World of Warships – France First Impression

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Take out the France, tier 10 battleship and see how the ship performs normally. Game is close and I get to test the ship in a variety of situations. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X French Battleship France Replay


  1. ” Her reload time is the best in class but her amount of guns is also the worst in class”.

    Nice statement Notser. And I think our lady France here should have more buff, reload time to be exact. That way, while she still only have 8 guns total, her reload time will counter that for France to be competitive. 😉

    And btw Notser, now you show us high tier French BB, how about the low tier one? The road to France is long, and you need to prepare us what obstacle we ahould prepare. 🙂

    • 4x3x406 is already in the game, it is the Montana, we don’t want a Montana clone ! Kurrywurst can also mount 406s instead of 420s.
      But at the time I didn’t like the aesthétics of the Montana, before unlocking her, I’d have preferred a French BB with same layout it would have been prettier. But yeah, Montana might be ugly, she is efficient. Now I prefer my French BBs to be different from the US ones.
      But 16 guns at tier 10, honhonhon, that could have been glorious…

    • Quo Niam
      Just for you to know, it is not due to personal bias, but the 3×4 arrangement is next to the 3×3 the most flexible / efficient when balancing armor, speed and main armament and all of the naval powers of the time knew and all and each one of HIS battleships or battle cruisers had either one or the other, whether they were real or incomplete ships or even design studios, EVEN the Soviets and the French knew that, and I can guarantee you that if the Austrian Hungarian Empire or Spain would have launched its own Super Battleship, had or had a 3X3 or 3X4 arrangement

    • Yeah I know, the 3×3 seems to be the best compromise even the IJN chose it for the Yamato and France did have a version of the Alsace designed as a 3×3 BB whether in 380s or 406s. WG decided to chose the quad turrets for more originality in game. In fact the preferred Alsace version was the 3×3, like Roma.

    • Quo Niam
      I would have preferred a Supervitamined Alsace with 16 15-inch guns as quick-shot shotguns mounted on 4 triple turrets to be original and precise besides that NO ONE, but NO ONE in the forums or the community in general wanted a hypervitamidated Mikasa for TX, we all want a Super Alsace with 16 15 inch guns or 12 guns of 406 or 420 millimeters or even a Super Alsace with a 3×3 arrangement with the historical 450 millimeter French cannons that proved to be better than all the other naval guns that were NOT those of the Yamato class
      we all want something like THIS:
      or THIS:
      BE the crown of the line and NOT a HIPERVITAMINDED MIKASA…

    • Yeah, the quad design could have been so glorious. If they went for the four quad turrets.

  2. 14:20 HUGE mistake here notser you should have wait for torps and not move….

  3. This ship is literally another reason to not use 457 Conqueror.

    • ArmchairWarrior
      I think that 16 barrels of 15 inches (380 millimeters) like shotguns with a mediocre AP and HE stats would be MUCH better and more comforting and fun than just 8 cannons in 2 quadruples turrets (which always have been fucking the precision every time they fire a salvo, mainly at long distance) or 9 cannons of 450 millimeters in 3 triple barrel turrets (Yamato style) would be much more rudimentary than just 2 quadruple turrets

    • i agree that a lot of small caliber guns would be nice…
      450mm with 9 guns? would instantly be weak as it doesnt overmatch like yamato but has identical number of guns.
      they probably didnt have a design like that so both of these options would be completely imaginary…which is probably a bit too much for WG to do 😛
      rapid reload 8 heavy guns should be acceptable, but they probably need unique accuracy to be more comfortable and armor should be more resistant to HE shells.

    • cobrazax
      they will not buff the ship’s armor any more since it is NOT German, besides the 450 millimeter cannon is real and historical they could give it 25 seconds of recharge and it is superior to all the other naval rifles that are not those of the Yamato class in terms of pure pentracion in all the distance apart from the AP shell is almost as heavy as the shell AP of the class Yamato in case you do not know, in addition WG can give sigma 2.2 or a dispersion like the class Yamato since in contrast to the fantasy that WG pretends to throw us in TX has one more cannon and has bigger caliber therefore a power of blow more painful and obviously better values ​​of penetration for being heavier PLUS the super alsace is NOT imaginary look at this:
      These drawings are BASED on the REAL design studies that are part of the Alsase class and none of the concept or any variant of the previous class carrying those fictitious 431 millimeter cannons, the French would have equipped it or with the same 380 millimeter cannons of the class Alsace and Richelieu or with 406 and 420 millimeter cannons that did put on paper or had simply updated their 450 millimeter cannon for the Super Alsace that would have had 4 quadruples turrets with the same 15-inch guns or 12 guns 406, 420 or even 450 millimeters in 4 triple barrel turrets and NO 2 quad turrets

