World of Warships FREE Premium Ship! Albany Goes Ham

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  1. Prehistoric Martin

    How did he get 1000 xp?!

  2. Awl – buh – nee

  3. Arma3ReviewCamera

    Baron when will you fly a Japanese plane in War Thunder? ._. I still

  4. those accents are fucking terrible

  5. hijms yamato musashi

    Btw did Baron participate in the tier 4 cruiser contest?

  6. hijms yamato musashi

    The Albany is crap for newbies, and I sold it. 6km range? Worst in the

  7. Christoper Toh Jun Wei

    Is there uss Arizona in this game

  8. How can i get this? I played yesterday, but i have not received any albany
    ship :/

  9. Wtf baron the test accounts for reviews and you can t use it a lot and it’s
    free why do you not go to your standed account 

  10. Next Ship request the Atago please! 🙂 o7

  11. Awkward ship

  12. RNGeesuz works in mysterious ways…

  13. How to get likes:
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    ░░░░▌█▄▄▀▄░░░░░░▄▀░░░░▌░░░▌▄▄ ░░░▄▐██████▄▄░▄▀░░▄▄▄▄▌░░░░▄░
    ░░▄▌████████▄▄▄███████▌░░░░░▄ ░▄▀░██████████████████▌▀▄░░░░
    ▀░░░█████▀▀░░░▀███████░░░▀▄░░ ░░░░▐█▀░░░▐░░░░░▀████▌░░░░▀▄░
    ░░░░░░▌░░░▐░░░░▐░░▀▀█░░░░░░░▀ ░░░░░░▐░░░░▌░░░▐░░░░░▌░░░░░░░
    ░╔╗║░╔═╗░═╦═░░░░░╔╗░░╔═╗░╦═╗░ ░║║║░║░║░░║░░░░░░╠╩╗░╠═╣░║░║░

  14. hardcoreminecrafter9

    Dynamite, if you are watching this, please understand this it is not your
    teams responsibility to get out of they way of your torps, it is your job
    not to fire them in friendly’s direction

  15. sold it :)

  16. An eye for an eye makes for a blind world

  17. Play super waifu Yamato next!

  18. Arkansas is pronounced as Ar-Cun-Saw

  19. Imagine an April Fool’s day gamemode where there was a map of a US Port
    from the Civil War and it allowed you to have Monitor Vs. Merrimack naval

  20. Comic accents and impressions I’d like to hear: Scandinavian, Miami Cuban,
    Yorkshire, and Eskimo.

  21. Played ‘1’ battle.. happy for the extra slot ;-)

  22. I know in WOT you get more XP and Credits for damaging a higher ship but I
    don’t know if that carried over into WOWS

  23. A good game ruined by brain dead teammates almost every game.

  24. richie thach (KidBricks 45)

    The Albany is good, some people sell it without trying it

  25. Have you tested your hardware? Because those glitches aren’t lag, and they
    are showing up in all the games you play. If I had to guess its a GPU
    error,whether hardware or software is impossible to know without testing.

  26. That free slot and the extra 375K came really handy.

  27. Next Video play as a carrier in world of war ships (USS enterprise)

  28. got it, saw the range, then sold it, free port slot

  29. WHY U NO AP!!!

  30. I love these old ships.. I tried to find a Model of it.. No go,, for the
    old one just the newer Missile cruiser.. its “ALL-bany” not :”Al-bany”
    this ship is in a Museum in Albany NY..:-)

  31. this game is refreshing.. blue sky blue ocean..

  32. you guys try the scouse accent liverpool

  33. jason123 jason123

    i like barons videos espacially from war thunder and world of warships POI

  34. adam price (acefirechild)

    free? when was it free? lol

  35. I live near Albany. XD

  36. How can you get it free? 


    “He’s got so many guns…” famous last words. : )

    You may have made that DD “skipper” in the first vid famously infamous.
    Curious to know if he ever commented somewhere about what went down.

