World of Warships: Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) – New T10 US Carrier

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FDR is the most unique carrier since the rework. She packs quite a punch, but is clumsy in return. Wargaming gave me FDR on a press account.
She is available for 33k steel.

0:00 Game
19:50 Game end screen
21:48 Port – Commander skills & Upgrades

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 US Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) on the map North.


  1. Franklin Delano.. Rrrrrrrroosevelt? And nice zing on the HMS Atrocity.

  2. Can not wait to start liberating with this CV

  3. Somthing tells me Aerroon doesn’t like Audacious…

  4. You’re gonna eat flak when you play this ship.

    • @Rookharvey I don’t think they’re invincibility frames. They’re more just ways to move the planes out of the way of the flak explosion. Because under some circumstances (multiple ships firing flak at you) you can eat flak even in situations where you normally don’t and feel like you’re using an “invincibility frame”. You’re just moving out of sync of the flak explosions.

    • I eat flak for breakfast & dinner

    • just click the attack button and make your plan auto dodge them

    • Should add milk to your corn flak… haha

    • 1938 Priyanshu Sharma

      So aerroon did you finally find a fix for your procrastination. Its almost as if you’re me!! Haha
      But really, if you do find a way, please do share it with me.

  5. NOOOOOOOOOO why only steel. I would have been fine with RBP….

  6. I’m sure the players of the ships targeted in this match had fun. That being said, at least this feels more like something you can defend a bit more effectively against than most other CVs.

  7. Lol
    Yesterday it was
    Today its “Haha planes go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt”

  8. Me look at that rocket plane and feel like wtf.

  9. weird. i imagine this will absolutely feast on the new US Battle ‘thicc’ Ship split , they’re not very fast, and would lose a lot of speed in the initial turn to dodge. but also, i like the balancing factor of the planes being slower to actually fly and having a cool-down after the strike.
    great video, as always

  10. I was on the receiving site with a Halland and Des Moinse, Halland NP…. DM.,shit balls should have taken def AA…

  11. As some1 who enjoys playing different types of CVs I’m really disappointed that this ship came for steel and i’ll probably never get her 🙁
    Her camo also looks way better than midways perma camo.
    Didn’t we just got the Shikishima for steel and Siegfried and Slava for RB? Now we got FDR and PE again.

  12. I wonder how much chance a DD has to shoot down any planes at all. The spotting capability against DD is insane and in late game this CV can keep a DD lit for almost 3 minutes, which is beyond stupid. Yet another addition to the game that nobody need, especially not DDs who already suffer so much in CV games.
    Trenlass tested the survivability of these planes today on his stream and it’s just stupid how tanky they are. You can literally fly between 3-4 AA cruiser with fighters in the air for 2+ minutes if you are not a complete potato as CV captain. No way a DD can shoot down anything to get rid of the plane spotting.

    • It should’t have to do that, ether get fighter cover or stay close to better AA ships. Solo ships always die

    • @David Biemond Do you live under a rock? Have you seen or experienced how CVs crap on AA ships? They can not even protect themself, let alone cover others. ANd as a DD you are supposed to be in front, scout, spot, play the objectives. If this all goes out the window because ‘stay near other ships’ then this alone shows how fundamentally trash the concept of CVs is in the game.

  13. the fact that russian AA would be stronger against this rather than US AA boats is a joke

  14. The FDR planes are like the guy who can carry all the groceries in one run.

    me: wait i see something wrong here

  16. Sic Semper Tyrannis

    A wheelchair bound ship named after a wheelchair bound president, who would have guessed…

  17. 2:58 I was unaware there could be such a thing as “slightly worse than Midway torps”!

  18. As someone who does not like CVs, I feel like this ship has a very interesting kit, and I feel like it’s a step in the right direction. Anything that can take power out of the hands of solely deciding factors, and place the outcome in the hands of both opposing players is a very good thing, and between the slow attacks, speed, and range that the attacks must be predicted at, in addition to the vulnerability to flak bubbles, I feel like there is a lot of room for counter-play, and it even makes it sound fun to play as. Still, I would advocate for AA to have a buff, but, I feel there needs to be more thought placed into how players can control their own AA. As is, AA is a passive tool that the players must hope works (or the opposite in the case of the CV), and that takes all the input out of the hands of the player who is against the CV. If the AA is too weak, it’s useless, but if it’s too strong, the CV is useless. Ultimately, I’m of the belief that no one player should ever have so much power that you must rely on your allies to take a fight 1 on 1, but when it comes to the interaction of AA versus planes, it’s not a 1 on 1 fight anyway, it’s just the CV player versus the AI. I feel AA needs to be completely reworked, and forces players to interact with their AA directly to fight aircraft, and that element of potential for human error will allow for the AA to be buffed, but balanced, in the same way airstrikes are.

    • @Platius Cyndar Well, what if it worked in much the same way to how it does currently, but, optionally, the player can switch between AA mode and main gun mode, and while in AA mode, the AA guns can be aimed manually and deal more damage (similar to sector prioritization, but with potentially more concentration of damage when aiming accurately)? This would give ships that are already engaged in fighting other surface ships *some* AA defense, but force CVs to think twice about attacking ships that are not already engaged. Additionally, think about battleships that have long reload times, they could effectively multi-task mid-combat as AA batteries between main gun salvos?

    • @Miwky hmm, I think I like this approach. But I doubt it’ll happen, considering the fact that we didn’t get Blitz’ manual secondaries either… But it certainly sounds lime an interesting approach.

    • @Platius Cyndar We may not, but I’ll hold out hope; as of late, I feel as if much of the world is reversing it’s stance various things, once given the time for introspection.

    • The speed is the same as rts cv average!!

    • @Miwky would be loads of fun aswell

  19. The thing about flak for me is that flak feels more like an annoyance than an actual mechanic. When I play a CV I am able to dodge 90% of the flak hits but if I get hit I usually have to turn back right away cause otherwise I’d just waste an entire squadron of planes which is something I can’t afford in pretty much any CV I play. The other time flak gets dangerous is during your attack when you can’t control most of your flight. Sometimes my entire squad gets shot down because the remaining flight that was not attacking just tailed behind and got hit by flak essentially wiping them out.

  20. this cv is like the gameplay of old cv lol
    sending about 14 planes to your enemies and spam them with your ordanance
    51k HP Squadron = Literally a flying ship lmao

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