    • the armor buff i was talking about was for the HE spam like better armor for the deck…thats it. the citadel armor is decent.
      if these designs are real, maybe they are worth it.
      anyway they should balance it more as the only things going for it are the great reload which is unique and the high AP dmg which is similar to Yamato. other than that its not very good.
      thats why a buff should be considered to either accuracy or HE protection or both.
      your other armament options could also be viable but its unlikely that WG will change to them now.

    • The citadel is too similar to that of Yammy-san / musashi …. IT IS NOT TO INSULT, but …. You did not read cobrazax
      what I wrote well ???? I wrote that all those drawings are based on the design studies of the Alsace class even if they have the face of being fiction or alternative history, they are very realistic in terms of historical context and they are something that France would very likely have built if they knew the scale of the Yamato and H classes, are also designs that are within the capacity of French naval construction technical and technological additions that fit within their customs / philosophies of shipbuilding and apart from that would work MUCH better as TX, would also be much better received by the gaming community including the supertesrs
      Just wait until you see how it rains criticism to those of WG on the TX, they will be forced to change it (the same story happened with the Furutaka and the old Iowa and Montana)
      Finally, I DO NOT think that the WOWS community will welcome another line of flamethrower battleships, PARTICULARLY after the almost fuss of the forums that was the discovery of the HE Nuclear of the British battleships when they premiered for the first time, I’m not sure that the community wants to see that kind of fuss again honestly….

  4. “Turret traverse is terrible” – laughs in IJN

  5. Notser, are you one of those noob BB’s that go to the west side of A on Sea of Fortune?

    • The problem with doing it in randoms is the “lemming train effect”. You can support B easier from C on that map. A is really isolated. If you run to the flank in your french BB on the A side, chances are your going to take a significant percentage of the team with you and your going to lose B and C because of it. Which is exactly what happened on this replay. It would have been better to go to the C flank instead, so the people following you can assist the team more at B/C.

    • Still top score in the team. Faulty to not carry the Lemmings is a good noob argument.

    • I go where the fun takes me, not too preoccupied on optimal strats with my skill level. French BBs demand a flank on the enemy otherwise they’re a waste.

    • are you one of those noobs that complains about ocean? I dont need to pick a side to rape you over the coals.

    • Notser yep most players think bbs should be all vanguard front line ..but in sense not all can do that .apart from the german ..usa bbs are mostly mid range devastating,IJN excel in most long range ,british also mid range in my view .

      No idea why the keep shouting noob noob we all enjoy battle instincts at playing yeah ???

  6. Do you think the t9 would be better served as the t10 and vice versa?

    • I think that the France would have been better off if it had the same layout as the Alsace, i.e. 3×4. Right now, the France is just a Super-Spee.

    • I think if Wargaming could do it all over again they’d make a up gunned tier 9 that sits in the tier 10 slot.

    • John Penn
      NO, rather Wargaming should completely discard that ship and replace it with an AUTHENTIC Super Alsace with a 4×4 arrangement in case they want to maintain the quadruple turrets, or a 3×3 or 3×4 arrangement with 406, 420 or 450 millimeter cannons

    • Notser indeed, that is why they have been making so many changes to France, as you said once, they re quite unhappy with the performance… the ship seems interesting anyway, it is a different T10, specially with that 21 sec reload… every replay I have seen it seems to do well, getting 100+k dmg games with no really big effort but still I get this feeling of missing something for a T10 BB…
      PS. Omg Notser replied! Keep the good work bro!!

