World of Warships: Franklin D. Roosevelt – A Modest Game

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Franklin Delane Roosevelt is an amazing ship. I wanted to show what a more modest game looks like.

0:00 Game
14:25 End Screen
15:55 Captain Skills & Upgrades
18:10 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 US aircraft carrier FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt).


  1. Dang it, I messed up syncing the end scrolling of patrons with the voice over. I don’t think that would be worth rerendering.

  2. ah yes, FDR: the CV made with the question “what if we gave british CVs US munitions?”

  3. FDR: the Bane of Everything.

  4. Aerroon, the nice cv player asking people to stop firing their aa at his planes.

  5. “I’d like to know where that Halland is. I’m guessing he’s at sea.”

  6. Heyy, Aerroon uploading new vid!!

  7. If I can get my hands on the FDR I will break my CV enemy report record for sure.

  8. Last night I had a Kaga on the other team played by a competent player: my Roma I think lasted for about 3 minutes in the game…
    very enjoyable…
    I’m not against CVs: I’m against “THESE” CVs which have no counterplay.
    Why most ships still have the same AA range they had 3 years ago (and some versions will retain it while still in testing) after the rework of the whole CV system eludes me. If you skip useful modules like Hydro or smoke in exchange for dedicated AA ones you should actually be able to keep the enemy planes at bay, but it’s like not having modules at all.

    • i remember fighting a kaga in my georgia 64 planes and i was still killed that never ending spam is insane

    • @Steffen Yea sorry if you think MOBAs are more toxic then the but i served my papaw served build the game like this shit show crowd lol nah

    • @CynicallyObnoxious If you hate wows so much why don’t you just bugger off and play your oh-so-beloved moba?

      Personal preferece mate, ever heard of it?

    • @Steffen why when i can steam roll dear sweet old farts this is my little side game and the screeching from dip shits is asinine

    • @CynicallyObnoxious Just today my div. encountered an M.Voss (apperantly some sort of special german tier X CV)

      It killed our hakuryo with 3 rocket strikes, close quartered a jean bart and killed multiple ships with 20-25k dmg bomb-drops.
      It also has these new “skip bombs” instead of torps, and these seem to be quite useless. So DDs are kinda fine against that thing. (As long as they stay out of the approx 9-10km seccondary range)

      Everything else is screwed tho.

  9. We need a “surrender” buttom if red team has the FDR. No sense playing against it

  10. Wherein Aerroon sneakily gets me to watch a sky cancer gameplay video.

  11. Forget about Slava, Stalingrad or Smolensk, this ship is the most OP ship in the game.

  12. FDR – Faq Da Restoftheplayersinthismatch.

  13. FDR is just a very toxic ship. Worse than Smolensk.

  14. Nice that there finally is a good Steel CV in the game. We’ve lived with Stalingrads for a long time now, now it’s the CVs to have a nice ship!

  15. Where can I find more combat missions, special combat missions, etc I noticed you had a lot of them (compared to me)

  16. Thanks for videos, interesting and helpful as always.
    Do you have plans to make a video about high tier German DDs? The lasts ones you made were 2-3 years ago, would be interested to know if you still have the same opinion about them.

  17. I just realize that somehow Audaucious is mediocre but Audacious+ is the most OP ship in the game.

  18. 8 hp, if that montana have dcp its will be good

  19. What I took away from this video: FDR is slow but has a great package.

  20. It was nice when CV’s were dependent on support from the other players. Now the tiers have become so unstable as to use ships that never existed except as a drawing on paper, and aircraft designs that are so OP as to make the game unbalanced.

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