World of Warships – Fortress Des Moines

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Sometimes, I swear the plays less like a ship and more like old forts…


  1. Des Moines is basically the brother of the Cleveland

  2. Here’s hoping that everything with your student and girlfriend works out ok

  3. Holy crap. This video really demonstrates that you need premium time to play TX ships. High damage, almost top XP earned… anddddd… -33k silver if you didn’t have premium. And thats WITH the 10% service discount. -_-”

  4. PickelJars ForHillary

    The Japanese lost WWII because they didnt develop the tactics of hugging islands and using them for cover as you spam HE.

  5. This video is pure gold. Thank you Chase! I just unlocked the Cleveland and I’m quickly realising how to play it effectively.

    Plus, I like that you talk about your life experiences too: it certainly adds style and connects us all more.

  6. The economy is the reason why i rather stay at t8. (No unique camo)

  7. Fortress and Des Moines in one sentence, top lmao

  8. I got bullied pretty badly in Middle School because I used to be quite overweight. But then I always had my group of friends – or at least what passed for friends in middle school anyway (everybody talked crap behind everybody else’s back) – but the two things that really made people stop bullying me and start to respect me were not exactly heathy life choices… I was always far more, well, knowledgeable and “intelligent” (despite bad life choices) than any of the imbeciles that ever bullied me, and I was not afraid to make them look like the ignorant pricks they were. I shapened my teeth, and my tongue. Wore steel toe boots, dressed in all black with Olive Drab cargo pants by late 7th grade, and was mostly anti social.

    By the time I got to 9th grade, I lost all my weight from catching Lyme Disease, and the people I was not directly firends with, tended to shy away from me. But eventually I was friends with everybody basically, and had formed a rather large and close knit clique by mid 9th grade.

    I suppose the thing I would tell your student, would be that he should NEVER give the bullies what they want. Don’t show fear, don’t act like you even care that they exist. If possible – and you are confident enough, make them look like the insecure, small minded, ignorant jerks they are. In my experience- anyone who is not a CLOSE friend of said bully, will love the chance to pile on and make them feel bad. Thing is – nobody likes bullies, they may pretend to, but that is only because they are afraid themselves, shatter the bully’s delusional mask, and they will become afriad of you.

  9. ichase, if you were to look at your personal game in relation to the rest of the team you will realize that you personally could of quite easily have won the match instead of the close win (thanks to misplays by enemy at the end more then correct play from your team). You are in a DM and never used your radar once. if you had placed yourself at the E8 island you wouldve cleared the benson earlier then the baltimore eventually did plus possibly spotted the shima moving from A to B cap to assist in its destruction alot earlier, giving early free range for your shima to torp into C cap if enemy continued their push. ( was unliky anyway as there were 5 other team ships holding C cap down. Benson was destroyed ~6min by balitmore and id say his radar. realistically you personally couldve had it at least a few minutes earlier as he was capping from the E8 island. Then either the shima, balti or even you couldve capped B for the 2v1 advantage.
    You said it yourself, look at your ship its major strength for this match on this map is the Radar. Positioned at E8 wouldve covered most of B and C cap if the enemy DD went C instead of B.
    Nice win either way but you made it harder then it needed to be.

  10. Great vid. I love the des

  11. Des moines is my favorite

  12. be smart. thats the deal

  13. what is that achievement on the far right, I keep getting them and have no idea what they are

  14. Great video! I’m glad you’re making videos teaching the community how to play certain roles and that it’s *OK* to play your ship to it’s strengths. Keep it up!

  15. What bothers me when I’m trying to be patient and effectively use a position is the keyboard warriors in chat screaming in all caps to attack, move, quit camping, NC not doing anything…blah blah blah. I was bow tanking at the end of a battle in my NC against 3 rushing BBs and some cruisers and everyone who had died was screaming that “This NC isn’t doing anything to help!” I was one of 3 surviving ships against 7 and was reversing while they rushing, trying to keep the best angle and use my front guns… What else could I have done, in open water no less…

  16. 1 year watching and i had not subbed to you.

  17. Hey, Chase! Do a review on the Conquerer when it is released! Make it OP! 🙂

  18. You the kind of cruiser player that everyone hates, because you turn the game into a passive game where everyone doesn’t do shit and that’s boring as fuck. I like ur videos and shit, but that’s a cowardice noob way to play.

  19. I fucking hate CAMPERS. They ruin the game!!!

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