    • Daniel Delgado
      That ship is FALSE completely since ALL and each of the studies, design concepts and variants of the Alsace class HAVE 3 or 4 main or quadruple or triple barrel turrets, none of them corresponds to that ABOMINATION called France, NO as the Kurfurst, the Conquetor, the Yammy-San or Monty (all or are real,get her kell’s laidown or at least have REAL BLUEPRINTS from which are modeled in the game) although I admit that any battleship for TX of Italy, Spain, Latin America or the Austro-Hungarian Empire will have that being a fantasy of alternative history or something of that nature, I already admit and accept none of these nations have a real battleship or real paper design that can get to fill the slot TX…France, on the other hand, has at least 2 or 3 design studies of a Super Alsace on the table that could perfectly fill the TX slot:
      -One has an arrangement of main turrets of AB-XY (3X4), basically a Montanoid with guns of NOT specified caliber between 406 and 431 millimeters
      -The other version has the same arrangement of turrets, but they are quadruple turrets with the cannons of 380 millimeters of the Richelieu and Alsace classes

  7. I’ll be waiting for the down the line video of the french bbs!

  8. I’m hoping that the USS Massachusetts gets release with the French BB’s due to the Massachusetts French BB connection.

  9. Everyone complaining about this ship and saying it needs a buff is the reason why the game is in the state that it is. If the ship isn’t OP then everyone bitches about it till wargaming buffs it then when they do everyone again complains about it being OP. Notser didn’t have a bad game with this ship as is. If you’re not a good player then don’t go down this line, go for the Germans. If you want a challenge then go for the France. Every ship in the game has its strengths and weaknesses, that’s what makes the game fun to play

    • Alex Gonzalez
      Its ridiculous because now you’re just taking a ship from its historical background. The ship didn’t have 4 quad turrets. It doesn’t matter if they “would” have done it or not. That’s why this whole “every ship has to be OP” mentality is going to ruin the game. You can’t just say “because I don’t do well in this ship, its the ships fault not mine. “

    • Seth Reeves
      It is NOT ridiculous, it is logical since ALL battleships of TX have some historical basis:
      -The Montanas had their keels placed in a tier but not completed by a lack of steel
      -The Grosser Kurfurst that you see in the game is an H-42 helmet with the rifles of an H-41
      -The Conquetor is based on the preliminary designs of the Lion class with the 457 millimeter rifles tested in the 20s
      THAT THING (France) has NO historical context, those 431 millimeter rifles are fictional, they are not real, unlike the 380 millimeter or 450 millimeter cannon, France would NEVER have put a battleship of that tonnage with that absurdity layout of turret, even less after ALL the treaties of naval limitations had fallen AND NONE of the variants or preliminaries of the Alsace class has such an absurd arrangement of main turrets, all have either an arrangement of 3×3.3×4, 4×3 or 4×4 with cannons ranging from the 380-millimeter caliber to the 420-millimeter caliber, none of those variants I consider the fictitious rifle of 431 millimeters and before you write me that I’m crazy or I do not know what I’m saying, look at this:
      Thoses drawing are basos on ACTUAL Alsace class preliminars design….

    • Alex Gonzalez

      France did, however, decide to negate the naval treaties after they found out about Germany building the Bismarck and Tirpitz. And all the above mentions that you listed aren’t doubling the amount of guns she had. If you are able to get a T10 ship then you should be skilled enough to know what you can and can’t handle. Even if they caved and doubled the guns and increased the reload time, it’d still out match every ship in the game in terms of guns. You’re talking 16 main guns when the most any other T10 ship has is 12. That’s hugely over powered and if you can’t see how stuff like this destroys the game then you’re part of the problem.

    • Seth Reeves
      16 guns of 380 millimeters will never break the game, because the smaller caliber guarantees less damage per projectile and because the quad turrets gives her a mediocre dispertion, and before you blame the players for not being able to use a ship, tell that to ALL the captains of HMS Conquetor they opt for the rifles of 419 millimeters, and they do not use the rifles of 457 millimeters, for more than one reason:
      – Insufficient number of barrels
      -Not enough fire volume
      Insufficient Sigma
      -They are not reliable even if they shoot napalm
      -Dispertion that stinks
      8 guns just do not work without an iabsurdly good dispersion and sigma, the FRANCE is identical to the HMS Conquetor in all those cons and more because of the design that makes everything worse, if that thing is not changed, well, it could be one of the 3 most hated / detested battleships of the game along with the Myogi and the Izumo or the South Carolina and do not blame the captains / jumbers of that ship if the Non-British CA/CL’s and RN battleships eat it alive

    • Seth Reeves
      France would never have built something like that, just look for the preliminaries of the Alsace class and you will see immediately that NONE of the variants or design studies of the Alsace class had such a delayed turret arrangement, they all had either 3×3, 4×3, 3×4 or even 4×4 but NONE 4×2, IS ship is totally false / fiction and you know how is the community with the fiction boats where they should not be (cough cough Monarch cough)
      just look at them:
      All these drawings are / are based in variants, concepts and design studies AUTHENTIC of the Alsace class, and none of them is the abomination of TX, any of them (particularly the grades) would be much better than the ahistorical abomination that those of Wargaming They intend to throw us in TX even if they seem boring …

  10. Couldn’t be less excited for this T10…it has nothing going for it. In this game fast battleships can be nice but are easy to overextend in and get focused.