  38. how do you get enemy name and hit points on screen in game plus love your

  39. So for some reason I can’t log into wargaming and when I try reset my
    password is says this email is not matched to a player :/ wtf yes it is

  40. how do u get that is it for something or just give it to u if u have a

  41. are there any other free premium stuff as of now?

  42. Poor NA server can’t play Mikasa so they have to do with this junkbany :P

  43. this ship horrible

  44. 10 seconds into the video, pissing myself haha. I do that all the time! 

  45. Really think they should start adding in British ships like the HMS Hood

  46. We Need more Nazi ponys in war thunder

  47. How do you have the label of how many KM away your aiming how how long it
    would take for your shells to hit

  48. thank you guys for that

  49. Airbrusher Games and art

    BaronVonGamez 2015 “He has soo many guns!!”

  50. Just had my first match in the Albany 😀
    1546 base experience (next highest had 847 on my team, enemy team didnt
    break 500)
    56366 damage done [23488 ap in 32 hits]
    [28421 he in 71 hits + 457 fire damage]
    Confederate and First blood
    3 ships destroyed
    5 citi hits

  51. can you play the tier 10 american destroyer

  52. You really need to fire AP at Cruisers guys!

  53. Albany is a good DD killer. It’s nimble and got decent guns. You will be
    able to hit them while avoiding their guns and torps. Every game I’ve
    played against DD’s I’ve killed them. But if there’s no DD in the game you
    might as well sit there and die because cruisers will hit you when you
    can’t even see them.

  54. Those fake brittish voices crak me up youre like a bloody boby at the pud
    in london KEEP IT UP and every on else welcome to the 301 club

  55. Akansauce! :3/

  56. Best thing about the Albany, is the extra slot it gives you when you sell

  57. Cruiser’s and Destroyers that have torpedo’s and there are too many in one
    area is like a bunch of guys meeting a porn star they all want to shoot
    their load off and if you get hit in the face they say its your fault for
    being in their way or you turned into it most time I never turned into it
    was just going strait. Its fun but when you get some one who fire at the
    beginning and no enemies around stay away sometime they are not looking at
    chat never a dull moment always fun and great to read what their excuses
    are. And I will apologizes if I fire and a team mate decide to turn in from
    the other side yes I have hit team mates but learn not to fire if to many
    Torpedo dicks are flopping around you can get kill from premature loads.

  58. That would be cool to have a steam ironclad…

  59. My Albany was torped by a team mate right next to me sunk my ship and said
    he did not see me dam noob.

  60. You’d think this game would have revolutionary war wooden ships

  61. when baron plays a game by himself, its really entertaining. when he plays
    with phly, the immaturity is more than i can handle. 5 minutes in and i am
    done with this video. let the rage begin from the fanboys.

    • +Jeremy Williams I agree – no rage from me. The videos are entertaining and
      the game play is cool – I just root for the enemy lolz I’d never tell
      anyone to change how they like to do videos but from a watchability
      standpoint, I agree. The amateur comic accents get old REALLY FAST and just
      my opinion, Baron and company I’m sure feel they are a lot funnier than
      they actually are. I want them to branch out – not just do those tired
      British/pirate/watched too much Pirates of the Caribbean accents and the
      very one dimension “Japanese” impressions (with the unimaginative mention
      of “honor” and/or “The Emperor” somewhere) but throw in their best
      impressions of other accents and dialects. I did enjoy the new upper
      east/yacht club/rich guy accent but I think it will only be good for maybe
      another video at best then as repetitive as the rest. I mean, since the far
      greater part of the “commentary” is some sort of attempted voice
      impression, forced mispronunciations, and saying, “what the tits?” and
      “torpedus,” I feel they could expand their range of voice impressions and
      have a broader field with which to try to be funny with. Otherwise the
      whole act risks becoming more stale than it already is. Love the gameplay
      but the same old voice impressions are like a broken record, I’m sorry to

      Older Southern guy voice: Drawl some thought having to do with Torpedus
      Movie Japanese voice: You have something something great honor something
      Emperor something…
      British/Pirate voices: Closing with target/shooting at target/taking fire
      from target/maneuvering
      (New) Up East Yacht Club voice: mild disapproval of teammates or enemy

      It would be great if they could do some new stuff like:
      Miami Cuban,
      and Eskimo.

