World of Warships- Free XP Ships Removal, Illinois Is Here! Economic Changes: Update 12.2

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Hello guys, today we go over update 12.2, releasing this Wednesday. and go over what you need to know to get the most out of this update!

Update Article:

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Video Intro
0:52 Free XP Ships Removed
2:30 Trouble In The Hot Tub April Fools Event
5:09 US Hybrid BBs
5:39 New Battlepass
7:13 Pan-American Cruiser Early-Access
10:29 Economic Changes
14:03 Ranked
14:23 Illinois
14:55 Brawls
15:10 Closing


  1. This is bad. They are in essence buffing the score for gimmick ships. You think the grind going from Tier 7 to tier 8 was bad, oh boy, its about to get worse. Wargaming has a degree in Stupidology. Classic case of two steps forward and three steps back.

  2. Love the 80s style duck commanders xD
    Dont like the nerf on Pot Damage for BBs
    Spotting dmg is nice

  3. I’ve been using free XP to shorten my grind on some lines. I guess it’s time to put that behind me. I mean how hard can it be? 1 Million free XP, piece of cake. The Groningen is really sexy and probably completely worth it though.

  4. The fact as a bb main makes me felt disgust by wargaming decision to nerf the econimic gain for bbs….

    Im glad that i got the yamato during the pre pandemic otherwise i dont get to reach tier 10 via f2p….

    But still i felt digust… kudos WG for showing your greediness

  5. It’s not standardizing the amount of credits it is trying to find the smallest rewards that keep you playing.they will keep lowering them to find that point. That’s what they’re trying to do cut the amount of rewards so you got to play longer or pay.
    Edited because auto incorrect messed up.

  6. Mullet Outdoor Adventures

    I love Ryan. I am from Philly and we got some of the best naval history and museum ships here. The old Navy Yard is pretty cool. Still has some decent ships in there

  7. Gotta love how WG is telling battleships to not do what they are built to do, eat damage, giving even less incentive for BBs to get in and use their armor, potential damage should be a BBs main source of income next to doing damage, even if most BBs hang at the back of the map, let those of us who want to use armor get rewarded for doing so

    • So much this… battleships sniping from open water in the back watching their teams getting wiped out and then gloating that *they* at least did lots of damage is IMHO the biggest meta fail.

    • @DevSolar While I agree with both of you that potential damage should be better rewarded and not worse, its still useful to tank as a battleship. Yes, your potential damage is not rewarded, BUT you will win more games, because you support your team, which overall leads to more exp and credits for you in the long term.

      I see that a lot with my CVs(yeah, I know CV is evil), my average Damage in my CVs is really low, compared to other players, but my winrate is normally above 60%, that is because I spot and support my team in general. I help my DDs and hunt and spot the enemy DDs, once the enemy DDs are dead the game is mostly won.

    • This exactly. I have more games on BB than any other ships (starting to learn CA very recently and I very much like it). I have been cussed a lot of times (probably even reported) by my teammates cuz I don’t go in and tanks damage for my team. This may be from my inexperience from my side but how can I go in the front when the enemy have subs, lots of HE spammer and pesky gunboat DDs that can spot me from 12km and starts blasting their less than 2 seconds reload time guns? I’m pretty much dead in mere seconds.

      I know the angling mechanic and I would like to say my aim is not great but not that bad either. I’d rather say its below average. Also I hated playing sniping BB that shoots from 20km cuz it’s BORING but I had no choice. There are times when I said to myself this is BS and let’s just cap the objective and see what happens and NOT to my suprise, I’m dead in minutes from HE and Torps cuz my teammates already yelling at me and I’m just done sniping from 20km away with my slow shells velocity (Iowa).

      I don’t have a lot of ships in my inventory since WoWs isn’t really my main video game I’d like to play when I came back from work. But I do have some of the high tier ships such as Kremlin, Iowa, Tirpitz (I love her so much). I’m pretty much done with BBs and recently I’m having a lot of fun playing CLs (Nurnberg) and keeps burning BBs from a far.

    • @Amirul Asyraf Hanging back means several things:

      1) Sitting in the open waters of the spawn means it is *easier* to torp / HE spam you. Moving forward and using island cover at least on one side *reduces* the amount of fire coming at you, and allows you to angle properly towards those who still can shoot at you. But you need to *hustle* at the beginning of the match — if you dither around until everybody else *is* in cover, you will be the *one* target left that everyone can fire at. All ahead full at the start of the match, and get yourself under land cover!

      2) *Someone* will get shot at. If that isn’t the BBs of the team, it’s the cruisers, and they can’t take HE spam the way a battleship can. Hanging back usually results in you losing teammates, rapidly. Don’t throw away your HP, but don’t save them up for too long either. Between repar parties and heals, you can take your fair share of damage. Don’t get focussed down, but don’t wait until you are the last man standing either.

      3) Hanging back gives the enemy room to maneuver, and makes it easier for them to keep their bows pointing at you. You will have a harder time getting good hits in. Moving up will give you more broadsides to shoot at, either on your side when someone comes around an island, or across the map.

