World of Warships – Franklin D. Roosevelt Review – HITS LIKE A TRUCK

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New T10 US for 33,000 steel. slow, but stupidly durable planes with clapping power.


  1. Why does wg keep introducing additional reasons to stop playing wows…

  2. Oh my lord, this is scary.

    • This will really encourage me to start playing DDs again. NOT.

    • @John Smith this is encouraging me to play with division more.

    • @John Smith Midway, Lexington, Hakuryu and Shokaku do more against DDs than FDR, since DDs can turn off AA and FDR will not be able to do much UNLESS you are spotted by radar, and also note that it doesnt get fighters, so no permaspot and the 25 sec cooldown on the attacks you will have time to run

    • It’s not scary, it seems stupid. When you can’t even properly shoot down planes…

  3. So the only real counter to this is relying on your own CV to drop fighters. Oh great that’ll be fun.

    • You can end first enemy cc with these cv !!! You drop 1/2 until enemy cv and atack 1 time while put fighters then torps then again rockets and bye bye

    • Those torps are like old kaga that hits hard 2 or 3 drops and enemy cv down!!

    • Sabre Vanson I mean he demonstrated it in game. He started the attack run so far out he could not see the spotting distance of the CAP fighters of the BB and he lost 80% of that whole squadron as a result

    • @Nathan Jones he didn’t lost planes to CAP fighters of the BB. those are patrol fighters that MVR dropped. BB CAP fighters with 4 planes do nothing to 12+planes of FDR.

    • Just wait till subs are released

  4. As if playing against CV’s wasn’t bad enough already

  5. Title should read: FDR hits like the Social Security Tax lol

  6. She’s a stupidly good ship IMO, and terrifying to be on the receiving end (PS: Yes, I hate CV’s but they’re not going anywhere, so just going to have to try and deal with it as best I can)

    • Strange game
      The only winning move is not to play

    • That’s why CV’s player love you, because you are their prey afterall

    • @David Leister need nerfs?
      Rocket planes is nerf like big nerf.
      Torpedo bomber nerf 4% dmg
      The AP bomber which is reduced to 4% dmg bad than HE bomber (If it hit to the Citadel, there will be a different story)
      And dive bombers accurate is bad as fuck

      And you ask to nerf?
      2020 useless CV ever
      because of nerfs

    • @Jeffry Alfarizy Did u face an FDR son?
      With this CV what was the enterprise again?

    • I’m doing my best by staying the fuck away from this retarded game since I realized wargaming is not willing to fix things as they don’t see anything wrong with CVs.

  7. did they design this to discourage “drop and forget” style of cv play? and encouraging you to stay in combat for repeated attacks

    • If that is the case, they are stupid in the sense that the whole amount of tech tree CVs do not work in that way… I mean, re reworking CVs and AA is needed…

  8. this is one of the worst time for me to start playing ships again..

  9. I’ve ran into a couple of fdr’s, only got hit by 32 rockets in 2 passes

  10. this is gonna be called world of CV’s

  11. This would increase leming trains. Instead of people going in flanks, many will bunch up in one area just to strengthen the AA bubble.

    • Won’t have any choice and the CA will still get deleted in the first flight

    • I am really annoyed of the CVs today. They are one of the causes why leming trains occurs. I always like to flank on a BB but CVs like to pick weak targets and with Ricco and FDR entering the game, it will be much more difficult to create a crossfire.

  12. “She’s got things that make her really strong in some situations “ meanwhile, 220000 damage, lol

  13. This thing is totally busted and will be terrible for the game.

  14. I need WGs pot dealer cause I really wanna know wtf they smoked to think this ship is ok

  15. this thing was designed especially for the FAT us BB line.

  16. … so the only way to defend against her is to be in a CV?
    Ok… now where’s my haku

  17. This beast is an unholy cross between Kaga, Audacious, and Midway.

  18. Wargaming knows just what the game needs to grow, running most players game to wank off the cv players. Releasing a ship that totally shits on solo ships at the same time as the slow ass us bb split. Coincidence?

  19. WG: World of Warships: A Thinking Man’s Action Game!
    Players: CV! Sail for your lives! Screw the objectives!
    Me: siiiiiiiigh

  20. WG: “So we hear y’all loud and clear. you don’t like CVs being entirely untouchable plane factories so we decided to put in a CV that ALSO has untouchable planes too :D”

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