of Warships?

  16. That first game must have been in a new league. The “Slight Breeze League” or something like that. 😀

  17. “that’s right, 3 replays for the price of 1!”

    Urm jingles – there was 4…. Jingles? Ahhhhh crap…. *shotgun cocks*

  18. Pls remove minotaur, clearly too OP

    Also what a good sport Waffle’s team is.

  19. @16:00 Not quite. The Shiratsuyu used to be able to take both smoke and the reload booster, but the slots were merged fairly quickly. Asashio gets both at the moment…but she’s still in testing. Akizuki is the only ‘production’ destroyer that I know of that can load both smoke and TRB.

  20. “I’ll show you 3 replays” – Jingles

    *Shows 4 replays*

    Oh Jingles, you’re so crap <3

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