    • I think that the problem I have with the France is that it’s a good example of what happens when the devs want to force uniqueness into a fake ship. I won’t say that the ship is “crap”, but it just doesn’t feel like what I think a WW2 era top tier BB should feel like.

      Also, the entire line feels so scatterbrained because there’s no consistency in turret layouts, no consistent progression from pre-WW1 inefficient layouts to more modern, efficient layouts. The only efficient layout IMO is the tier 9 Alsace. The France feels like a BB version of the Graf Spee, while the Richelieu feels like an upgraded version of the Dunkerque.

    • crucisnh
      You are right about the ship, IT IS FULLY FALSE, no naval power would have built a battleship of that tonnage with that absurd disposition of turrets, NI France NI italy or any other would have built anything similar to that abomination, would have built similar to Yamato or a Montanoid, NOT a super gascogne… if France had put the keel a battleship of that displacement, it would have had a 3×4 or 3×3 or even 4×4 arrangement with the 380 millimeter cannons of the Richelieu and Alsace classes in the last case or with 406, 420 rifles or the historic cannons of 450 millimeters as main weapon in all other cases, since all the naval power used or the 3×3 or 3×4 arrangement since it was the most beneficial and balanced in terms of speed, armor and armament

  11. wrong. reload on yamato and musashi isnt fast. however GK reload is fast with small guns, but this ship has even FASTER reload

    • it has almost yamato AP dmg with 1 gun less, but has no super overmatch.
      reload is significantly better though but not sure its enough.

    • cobrazax
      Those rifles do not compare to those of Yammy-San / Musashi, I think you’re thinking about the 450-millimeter cannon they tested in the 1920s, that was just inferior in most areas, and weighed almost the same in terms comparison for AP shell vs AP shell

    • the 431mm have similar dmg as yamato guns

    • Thoses fictional 431mm guns doesn`t have Super Heavy AP Shells to equalize the Yammy-San/Musashi AP Shells, you`re thinking on the French 450mm guns
      With only 8 rifles, it is very doubtful that it will work, that thing needs a 3×3 array like the Yamato class to function …

    • im just saying their DAMAGE PER SHELL is similar thats all.

  12. Interesting ship. I’m glad WG doesn’t make a copy of every other basic T10 BB in gun layout. But this seems painful. I really wish it was a design with all 8 guns in front though. Would have made it a cool ship but been a bow tank meta again. 🙁 Only people that love France or like this game play will enjoy the ship sadly.

    • Naviss
      That thing is completely false, France would NEVER have built a battleship of more than 65,000 tons with a set of turrets so ridiculous or retarded if they had, had had 9 or 12 or 16 guns of 450,406-420 or 380 millimeters of caliber respectively and NO 8

    • Alex Gonzalez totally. I know it’s just a made up ship. I was speaking just gameplay wise. It’s nice to do something different but this setup just seems bad. Not enough strengths, even with the fast reload and good aa.

    • Naviss
      I understand you man, I do not criticize that WG tried to be original, I only attack the absurd, useless and ahistorical arrangement of main turrets (NOT so much to the same cannons), since that ship with that arrangement of turrets so BAD will suffer at the hands of all the other battleships of TX when fighting in enclosed spaces with that citadel, mainly in the hands of the British battleships that will bathe her with HE shells until she sinks or flee, possibly losing half her life in the process along with a good piece of secondary batteries and antiaircraft guns (which are NOT armored as the Montana or Kurfurst)

  13. They should of made this tier 9 and Alsace tier 10 with a slight buff. Or move superstructure to the rear and move the rear turret forward.. It will require widen the rear aft though.

