World of Warships: Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) – Absurd Strikes

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Franklin D. Roosevelt has an amazing strike capability. Her planes are still maneuverable after starting a strike, which makes her play very differently. It’s stupidly strong.

0:00 Game
20:15 End Screen
22:07 Commander Skills & Upgrades

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 US aircraft carrier Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) on the map Shatter.


  1. Lol that is completely absurd. What can you even say about this except laugh and shake your head?

  2. AgedSwissCheese :

    if you want an *actually* broken CV, here ya go STs.

  3. That was a positive gaming experience for the Pommern. I wanted to be a DD main but the CV rework made that impossible so now I am 215 steel short of driving the FDR.

  4. Yea how can anyone say that this CV isn’t broken…

  5. Wow. That thing is pretty epically powerful.

  6. this doesnt seem fun for the game 🙁

  7. didn’t CVs work like this for a very short time during testing for the rework, until WG realized that it’s just insane and changed it

  8. Why can’t I hold all this damage?

  9. That pommern, roon, bismark, and fdg had a lot of fun. Hey what doya know they are all brawling ships.

  10. I was reassured by WG employees that CVs repeatedly attacking the same target over and over is not normal behavior. Can WG be the ones out of touch or is it you Aerroon?

  11. I feel like the plane tankiness is one of the key element, for being able to pull off strikes.

    Until you meet a Halland or a huge group of ships hugging each other for a big AA bubble.

    But also that aiming in advance and turning to do the strike is kinda insane, looking at how the aim is not affected from the turn or as the game calls it, evading maneuver.

    On other cvs, the aim is messed up if you do that

  12. Sad how a DD has better AA than BB’s that have 3 Hollands worth of artillery secondaries strapped to them.

  13. This thing is beyond broken, it has no downsides beyond “Being slow” Even a fully built AA Halland can barely shoot these things down. 8 torps in a single salvo? HE bombs with that many planes in a flight? This thing needs to be nerfed to hell and I PLAY CVs and enjoy them. But jesus christ this thing, I refuse to buy it for how broken it is. It’s Smolensk all over again. I also remember Ryujo and other IJN torpedo bombers being able to do this. Where you could make the drop and let the cone zero in while turning. It was broke then, it’s broke now.

    • the 8 torps isn’t that much of an issue. the alpha is barely higher than a midway. the issue is the bloody turning ability and the ideal torpedo spread, which midway doesn’t get

    • @nathy I’d call 20k alpha on 8 spread a pretty big deal. Considering the size of most battleships in this game. Maybe less so on ships like Yamato and Mass due to the insane torp protection, but still. That’s a lot of potential for floods especially for those end torps if you hit the areas where the torp protection isn’t. Even Hak with an ideal drop will MAYBE break 12k and she only gets two of the things per drop. Anything with decent torp protection and you’re lucky to hit over 9.

      Cruisers it’s a different story, but hell dropping a cruiser with 8 of those things. I wish I had that in Hak.

    • FDR TBs deal about 10% more damage than Midway TBs if you eat all of them.

  14. Had a match where our FdR saved the game by using that bendy cone of attack. Strike after strike he would come in on a tangent, set up up a parallel strike run then turn in without any loss of his AoE for incredible dev strikes.

  15. Man, when you are desperate you call the eye in the sky to at least spot the other dd.

  16. That pommern captain must be raging inside and screaming when you bomb him again and again XD

  17. @Beltenebros he knew where it was, but he wanted me to spot it for him so he can save a star but by the time he takes his aim my squad will be long gone so yes he will see the halland but never gets to shoot it or at least get the kill.

  18. @feras I know, you are right.

  19. man how can you even think about making excuses for this ship by saying the midway should have dropped fighters. You know thats never going to happen in a random battle. This ship is straight up retarded for the game. All CVs are but this really takes the cake. Anything other than a complete condemnation of this ship is simply dishonest and a disservice to the community. You as a CC have a responsibility to say this.

  20. This guy going “What can I send against a Halland? rockets? I won’t do any damage”

    Ok, you might not, but Thunderer may be able to do something, this right here is the central problem of this game, with that dmg I would have said “Screw it, rocket planes to you sir”

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