World of Warships Free Starter Pack with Curse Voice

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Get Your Invite Code Here –
Or open the Curse Voice client, click on the badge, and claim your free World of Warships Starter Pack!

Use this handy invite code to create your game account and you’ll be awarded with some perks to help you get a great start including:
One Soviet Aurora ship
One Port Slot
500 Doubloons to spend in-game
3 days of Premium time for your new account


Thanks for watching! Enjoy the game.


  1. Dosent work in Asia and pacific server…

  2. Nice…. if you already play it …. theres nothing new

  3. do i need to make a new account?

  4. can I still get the 0ackage if.i already had a beta account

  5. clayton schinzing

    what the fuck mine is a EU code

  6. Whats the premium ship lol?

  7. faak why now and why is it not available for people already playing ;_;

  8. Peter “Hilix” Assmus

    Hope they release this “free starter pack” for EU aswell, mabey i can
    convince my friends to join this game easier.

    Great game, otherwise!

  9. {Concentrated-Diabetes}

    Great game, Thanks for the code.

  10. dont mind if i do though i still wont play it XD

  11. Sooooooooooooooooooooo f you

  12. it’s crap for people who are already in the game :/

  13. the code does not work if you already have an account btw, unless you want
    to start a new one

  14. buttchkeks yum mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  15. Wololololo

  16. First

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