    • JJ Castleberry
      NO, WG must DOWNTIER THAT thing and make an exotic TIX XPF premiun and replace it with a true Super Alsace with 9, 12 or 16 cannons of 450, 406 or 380 millimeters of caliber, respectively, only 8 will NOT work, let alone with that horrible or delayed turret arrangement, if the Conquetor with 8 barrels barely works, that thing will NOT work, and even less if its caliber is smaller than Yammy-San’s, it does not offer anything that the other battleships of TX can do the same or better

    • I agree. How do we let them know we do not approve “France” as a tier 10?

    • JJ Castleberry
      Nobody plays the 8-gun Conquetor if you do not know, that should tell you something, even many players complain that those 457-millimeter rifles are inaccurate or unreliable and that they do not have enough advantages to use them, the same happens here, and worse since the quadruple turrets are always an omen of bad dispersion, and to top it all, that thing has worse values ​​of dispersion and sigma than those of the 8-gun conqueror

  14. You should really take priority target on this thing (more so than usual I mean). Let’s you know when it’s safe to risk a broadside

  15. france
    + guns accuracy, shell penetration, high speed with good acceleration, turtleback, fine torpedobelt
    – weak deck armor, large superstructure, hull high on water, 1 less gun compared to yamato…

    • For something that we all want the Jean Bart, because it is REAL, has its history, including his famous duel with the USS Massashussets, but his antiaircraft battery and secondary battery that are unique, that ship was the last battleship that saw the world if You do not know, Gascogne is NOT something like that, just a paper boat that is not very interesting for most French fans, it’s just a large Graff Spee without torpedoes …

    • Omer Bekcioglu
      Omer Bekcioglu
      WHY another TX battleship with 12 barrels ??? Well for historical context …because all the important naval powers of that time had discovered that the 3×4 or 3×3 arrangement was the best to build a battleship since those arrangements allowed the greatest flexibility and balance of speed, armor and main armament, just look at all the battleships and cruisers Battle of the major naval powers of the 20s, 30s and 40s, almost all have the same arrangement, regardless of whether they were real, incomplete ships or paper boats. I can also guarantee that, if Spain, the Austro-Hungarian Empire (with the possible exception of Italy) had put their own battleships worthy of TX at sea, they would have carry the arrangement of 3×3 or 3×4

    • BB Jean Bart, General characteristics Class and type Richelieu class battleship… what are you talking about? Richelieu class already on techtree and I dont wanna have another 12 barreled TX battleship on game

    • Omer Bekcioglu
      I do not know what makes you think that Jean Bart is a clone of Richelieu, Jean Bart has radar built into his shooting systems, different secondary weapons and antiaircraft weapons are absurdly better and different from those that Richelieu portoel on paper or real life So, by your logic, we should remove a lot of premiun ships from the game like the Musashi, the Missouri, the Indianapolis, the Tirpitz and the USS Alabama to say something because for you all would be clones of ships of the technological tree

    • Omer Bekcioglu
      12 barrels work perfectly in TX, is that even the Austro-Hungarians knew it from the beginning, 8 barrels NO, just look at the Conquetor of 8 barrels, almost nobody plays it for more than one reason, they do not have the volume of fire or not puts enough projectiles in the air, does not have the sigma or the precision to operate comfortably and that is NOT the fault of the captains before you write to me that their captains are hardheads or ignorant

  16. Sooo a t10 BATTLESHIP that doesnt have guns… pass. Im gunna use the t9 french BB to hunt and murder the t10 lmao

    • You’re right, there’s NO reason to have a TX that stinks when the TIX is a funny monster, at least that WG reconsiders and discards that ABOMINATION by a true Super Alsace, it’s going to be the WORST BB of TX seen in this game, and no amount of BUFFS will save it

  17. I will NEVER use an 8 gun ship Eewww WOWS what were you thinking?

    • Ancient Thunder
      Exactly, if 8 guns of 457 millimeters hardly work in TX, then 8 of 431 millimeters are going to be even worse, since that THING has worse values ​​of dispersion and sigma than those of a conqueror with 8 rifles….

  18. NOtser, I was looking at the french line and I was wondering how the tier 10 was going to work out. I’ve been following your series on the french. I’m in. Can’t wait to see them in-game!

  19. wows really put alot of thought into their Teir X name.

  20. Hi NOTSER i have all t10 i love bb but im confused if the FRANCE it good or not but i know against DD will be tuff

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