World of Warships – Four Battles in the Farragut

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I, a humble average WoWs player, present four consecutive battles (no cherry-picking!) in the Farragut.

Thanks to Wargaming for making this excellent game! You can find more information about it at


  1. I call the Ilsand avoidance manuver “Pulling a Titanic if they had seen the
    iceburg sooner.” :)

  2. you dont seem to use the mouse wheel while zoomed in for firing your guns.
    by using the mouse wheel you can change your field of view to get a better
    aim at far away and/or fast targets. just my 5 cents ;-)

  3. Gee thanks Tyler, you found another game for me to like spend my time on.
    My spouse and kids miss me. 😉

    I’ve been sending a lot of time swanning around in a Wickes and torping
    BBs. If there’s a bigger ship around they tend to ignore me until I’m in
    knife range.

  4. yaaaay world of warships more of that pls

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