      What new voice impressions would you like to hear?

  62. 5:41 . Trying to shit lol

  63. Awesome game man!

    My friends and I just found an ABANDONED TOY STORE in my newest video as

  64. Once i played that game there was ally sampson right next to me and he
    fired all torpedos at me butt i dodged them

  65. Pretty shit ship tbh, range is crap and that kills it..

  66. B.G.B Reptile ITA

    DerpDaily and BaronVonShnurp!

  67. Baron you should try out the FUSO with no upgrades~~

  68. that fucking dynamtie… gj phly for not getting salty as hell

  69. Baron I think ur GPU s dying

  70. You should of sunk Diamond

  71. Albany OP, plz nerf. Great stuff as always Baron and Phly.

  72. What a POS… but happy about the free docking port. :]

  73. aron and phly should talk like pirates next game or in every WOW vids

  74. And that Dinamyte guy or whatever is the personification of what is wrong
    with a lot of the destroyer drivers. Not all of them. I have seen a lot of
    nice ones but guys like these cause me to rarely play the game anymore.

  75. Sell the Albany
    Gets free port slot

  76. baron, y u no fire AP?

  77. That ship looks like its missing sails.

  78. Terra Tech!!!!!

  79. incorrectborn tomato

    Under 301 cl… Oh wait

  80. Got it! Thanks Baron.

  81. You bloody loones crack me up, keep it up. Can we have some Asian
    impressions please. Far to many German and English!! ;-)

  82. “patch notes: Ships
    Mikasa’s main battery reload time decreased from 35 to 30 seconds and
    decreased short-range dispersion.”
    Hold on, did I miss some sort of gift thing or something because I don’t
    see Mikasa on the tech tree…

  83. i think it would be freakin awesome if this game had some sort of Ironclad
    mode.. where you have nothing but ironclads sluggin it out

  84. Personally i don’t like the Albany all that much as it trades turning for
    speed, as a cruiser and destroyer player, i prefer that turning power to

  85. still no Phoenix

  86. Baron please make another H&G

  87. 1 min in, and the idiotic fuckery begins. goodbye

  88. baron’s epic British/Austin Power accent

  89. 11th

  90. Free premium for unlimited time?

  91. Go to the official website of WoWS, and then go to the premium shop, go to
    redeem code, and for the code type in ALBANY, and you’ll get it.


  93. How u get dis barron?????

  94. How do you get the ship?

  95. 3rd comment 

  96. Im glad they made this thing free

  97. Baronvongamez Ik you most likely not read this but I needed to give you
    some information and hype on some evidence i found of what you have been
    wanting for a long time,infantry. I saw troops on the beaches of Normandy
    on War Thunder: GamesCom 2015 Trailer(ENG) at 0:48, I wanted to let you
    know for some hype or even a video 🙂 Keep up the good work.

    • hardcoreminecrafter9

      +DarkshadowXD63 yes

    • But are ships going to be added???

    • +VargVinter They’ve done that since before War Thunder was a port of a

    • +B.G.B Reptile ITA That`s what they always say, you’re right – but Infantry
      is already ingame, and not only static. They stand next to trucks, run
      around, are taking cover when you shot at them with a plane, crouch, duck,
      and they also shoot back at you with their rifles.. you can try and see it
      in a custom mission.
      I just wonder what they are planing with it, i mean you don’t add a soldier
      AI for nothing…

    • B.G.B Reptile ITA

      +JACOB NAJERA The infantry will never be added in game or they’ll have to
      raise the PEGI and do other serious things and they already said at every
      Q&A compilation and facebook posts that they will not add them 😛

  98. First

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