World of Warships – Freedom and Unity

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Freedom and Unity, the state motto of Vermont. Yeah, I’m starting to get increasingly desperate to come up with anything relevant for these video descriptions.

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  1. Hey jingles! Just wanted to quickly say hey from an Aussie Pusser before I head off on my first deployment. First started watching you in late 2011-2012 and have been a watcher since, hopefully for more years to come. Have a good one mate

  2. 9:07 Akshually Jingles, he aimed for the then invisible Shimakaze and hit two of his shells, netting him 3000 damag- Jingles? _Jingles no wai-_

  3. Great match and great commentary as always. Perfect start to a Friday 🙂

  4. poodlemeister22314

    I can’t tell Jingles, did you say the Vermont’s guns are accurate?

  5. Um Jingles, real quick. The Vermont and Minnasotta have the unique feature of having their torp belts go ALL THE WAY UP THE SIDE OF THE SHIP. Which means people that shoot you tend to get alot of “Torp protection hit” which means those shells do ZERO damage to you.

  6. “That Wukong got hit so hard, he’s gonna be taking damage in the next battle”

  7. 00:57 The match wasn’t even 30 seconds in before the first shots were fired.

  8. he is definitely showing off, he took his time to write “gimme that kraken” in chat before devastating that Lion

  9. Star Born Michael Hall

    Oh, I miss your Kraken Unleashed meme you used to do.

  10. I love the jingles logic, “5% of shit is still shit”

  11. What? No after-battle summary screen? We got robbed of witnessing another Jingles masterpiece…

  12. Petition for Jingle to make an audio book channel where he just reads novels to us… anyone?

  13. Imagine my frustration where I did 213K damage and tanked 1.8 Million in my Kansas in a tier X battle….and lost.

  14. As a standard battleship, the Kansas is so large that it probably constitutes 4 or 5 of the top 10 worst ships in WoWS.

  15. 14:52 “That Wukong got hit so hard he’s going to be taking damage into the next battle” Lololololololol! Best Jingles line ever!

  16. For a slow moving target the player did extremely well with handling, priority, aim and timing. I am so impressed that I
    would like to know which server that was from that I may avoid it. 🙂

  17. That Lion went full “I didn’t know she was married!” when Malakesh was reloading from the warning shot.

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