World of Warships- French Battlecruisers, Mecklenburg, And Italian Destroyers Are Here!

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Hey guys, today we go over the update notes for updates 11.4. Enjoy!

Updated Notes:

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

0:00 Channel Intro
0:11 Update 11.4 Summary
1:20 French Battlecruisers
4:38 Italian DDs Full Release
4:58 New Mode in Randoms (Arms Race)
6:28 Clan Battles
6:56 Sub Testing Continues
8:40 Mecklenburg Coming to the Armory
10:10 Azur Lane Collab
11:25 Other Changes & Closing Thoughts


  1. The new french ships look very promissing plus they are french so there is no competition. Plus I am looking forward to all the brest jokes that are gonna pop up in chat every time a division of 2 brest are in a match.

    • haha indeed, if I play her I won’t be surprised if someone in the enemy team writes hey Mrs show me your brest, and I don’t mind I can handle a joke, I’ll probably say in return, sure if I can hit your citadel in return :-p

    • Don’t forget your baguettes

  2. this community makes the term “super cruisers” confusing either its any supership the carries the cruiser badge like Conde and Annapolis or a cruiser with near BB caliber guns like Carnot or Alaska.

    • I identify a super cruiser as a cruiser which has 60s fire like a bb. If it has big guns and no bb fire like the golaith, henry 4 or the graf shpee then i classify them as battlecruiser/very heavy cruiser/large cruisers.

  3. I will try to play them like: i have battleship with not good armor plus i am not listed as battleship (so i do not need to do battleship things like pushing) and i can stay behind and snipe he and nobody can say that i am playing it wrong. I am happy for that line. i am intertested to see which will be my real gameplay in comparison to my plans and expectations.

  4. NRG Stodgey 🛠 #roadto600subs

    I love your videos man,thanks for always updating us on current events and much luck!!

  5. Thank god Dasha is still around.

  6. 4 Things that Should Guide You:

    1) Your goals.
    2) Your passion.
    3) Your faith.
    4) Your courage.

  7. Marcus Jones Stinks

    Hey SLM, you gonna check out Task Force Admiral? Looks pretty dope, and like a modern battlestations game. Fun alternative to wows.

  8. New battlecruisers could be fun
    The Azur Lane colab might be the first thing since scharnhorst to make me break open my wallet

  9. They push classes like cv and sub when we dont want them but also wg refuse to add a battlecruiser class when everyone wants it…

  10. Still no AAs buffs, just USN heavy cruiser ships radar nerfs, so DDs players could cap more easily if they could just be more patient and not rush in then blamed team

  11. StarshipEnterprise

    Do you remember your video about grind from T1 to T10 in 22 battle?
    You should know by now, there are too much people who throw money to free tech tree ships.
    And it doesn’t realy matter if they buy premium days, free xp, or early access at this point.
    The only part of early access what important is, if you do the missions, you can actually grind any other tech tree line to do them, so you grind not one, but two or more tech tree line at the same time.
    Also on EU server it’s funny, the WG post say the server goes down on 19th but the game need the new update today (17th) to work…

  12. I am somewhat worried about the tier 8 free ship. Seeing previous free ships, I am pretty sure that that thing will be the Oklahoma.

  13. Need aiming reticle for European DDs with forward launching depth charges.

  14. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    Imagine satsuma or annapolis with 2-3 reload boosters active.

  15. Mecklenburg looks promising, if this does better than GK then i might spend my coal on her instead but again not sure, A GK is still a GK

  16. The French will tell you it is Mar-say as how they say it.

  17. don’t agree with new modes for randoms (Randoms should remain, normalized) … but whatever.

  18. Stephan Makintaya

    regarding subs…. the amount of time between pings needs to be seriously extended…. like to 30 seconds or something. It’s insane that you can get pinged every 10 seconds.

  19. Geno Breaker 666

    1 BB? That’s dumb. I think that’ll change after the first week or 2 of clan battles. Also, I want USS New Jersey and Wisconsin! They already have both armor schemes just slap on a new name. Easy money. Though I won’t say no to a 1 hit kill Tomahawk missile….

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