World of Warships- Forrest Sherman First Impressions: SAP Was A Mistake

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Hey guys, today we have the new Tier X Premium American Destroyer, Forrest Sherman to review, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. “SAP was a mistake” UNDERSTATEMENT of the decade. God i hate those shells simply on the grounds of “no counter play”. YES I have been informed that SAP CAN bounce, but 10 degrees is BULLSHIT! Combine that with the “just enough” Pen value to punch though the Common thresholds, most ANNOYING shells EVER! Most AP shells bounce at a 60 degree angle and the improved ones at 45 degrees or so.

    Anyone, its kinda funny how many of these “1950s/1960s” and more modern designs have been added and keep getting added. I will not be surprised if we get SAM AA ships in the future (we have Rocket AA mounts, Missile AA isnt much of a stretch), who knows maybe modernized Iowa Class at some point.

    • I’d love to have modern ships. But at their own tier, not T11 able to play against T8

    • sap isnt that op, most of ita bbs arent even that good

    • Mr. Werner you are incorrect about your SAP. info. American SAP as well as the upcoming Italian Destroyers Ricochet at less aggressive angles than the Italian Cruisers.
      I’m waiting for the free version to drop before I get a chance to play FS but I’ve heard from clanmates that HE is much more effective at range than sap since most of it ricochets or non pens.

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @vali andrei theres been modern-ish ships for years now, such as mysore, belfast, kutzunetzov and the entire PEU DD line

  2. i have played this boat, and i like it, would recommend it as a good credit farmer..!

  3. Im assuming that as soon as subs come back into the game those fixed mk35 torps (torps ship came with) will be sub homing as designed?

  4. “US shell arcs” as a con?
    You should realy play Gearing as a comparrison, thouse are Austin Shellarcs, and Austin shells are like the best 127mm shellarcs in the game. Airdrag coefficient (hidden stat) makes all the difference heare. You notice that when shooting at ranges on 12km+, gearings/Atlanta/… 127mm shells have a 12sek+ traveltime to that distance.

  5. If Forrest Sherman is an 8/10, what tier 10 DD would be a 10/10?
    Smalland vs SAP, no contest the Smalland goes back to port.

    • Misaka -Railgun- Mikoto the ace of Tokiwadai

      10/10 ?


    • 10/10 would be smaland, Ragnar, kleber or marceau probably, maybe daring at a stretch.

    • Depends on what you are asking. If you want the tankiest dd, Khaba.
      Strongest 1v1 dd? Khaba
      Best farmer? Harugumo and Khaba
      Best area denial? Z-52 and smaland
      This hunk of junk ain’t that great at any of those. Having a fast reload on 3 guns doesn’t get you that great results. Losing a turret doesn’t hurt you by 1/3 but like 50% because dispersion is a thing on only 3 guns.

    • @Antonio Hagopian Was asking SLM what was his 10/10 if Forrest was only an 8.

  6. Something I never liked with dds and SAP is some get SAP yet every dd (maybe German mini cruisers are different I haven’t actually checked) shows the AP as SAP.

    So why do some dds get game SAP while nearly, if not every dd, lists its AP as SAP.

  7. Emil Kluczyński

    Given server tickrate issues still weren’t addressed on live server, some thought needs to be put when building Forrest Sherman, Smaland and other hyperfast reloading guns, as unga bunga stack all the reload may not necessarily work as advertised.

    Currently, when using ripple fire (unless you want to click your left mouse button away), you need to reach 1.428s or 1.142s reload breakpoints. Former requires only BFT from reload modifiers, latter calls for BFT, reload mod and Fearless Brawler OR Adrenaline and losing at least half of your hp. Without these conditions met, your reload will be 1.428s.

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      There will be a fix in 2 patches, max

    • Emil Kluczyński

      @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings First, it needs to arrive and not brick anything in meantime. Second, 1/7 tickrate for ripple fire is an improvement, but you doesn’t fix root cause. For example, FS with just Reload mod will achieve the same tick of 1.428s as with BFT. And only practical difference with the fix would be achieving 1.285s tick with BFT and Reload mod, as 1.142s tick is “obtainable” currently.

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings yup, poor vision by wg.
      but imo you can just butterfly click with these kinda ships :p.

  8. I would say this is closer to a friesland than a smalland since it has rapid firing guns with similar detection and same consumables

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking. A few differences – AA isn’t as special, it has torps but few / bad angles. When I saw the hydro range I was thinking that would be such a great DD hunter – if they smoke up, sit at 4km and hydro them. If they don’t close in & smoke up yourself.

  9. Arizona Anime-Fan

    played against one in a gearing, sank it. trick is just don’t get into a fair fight with it. the lack of a heal really kills it as a gunboat.

  10. I remember going aboard theTurner Joy in Bremerton many years ago; it’s a Forest Sherman class, not a museum ship. Appreciate your insights on this.

  11. There are ships using hedgehog already in game so Sherman should have them also

  12. Thanks for the first impression! Neat to see but definitely not for me!

  13. I’d say only 2 charges of smoke also goes on the “cons” list.

  14. My dad served on Her in the 60’s, its a must have for me, almost got the coal saved up!

  15. BB- 152 USS META

    Given that the new British Super Mino was from the 70’s….

  16. Trust me, Wargaming will be nerfing this ship to 2.5 seconds reload time. Whenever people complains about OP, as long as it’s not Russian ships, wargaming will nerfing it on the next patch update.

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