      4) Hanging back allows enemy BBs and cruisers to move up more easily, which will push your team’s DDs and cruisers on the back foot, eventually forcing them to abandon positions and withdraw into open waters, which (again) results in you losing teammates, rapidly.

      5) Teammates will look at the “heavies” of the team. You dithering around at the back immediately signals to everybody to “take it slow”. Results, see 3).

      No-one is asking you to “take point” and eat all the fire from all the enemies. But moving up *with* your team, anchoring them, denying the enemy the use of parts of the map or being clapped, forcing enemy cruisers into cover so your DDs have room to operate with, forcing enemy BBs to tread carefully so your cruisers can maneuver into firing positions, and generally being something more than just the long-range sniper for your team, that’s what’s being asked of you.

      You need to find a balance between aggression and caution, like all other ship types.

  8. Moon Cricket Stinks

    This is why I stopped spending money pre pandemic. Past few years WG has gotten so bad with greed, you’d really have to be trying not to see it. They’re working to punish people who don’t pay their way through with hard grinding by locking most behind resources.

    • they always did this, was a ftp gamer for years and only had one t10, the khaba, now that I got premium it jumped to 20+, playing the same amount… the difference now is that more on your face instead of sneaky taktiks

  9. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    they still had to better the spotting mechanism , the current system do not actually count the spotting properly so DD, Cruisers only got might be the first salvo counted but not the follow up even if they are doing the spotting , secondary damage is long over due

    And they are making battle past totally not worth it , so their answer , made it even harder to earn so you had to pay to play it proper

  10. I mostly play secondary bbs cause I’m very aggressive playstyle so I’m happy bout that

  11. If I had to bet, the mines are going to be droped by the support aircraft carrier

  12. Hey, I thought you were going to be out west, and not posting today. This is a treat. Thanks for the video!

  13. Illinois is the kind of ship I’ve wanted since I downloaded this game over 6 years ago

  14. The economic set up in this game has always been a downer. I recently got my son playing with me, we were having a blast, he was trying out a few American lines to see what he liked best. He earned the xp to unlock the tier 6 BB but was way short on credits by this time. That was the last time he played. The fun deflated the moment the grind or cost of credits became an issue.

    I understand this game requires MTX to keep going, but I think they would be fine if credits wasn’t one of them. Just let us earn enough to stay a float

    • Jugaloking69 Dope

      @alpine250 that’s how i got most of my lines grinded. it wasn’t till i bought the year prem 1/2 off at Christmas, that it worked out sorta. at least 2 years of grinding credits with prem plus everyday of going online.
      unless your streaming. you never ever get over 50 million credits in the bank. I’ve been playing since the beginning with a break before the cv rework. 1 ship forwarded 3 months of work to go.

  15. The removal of Free XP ships and these economic changes do not bode well

  16. I just came back to play wows after quitting when WG introduced the battlepass and now they do this. The economic change will pretty much nerf coop earnings as its hard to get spotting damage in coop

  17. The Azuma is the only ship I’m debating on buying with free XP. Would it be worth it? Just FYI, I’ve never had 1 million XP and I do spend a lot of free XP grinding ship lines as I don’t have a whole lot of ships and I’ve already bought the Agir which I probably would have wanted more than the Azuma. Is the Azuma a ship that’s unique enough to spend the free XP on?

    • Azuma is my go to money printer. She is really, really strong. Especially if you get double downtier. Against tier 7 ships the azuma can basically play as a battleship. The guns are strong enough to citadel many battleships of equal or lower tier even out to 15 ish kilometers. In uptiers you definitely want to play her a bit more carefully and passively and keep your distance to anything with big guns.
      Use the HE to harass anything within your range and Stadt many fires.
      I routinely do 200k+ damage in my azuma so it’s a great damage farmer and I’m not even an amazing player or anything.

    • Good ship, better than her reputation. Starts a crap ton of fires. High skill ceiling.

    • Jugaloking69 Dope

      you’ll get more/better ships if you just use fxp for the research bureau. only fxp ship worth it was the nelson for me

    • Azuma is a Long Range HE spammer,every game i got more than 500k credit even when i am losing. This ship actually an over power ship for credit Farming

    • @Jugaloking69 Dope I’ve got several of the research bureau and i play the azuma more than all of them apart from maybe the vampire 2

  18. The economic changes is a veiled attempt to influence ship class choices. Maybe no more 6 BB games but I will still see 3 sub and 1CV games. I see this as a back door way to “fix” MM. I presume super carrier and super cruisers refer to Tier 11 ship. I looked at the documents on 11.9 no is no direct buff or nerf submarine economy. They frozen changes to subs at the 11.9 level. I wonder what new bug will be introduced with 12.2. My current one is with research bureau points. I have 2x on the German cruiser line but when I purchased and played Yorck I received 500 (normal level) not 1000. Sent a ticket into Player Support and they put it on hold.

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