World of Warships FREE Premium Ship! Albany Goes Ham

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  1. hardcoreminecrafter9

    +Zbriu i love the albany

  2. +Cpt. Shmitt wrong game. try Naval Action from Game Labs

  3. +Jeremy Williams I agree – no rage from me. The videos are entertaining and
    the game play is cool – I just root for the enemy lolz I’d never tell
    anyone to change how they like to do videos but from a watchability
    standpoint, I agree. The amateur comic accents get old REALLY FAST and just
    my opinion, Baron and company I’m sure feel they are a lot funnier than
    they actually are. I want them to branch out – not just do those tired
    British/pirate/watched too much Pirates of the Caribbean accents and the
    very one dimension “Japanese” impressions (with the unimaginative mention
    of “honor” and/or “The Emperor” somewhere) but throw in their best
    impressions of other accents and dialects. I did enjoy the new upper
    east/yacht club/rich guy accent but I think it will only be good for maybe
    another video at best then as repetitive as the rest. I mean, since the far
    greater part of the “commentary” is some sort of attempted voice
    impression, forced mispronunciations, and saying, “what the tits?” and
    “torpedus,” I feel they could expand their range of voice impressions and
    have a broader field with which to try to be funny with. Otherwise the
    whole act risks becoming more stale than it already is. Love the gameplay
    but the same old voice impressions are like a broken record, I’m sorry to

    Older Southern guy voice: Drawl some thought having to do with Torpedus
    Movie Japanese voice: You have something something great honor something
    Emperor something…
    British/Pirate voices: Closing with target/shooting at target/taking fire
    from target/maneuvering
    (New) Up East Yacht Club voice: mild disapproval of teammates or enemy

    It would be great if they could do some new stuff like:
    Miami Cuban,
    and Eskimo.

    What new voice impressions would you like to hear?

  4. Reported for spam and self advertising 😉

  5. +Sibghat Shaikh He knows its been dying for a while now.

  6. +H. Han Wait til next patch, the albany would take down T10 BBs

  7. No the European server gets it but not North American

  8. +Michael Crisci Mikasa is japanese not russian but thanks. Kinda like the
    way they’re testing the Kreigsmarine, then?

  9. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    They are testing ships, think for the Soviet Union… Only WG employees and
    I think super testers have them.

  10. +Todd Vanscoter the problem with that (one huge ramming tournament)
    is…..? he he he

  11. wouldnt the sounds of cannons and all your rounds just deflecting be
    amazing, and the fog of war making it hard to see, be amzing. Youd be in
    the port of some city while the fort was being shelled in the background
    and the city is on fire

  12. +sherwin leggett Or Pre-Dreadnoughts – I’d love to see a Borodino Class 😀

  13. LOL… everyone puttering around at 15 knots trying to ram one another…
    hahaha! That would be fun.

  14. +Todd Vanscoter That only makes it more fun!

  15. +R3dhawk bye

  16. +Denis Ta Its there to collect dust forever 😉

  17. +DtWolfwood YES THANKS

  18. +Denis Ta yes. its for you to keep forever.

  19. +corpuz jomhar thats it, put ALBANY in there

  20. +corpuz jomhar Run around quick before the 8th.

  21. +Kai Shersby where is the redeem code option? When I go into the shop, I
    only get the bonus code option

  22. Albany is Love , Albany is life!

  23. Guys they have extended it to the 8th of August , so you can still get it!

  24. hardcoreminecrafter9

    +DarkshadowXD63 yes

  25. But are ships going to be added???

  26. +VargVinter They’ve done that since before War Thunder was a port of a

  27. +B.G.B Reptile ITA That`s what they always say, you’re right – but Infantry
    is already ingame, and not only static. They stand next to trucks, run
    around, are taking cover when you shot at them with a plane, crouch, duck,
    and they also shoot back at you with their rifles.. you can try and see it
    in a custom mission.
    I just wonder what they are planing with it, i mean you don’t add a soldier
    AI for nothing…

  28. B.G.B Reptile ITA

    +JACOB NAJERA The infantry will never be added in game or they’ll have to
    raise the PEGI and do other serious things and they already said at every
    Q&A compilation and facebook posts that they will not add them 😛

  29. Neuderland heuuu

  30. +DAANGAMESNL *throws blue shell*

  31. +DAANGAMESNL nope 😀

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